Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sum Sum Summertime

Monday June 26- It was a cool morning, haven't had one of those for a while so Jeff made a fire for us. She wanted to make more bracelets. So we did. I found she likes to do crafts but she loves for you to sit down and do them with her. We went to town and got breakfast at Perkins. It was good. Then we did a little shopping. Jeff wanted to stop and reserve a rental car for our trip to South Dakota in August. We have to get new license's and stuff. We then will be meeting our kids and grand kids in Colorado for some time there. He did that and then stopped at his favorite coffee house to get some coffee. I just happen to spot a cupcake shop across from there so me and Hailey went and picked us out some cupcakes. They just happen to be delicious. We came home and Hailey played wii. Jeff got her a new dance game, she was fun to watch do that.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to head in for gymnastics...2 hours worth. It's really the only time we get to see her do it. She has her tournaments in the winter when we are gone.

Tuesday June 27- It was another chilly day. I went for a walk after cleaning. Jeff wanted to go in to the movie. Tuesday is movie day. I skipped the movie but went with. I needed to get batting and thread so I can pin together the baby quilt and get started quilting it. It ended up being a beauty of a day. It was sunny and blue sky's. The temperature was awesome too. It was nice enough that Jeff finished waxing the rig.

Wednesday June 28- It rained last night and on and off most of the day today. When I was cleaning the shower house I heard people working in the men's. Jeff  found out they are replacing the rest of the lighting in there. They got my lights over the showers done but still have to come back and finish the ones in the restroom area. It looks like we have bad weather coming. I called the kids before heading in. They have volleyball tonight. He said it was still on. I came in with my laundry. After they left the sirens came on and the kids and I went to the basement. The worst of the weather missed us. There was some bad stuff pretty close though.

Thursday June 29- I decided to give Belle a haircut today. I always say that next time I won't wait so long to do that but guess what. I waited to long. It was quite an ordeal and I'm not a professional groomer so I'm not quick. Then I was making my grocery list for a shopping trip tomorrow. I'm making sugar cookies for the 4th so I thought I would get the dough made up. Well I didn't have any crisco. I don't use it like I used to and I just figured I had it...nope. I decided to take my list and do the shopping today instead. So off I went with my list, which I forgot to add crisco to. Well I go to the first store and get everything on the list for there and more. I head to the next store and got all my stuff there too. Then I head back and just as I'm turning in to the park I remembered I forgot to get crisco....the reason for going today...ooops. I found a recipe that used butter instead. Jeff went to Palo tonight to play with Lenny and the guys.

Friday June 30- We hung around the campground today. Jeff had to make some reservations for our trip this fall. We have a plan now we just have to fill in the blanks with some confirmed reservations. It was cloudy to start, hoping we get no rain tonight. Justin is playing with a friend tonight in town and we planned on attending. Well the sun came out right before time to go. It made it quite hot and there wasn't much shade in The Union Station's parking lot. Thankfully there was still some clouds to give us some relief.

Saturday July 1- We had an overnight guest last night. Seth and Katie went out of town to a concert so we are dog sitting. We have watched her before and one thing I know is the first night she stays she doesn't  sleep well. She got us up pretty early. Since we were up and had plenty of time to get our cleaning done we decided to make our way to the farmers market in downtown Cedar Rapids. It was cool to start so it was a nice morning to go. As usual it was packed. This is one of the best farmer's market we have been to. You can pretty much get anything you want. It is fun to attend once in awhile. Sometimes it is so crowded and hot it is not worth the bother.  I found a place that was having a sale on all there plants. I picked out a beauty. The bad news was it was quite a ways from the truck and this plant was like 20 pounds. Did I mention it was only $10.00. Then when I went to pay she asked if I wanted a second one for only $5.00 more. I said no. It was hard enough getting this thing to the truck. Jeff had to take breaks. It was amazing that it lived because we were dropping plant parts all the way to the truck.

We got back home and waited for the kids to get back. They stopped at a Trader Joe's to pick us up some stuff. We miss that store.

Sunday July 2- After church we came back to the campground and it's still full. I guess this is the holiday weekend...kind of. It is really quiet though.

Monday July 3- Jeff  decided to go for breakfast and a movie. He was going to get Ashton for a guys day. Well when he got over there Hailey wanted to go too. Jeff couldn't say no so all 3 went. He called saying he was bringing them back here after. So when there got here we had lunch and messed around. We are going to a July 3rd party at Liquid Larry's. He is Justin's neighbor and Justin and Jordan were going to play. We took the kiddos with us because Seth and Katie were going too.

We stayed around quite a while then we headed home. They have legalized fireworks in Iowa so we watched some on the ride home.

Tuesday July 4-It's going to be a typical Iowa 4th of July...hotter than blazes. The park is still pretty full. We are going to Tammy's house for a picnic. She is Justin's mother-in-law. We arrived around 11:30. They had games to play and people to visit with. Tammy's brother and family were there, we met them at the wedding but didn't really get to visit. It was a nice time. I'm glad she had it early because it got hotter as the day went on.

We played first then went inside to enjoy the yummy meal. Everything was so good and there was so much everyone got stuff to take home. We got back to the campground and it is so hot we stayed inside for the rest of the day. Oh, on our way back home the diesel exhaust light came on AGAIN!

Wednesday July 5- Again with the heat. I decided to call G.M. about our truck. I didn't get very far. I just wanted them to know how many times we have had this fixed. They promised to look into it and have someone get a hold of me with in 24 to 48 hours..

Thursday July 6- Today Jeff was suppose to take the truck in but decided to wait. They were going to try and work it in. They said it could take 2 days but didn't think they could give us anything to drive. Instead Jeff made an appointment for Monday. These guys aren't very helpful. In the afternoon John and Jane Dean came out for a visit. They are some friends we met in the parks here in Cedar Rapids. They have been full timing for 7 years. Just about a month ago they got an apartment here in town. We wanted to see how they like the apartment living. We also haven't really caught up with them, talking about there adventures last winter. We had a nice visit and it wasn't too hot in the shade. We had a bit of a breeze. To end this day, Jeff went to Palo to jam with some friends. I got started quilting the baby quilt.

Friday July 7- I sat outside this morning and had my coffee. It is usually fairly nice out there first thing. I waited until 9 a.m. then I went in to call G.M. It has been 48 hours and nothing. When I called they directed me to my senior advisor who just happens to be unavailable. Surprise, surprise. She did call back but wasn't very helpful. I knew more about the warranty then she did. Not feeling good about this. Next we received a text from the window people. We are still trying to get paid for that mess. Well they want us to get an estimate on the window. We didn't break it, we weren't the ones that shipped or insured the box but some how it's our responsibility to do that. Well that's not as easy as it sounds. More hoops to jump through. I spent a lot of the day outside watching the goldfinches and hummingbirds.

Then at night right before bed I took Soffee out to potty and I saw something flying around my big flower. I couldn't tell what it was so I went in and got the camera. I got these cool pics of a giant moth. I never knew they ate like that. Pretty cool huh?

Saturday July 8- Today we have Jeffrey and Maren coming into the park for a couple nights. We met them on the road and they are in the area having some maintenance done. I ran to pick up some dog food for Belle at the vet in Center Point. Then I went to Cedar Rapids and picked up a pie at Kathy's Pies. They have the best pies. Our friends arrived around noon. We gave them time to set up and then they came down to visit. It was so nice to see them. We sat outside and was entertained by the birds.

Jeffrey tried to install a program on Jeff's new computer. Maren was happy watching the birds. She even tried to feed close. We went for pizza at Brogans. Supper was really good. Then we came back to our camp site for some pie. It was super good. Then we visited more and Jeffrey tried again to install the program. He doesn't give up easily.

Sunday July 9- Soffee was up early so I got my work done early. I was sitting outside enjoying the quiet. We didn't go to church today. We took our guests to town to get some supplies. We got some BBQ to bring home for lunch. It was so good. After eating Jeffrey was back on the computer...he did it. He got that program installed...our hero. We sat outside watching everyone pull out of the campground. We had one more thing planned for them. We left to go to Stone City, The General Store. They have an open mic on Sunday's. It is also just a real unique place. The food is good too.

We came back home sat around and talked some more, oh and ate more pie. Before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye. They are leaving first thing in the morning. Safe travels, see you guys in December.