Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2nd Week @ Curry Hammock

Sunday December 21- The start of our 2nd week here. We really love this park. We have been blessed with great weather this time around. Again the weather was almost perfect so back out to fish we go. I caught a small barracuda and a weird puffer fish. Jeff had a good time pulling in a nice mangrove snapper. We knew it was time to head in when the fish quit biting.

Monday December 22- We had quiet a morning. Another go around with Verizon, I think its going to be a long 2 years. Spent some time on the beach reading. We decided to get on our bikes and ride to The Island Fish Co. for happy hour. Its a really nice place on the water. Jeff enjoyed some local beer and I even had a rum punch. We made it home safe before it got dark.

Tuesday December 23- Happy Anniversary to us...37 years, who would have thought it. Went down to watch the sun come up. Weren't really sure what we wanted to do. Jeff kind of wanted to kayak the other side of the island. We rode our bikes over to check out the water. It looked good but thought we would just go back to Jeff''s lobster spot. I fished, he snorkeled. He got 4 but they were all too small, I guess he'll have to wait for them to grow some. To finish this night off we had a visitor to the park. Mr. & Mrs. Claus, I guess we've been good. It was quite the show. He arrived on a fire truck that was completely decorated with festive music playing....I loved it.

Wednesday December 24- Decided to stay off the water today, Its really windy and that makes the water too rough for me. Instead we decided to take a road trip. First Jeff had to work on his bike, flat tire. We got in the truck and made our way to Tavenier and the movie theater there. Went and saw the movie wasn't bad but both of us were kind of disappointed. It just seemed really dark to me. We came home and had a movie night at home too...something a little lighter. The best part of the evening was the facetime we had with the grandkids. We have a tradition of new Christmas jammies on Christmas eve. Ashton knew what the gift was, Hailey on the other hand was a bit disappointed in the package she opened. After a bit she decided she likes her new pajamas.

Thursday December 25- Merry Christmas to everyone!!  We were already up when Seth called to facetime. This way I get to watch all the gift opening. Its the next best thing to being there, at least I get to be a part of there special day. The weather here had turned sour....It was very cloudy and rainy a little. We have been so spoiled with the weather.....The bad part was it really made the day long. We got to visit with Justin too. I love the warm felling of Christmas but its hard being away from the family.

Friday December 26- Jeff wanted to run to the bike store in Marathon...he needs a new tire. We left early so we could walk the old seven mile bridge. It started off really nice and all the sudden a big black cloud seemed to be approaching, we made it back with only a few sprinkles.

After walking we went to the bike store and Jeff got a new tire. Home to put the tire on, it took a little longer than he thought. We still had time to get the boats back into the water, caught fish but no keepers. Finished off the night by going out for supper. We went to The Outpost Restaurant. We ate there last year and loved it. This year was the same, we enjoyed the onion straws and pizza. The place is super clean and really good service.

Saturday December 27- Our last full day here. I woke up and like always looked for the sun rising. When I looked out I hollered at Jeff and said lets go, the sky is red. This actually took place before the sun came up. It went from red to orange. All I can say is wowzee it was something to see. We got busy putting things away for our move tomorrow. We had a lot of stuff to clean up and put away. Jeff is still having problems with his bike. I also got started on another quilt, I got all the blocks laid out but haven't sewed them together yet.  I spent a little time on the beach watching the kite surfers.

Well our 2 weeks are almost gone, time to start our trek north. We really love are time in the Keys, the plan for next year is to go out west but after the time we had down here its hard to think we won't be back next year. I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Tomorrow we are heading to a brand new spot for us...Johnathan Dickinson.