Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Excitement To Start......

Monday March 5- Jeff and I had planned on taking a trip to the beach this morning. When we woke up and took the dogs out we couldn't figure out what that roaring noise was. Well after turning on the news we found out it was the ocean. There is a nor'easter coming down the coast and the ocean is raging. We figured we would still go because we weren't planning on getting in the ocean. I just like to watch it. Well when we arrived there was a lady on the stairway heading down to the beach. She told us I wouldn't put your chairs down there because the waves have come up as far as the sea grass. Well we went down and set the chairs way up by the sea grass. It was unbelievable how big the waves were. You could see were the water came up as far as the stairs. There was sand covering the last 3 steps. Well people came and looked, people from the area and they said they have never seen it so crazy. They were closing a lot of the piers because of the waves. Well we saw a nice couple come down the steps and we told them to watch the waves because they were so big and unpredictable. The next thing I know a huge wave came up and knocked both of them over. The man was down on his knees. The lady that was another story. The wave washed her feet right out from under her. She was on her back and the wave that knocked her down was carrying her back to the oceans edge. I yelled at Jeff to go get her. Her husband was having a hard time getting up. Jeff kicked off his crocks and went to help her. It was just lucky that they had enough time before the next wave rolled in. She lost her glasses and ruined her phone but was super grateful. Well we decided to get our stuff picked up before it got washed away. Jeff went to get his keys and they weren't in his pocket. They must have fell out when he was running to help. I gave him my set. He told me to see if I could find them. He thought maybe they were in in chair pocket and they fell out when he grabbed it. Well I started to look and just then the water recessed. I look and I think I see something. Well I didn't waste any time, I ran down and grabbed them. It was his keys. They had been under water you could tell. That was a miracle for sure. I took lots of pictures of the ocean that day but you couldn't tell just how rough it was.

We stayed around for a bit and kept watching. It was incredible for sure. What a way to start a week.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- These are our work days. Nothing too exciting happened. We had some late departures that are starting to annoy us. We also figured out we will be leaving a couple weeks early this year. Jeff has not met our new grand daughter Maddyn and is really starting to bother him. I can't wait to get back and see her and Ashton and Hailey. We told the park people so I guess it is official.

Friday March 9- We were going to go to the beach and do some treasure hunting, but it's really cool and windy. We went for breakfast at The Lighthouse Cafe. We thought our breakfast was OK. After eating we made our way to Trader Joe's, Petco, and The Container Store. I love that store they have everything you could possibly want or need to store things. Next stop the movie theater, we went and saw Leisure Seeker. We both really enjoyed it. Came home put things away. We went to Encounter night at the church. That's how we ended the day.

Saturday March 10- We went to the flea market in Stuart this morning. We aren't big flea market people, but haven't been this year and thought we should give it a go. Well the weather was really good for it. The sun was shining and not too hot. I brought Miss Ruby and she was in her pouch carrier. I think she liked it because she never wiggled or whined to get out. She loves to be around people, that I know. We didn't get a lot but did get some good produce. On the way home we stopped for lunch at Panera, which is always good. Today was a special day for our kids, they got to bring home the newest member of there Waffles.

Sunday March 11- Morning came early for sure. We did make just enough time to stop by Jupiter Donuts to pick up some before church. We have heard so much about this place and I can't believe we haven't been. Let me tell you all those people are right, I loved the doughnuts I got. Yum yum.

After church we came home and both of us felt lazy for sure. It always amazes me how one hour can make such a big difference in our day. Today Hailey had a gymnastic meet, she did her best yet. She qualified for state today. We are very proud of her.

Monday March 12- I washed some bedding. They have a big washer we can use here. I like to wash  my quilts and blankets while we are here. Then when I got back I started inside cleaning. Jeff started washing the rig outside. We had great weather for that nice but not too hot. I finished inside and wanted to get to Walmart. We usually go before church when nobody's there. With losing that hour didn't really have time. So I went solo, Jeff hates going anyway. When I got back Jeff told me when he went inside after washing the rig an alarm was going off on the frig. It had an error code. Well he tried turning it off...nothing. Then he got out the manuals and looked on the internet to try and figure out what to do. Well he couldn't find any solutions. We put most of our refrigerator stuff in our little frig in the basement. What didn't fit we put in a cooler. They have a refrigerator in the bunker here so we used the freezer to save our freezer food. Jeff made some phone calls to see if we could get someone out here to fix it. He didn't talk to any one but left messages. Hoping it will be fixable, the error code was on the high limit switch.

Tuesday March 13- Back to work today and boy is it cold. I had to get out my sweat pants. We waited all day to here from the repair guys, but nothing. After work Jeff got busy filling out the paperwork to get our license for the new car. We need to have the plates for it when we pick it up. After supper Jeff got a call back from a repair guy, he will be out first thing in the morning. Jeff is thinking they won't be able to fix it...we'll see.

Wednesday March 14-We went to work, but wanted to be back here around 9 o'clock for the repair guy. He was right on time. He looked at the problem. He was able to reset the high limit switch and it was up and running. Both of us were so happy. The repair guy was super reasonable too. We let the frig and freezer get to temp before refilling it. It did give me some time to really get it all cleaned out, even the refrigerator.

Thursday March 15- We saw the assistant manager today to fill him in on our new departure date. Our work day went well, we got done right on time. That doesn't happen very often. It was good because we needed to take the car paperwork and get it notarized and shipped off. Hoping it will be back before we leave.

Friday March 16- We off today....I got up and went back to Jupiter Donuts and get us some for breakfast. I got there at 7ish and the place was crazy busy. Came home and Jeff made us a morning campfire. Everyone enjoyed it.

We pretty much just hung around here today. Jeff made us a turkey breast in our instant pot. We really like ours, it cooks things so fast and they are very tender...

Saturday March 17- Happy St Patrick's Day. We stayed around the campground again today. I spent most of the day outside reading. One of the neighbors was having a musical get together. Jeff had talked with him and was planning on going. I stayed back. I was sitting in the recliner when I thought I saw lights, red flashing lights. I went outside to see what was going on. Oh my...we had a motor home on fire. There was already plenty of  officials there and lots of smoke. I stayed back because there was plenty of spectators already. The people weren't there and no pets inside, so that was good.

This is the next day...can't believe this much survived

Jeff  went to the neighbors for the jam session and had fun. I think he made a new friend.

Sunday March 18- Off to church this morning, it is our last time to be greeters this year. There was a guest speaker who just happened to be awesome! Amanda came this morning so after church we took her to breakfast. We went to First Watch, not as good as usual but still had a nice time. Stopped at the store before going home. Such a nice day sat outside and finished a book. We are getting close to wrapping up another season here at Jonathan Dickinson. We have 2 working weeks left. When we get this close we are starting to get home sick.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Happy Continues.....

Monday February 12- Another great day, warm, sunny, loving Florida in the winter. Jeff and I have been talking about getting a little car to have. It would make life a lot easier when we are planted for long periods of time. We decided today to drive to Stuart and look around. We saw a couple cars we looked at and and test drove. We liked them both but are just starting to look. Right now you can get a pretty good deal on 2017 cars. It is a good time to look.

We made a few stops before heading back home. We got lots of information, and an idea of what we want to look for. We walked the dogs before making our way to happy hour. This time we are visiting a brand new spot. We also joined with some brand new friends. Ann and Ron joined us along with Kip, Amanda, Ken, Mary and family. We met at The Waterway Cafe. It is a floating dock right on the waterway. We had quite the entertainment watching all the boats.

Even spotted a couple manatees. We ordered a light supper and the food was really good. Another good find.

Thursday February 15- The last day of our work week. It looked like a pretty day but right before we left to walk down to the shop and pick up our ride it started raining. We thought that funny cause the sun was shining. Well it slowed down a bit and we walked down to the shop. Yep I looked up and there was a beautiful double rainbow. That is a good way to start the day.

 Well that changed quick because we started calling the vet, we haven't received 1/2 of our money back yet, told us they would. Well we have learned that they don't return calls. When we did get a hold of them the lady told us the vet has changed his mind and we are getting no money back. Well to say we were mad is an understatement. Went back to work and we were surprised by a phone call from the vet.... he told Jeff 1/2 the money would be put back in our account today. We are hoping it's true but aren't counting on it.

Friday February 16- Jeffrey and Maren arrived back in the park yesterday. This morning we are going back to the river to catch the boat up to Trapper Nelson's. We caught the 9 o'clock boat. Our captain informed us that most of the wildlife would still be sleeping. We enjoyed the serenity of the water this morning. It was a nice trip up the Loxahatchee  River.

There wasn't a lot of wildlife but we spotted a few thing on the ride up. We arrived at Trapper Nelson's and was greeted by our tour guide Kip. We proceeded to give us a tour of the grounds. He always makes it way more interesting then it even is. Adding stories and funny comments.

After our entertaining tour we loaded back in to ride back. We spotted an alligator and some more birds. The when we landed and got in the car we spotted a crane and a turtle on our way home.

This park is full of wonderful wildlife, you just have to look for them. We ended the day on a happy note, we received our money back, and it only took about 3 weeks.

Saturday February 17- Believe it or not I went to the beach today for the first time since we have arrived. I grabbed my chair and a book and away I went. I got there about 9 am. I pretty much had the place to myself...awesome. I sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the water. It was so peaceful. I hung there about 3 hours, when I left it still wasn't too busy. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

You never get tired of the least I don't. I went home and made up some fruit salad to take to Eric and Susan's. They are having some of the volunteers over for dinner. They had a good turn out.

We enjoyed good food and great company. As soon as the sun went under the bugs came out so everyone ran for cover.

Sunday February 18- As usual we started this Sunday with church. We went early because we are greeting today. After church Jeff and I drove down to Miami Lakes. There is a Chevy dealer there that has some cars Jeff spotted on the internet. The prices were super good. We arrived without to much trouble and found the cars they had advertised. We had a couple we had picked to check out. They had a yellow, blue, and dark gray Chevy Spark. They all had identical stickers on the window. The yellow one was a bit more because of an add on for paint. The blue one was the cheapest. At first our salesman told us he could get the gray one for the same price if we wanted it. Well that was wrong. We drove the gray one and now we had to decide which one to purchase. After doing some negotiations we went with the blue one because the other was more. We agreed on a price. We wanted to pay cash but of course for that price you had to finance. So we figured we would finance and pay it off in a couple months. We did the paperwork but they couldn't figure the sales tax and license since it was Sunday. We told them we would be back on Wednesday to pay and pick it up. They assured us it would be waiting with a full tank of gas. So home we came.....excited to think we would be getting a little car in a couple days.

Monday February 19- This morning Jeff went to glue our closet door. It is a louvered door, well when Jeff went to put some wood glue in the crack all the panels fell out....YIKES!!! It was quite a project to get them put back in on both sides. It was one of those quick fixes that turned in to a couple hours. It was very aggravating too. We got it done. They only way was to remove the door and work on it outside. We did finally get it together. There was a point when we weren't sure that was going to happen. We had planned to go out on the boat with Kip and Amanda today. Then we figured it was so windy plus it's Presidents Day. So we went with plan B. We met them at Square Grouper for a drink then when to U Tiki when it opened for there awesome sushi. I don't eat it but that's what everyone tells me. These places are both on the water right across from the Jupiter Lighthouse.

I think it was a good idea, not taking out the boat because we had a pretty good shower while we were at the restaurant. We had a great time...again.

Tuesday February 20- Today, back to work. It will be a strange work week. We are doing some trading so I'm sure that will throw us off. We had a little rain in the afternoon. After work I gave Miss Ruby a bath. She really doesn't seem to mind them.

After blow drying her, we sat outside for a while. She really likes the wind.

Wednesday February 21- We were up early because today we are heading south to Miami Lakes. Heading to pick up our car. We traded shifts today with Steve. We left early about 7:30. We knew there would be traffic. We decided to take the turnpike. Well it started off pretty good but that changed. We were at a stand still for over an hour. Then we trickled along for another 1/2 hour. A trip that was suppose to be 1 1/2 hours turned in to 3 hours. Not a good start. When we pulled in to the dealership I spotted our car still on the lot. It was in a place where it wasn't going to be easy to get it out of there. Went in and tried to find someone to help us. Well our salesman wasn't around. Then they couldn't find our paperwork. They had to make it again. When they came to show us, the total price was about $4000 more. Well that didn't sit well. Jeff told them what the price of the car should be, the sales tax etc....well they came back and it was still almost $2000 more that what we agreed. So we talked to someone and he said that everyone has to pay these dealer costs. Well we decided that we did not want to pay those extra costs and left the building. Both of us were really upset because we were excited to get the vehicle. Well we had planned to go to Topgolf after buying the car. Since the car thing fell through we still went to Topgolf. Jeff has been before, I have not. It was really close to the car dealership and we drove right to it.

We were escorted to our spot. They gave us instructions and away we went. I am not a golfer but it was still fun. You pay by the hour. During the week it is $25 an hour in the morning. After noon it costs $35 an hour and in the evening it goes up to $45 an hour. You can add on time after paying for your first hour. It keeps score for you like bowling. You try to hit the targets, if you do they show up on the computer screen and tell you how many points you get. I really liked it. I thought I wouldn't like it but I did. We played for 1 1/2 hours and had a bite to eat as well. Then we made our way back home. At least we did something fun to save this day.

Thursday February 22- We went back to work today. Amanda reminded me that the Clydesdale horses are going to be up at Port Salerno this afternoon. We had planned to meet them at the Twisted Tuna when we got done working. They are suppose to be there from 3-5... We got there and the place was packed. It took a while to find a place to park the truck. We walked to the Tuna because they already had a table. On the way we passed the Clydesdale's getting all harnessed up. They are something to see. It was a bit tight for them trying to get around the area. There were plenty of people to admire them. Here are some of the pictures I got.

It was another fun afternoon. Happy, happy, happy.

Friday February 23- Off today and we are heading on the boat with Kip, Amanda, Eric and Susan. We rode to the dock with Eric and Susan. We are launching the boat at Jimmy Graham Park. We used this ramp before and it is easy in and out. As we were getting ready to go Jeff was visiting with someone at the dock. Kip moved out and Jeff didn't even notice it. We went back and picked him up. We made our way up the waterway to you guessed it....The Twisted Tuna. We had one rogue wave that came in the front and got us all wet. So we were wet most of the day. It was a warm sunny day and the waterway is protected. 

There is the Twisted Tuna
After docking outside the restaurant we went aboard for a bite to eat. Our lunches were really good. I think everyone liked what they got.

After eating we loaded back up and headed back down the waterway. We went past the boat launch towards Jupiter. It started getting late so we headed back. It was a very long and fun day on the water.

Saturday February 24- A different kind of Saturday for us. We are working today for Steve. When we work, we work 3 days a week and take care of the whole park. That means 4 shower houses and 90 sites. Today we are only responsible for half the park. So it was nice to not have so much on our plate. When I got home I did some cleaning here. I also did my laundry. We are having Ken and Mary over for supper tonight. We started with a happy hour here. Jeffrey and Maren joined us for this. Then we had supper. Boy talk about a mess. The dogs wouldn't settle, Ruby had an accident right before our company arrived. The good news is our supper turned out really good. So after the dogs settled we could visit some. It was a nice evening.

Sunday February 25- Well we are suppose to work again today. Yesterday I saw on Facebook the Pastor Jim Frease was going to be preaching today. I told Jeff I really wanted to go so he volunteered to do the work with Ken. What was funny about this was we were just wondering if he would be here this year. He has preached the last 2 years while we were here. He is an awesome preacher. I went and met Kip and Amanda there. After church I stopped at the store before heading back. We hung around the park the rest of the day. I took Ruby for a walk and saw Steve and Judy pull in. We met them our first year traveling at the Keys.  It was great to see them.

Monday February 26-  Our last day off before heading back to work. Jeff has been on the hunt for a small car for us. He has been looking on the internet. Found one is St. Louis, he has been talking with a guy. We actually have everything figured out with one. We mailed the check to them today and will pick it up on our way back to Iowa. Tomorrow is the volunteer potluck, since I work tomorrow I went ahead and made my dish to share. To finish off the day and celebrate the purchase of our car we met some friends at The Dive Bar. We haven't been here before and it was a nice place. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather and the view. So getting happy again.

Tuesday February 27- Back to work and it was an easy day today. We finished right at 1PM. After getting cleaned up we went up and set up for the potluck. Not long after getting up to the pavillion it clouded up and really rained. It didn't last that long so that was good. This potluck dinner was a bit different that usual. We had steak and shrimp that the volunteer coordinater purchased and each person will pay $8.00 per person. Then all the volunteers bring a dish to share. We had a great turnout. I think there was over 50 people there. The weather held off and the bugs didn't get us to bad either.

After eating the dinner, we had a couple trivia games for everyone to do. We went with a music theme. Ken and Mary came up with one game, Jeff and I the other. I think everyone enjoyed the evening I know we did.

Thursday March 1- Today we figured out that we are going to be leaving Jonathan Dickinson Park a little early this year. We are ready to get back and see that new grand daughter. I did get to meet her but Jeff has not. We get lots of pictures but not the same. We miss our Ashton and Hailey too but they aren't changing quite as fast  as a newborn baby.

Friday March 2- Happy for the day off, we have switched shifts and it seems like we work one day off one day. I'm ready for 4 days off in a row. Friday is laundry day and it seems I get a lot of other stuff done too. We had lunch plans with Judy and Steve. We run in to them almost every year. They are having to leave early so we wanted to get together with them before they head out. We took them to Captain Charlie's Reef Grill. We have been there before and loved it. It was busy when we got there at noon. Our food was good and so was the dessert. We had a nice time.

We got a call from Seth today. He and Ashton are on there way to Omaha for there last hockey tournament of the year. They are playing up and so it's going to be a tough one for them. They had there first game tonight and the got beat bad. They aren't used to losing, something new for them.

Saturday March 3- It cooled off last night but its really nice out. Jeff and I decided to go to the beach for a look and a walk before going to the store. It was so pretty there, and quiet because nobody was there yet. The waves were massive and there wasn't much wind either. We got some good pictures too.

We didn't stay long at the beach or the store. Came home and we decided to go to a movie. It wasn't that good but the popcorn was pretty good. Ashton had 2 games today and they lost both. The first game was so close and they got beat in the last couple minutes. It was a heart breaker for sure. They have one more game tomorrow.

Sunday March 4- It is another cool morning, so nice out. We went to church early, greeting today. Then we made a quick stop at Petsmart to get Belle her prescription food.  We are just about out of it. We were waiting to hear from Seth about Ashton's last game. They started off really strong this game and just kept going. They won 8-0. Ashton  got 2 goals, almost had a hat trick. This is is last game of the season and the last game in this league. He ended it on a high note for sure. We are so proud of him.

Now while Seth and Ashton are in Omaha, Katie and Hailey are on there way to Des Moines for Hailey's gymnastics meet. So we are waiting for word on her progress. She moved up a group this year and it has been rough on her. It seems she is having a better day today. It's really hard to get pictures but they sent me one. I wish we could have been at some of these, but we will be home soon enough to make up for that.
Hailey is 3rd from the right 

After a long day Hailey qualified for state. She is very happy about that and we are very proud of her for not giving up. So much happy.....