Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


After leaving St. Louis, we made a quick stop in Nashville, TN. We stayed at Two Rivers RV park, it was really easy to get to. It is located by the Opryland Hotel. We had a couple people living in this area we wanted to visit. First we met up with KT Roseen,Sutherland at Boscos were her brother Guy just happened to be working and our waiter...we had excellent service and food. The company was great too. The restaurant was located downtown Nashville...the draw back there was a home college football game going on and nobody knew about it. That made parking a nightmare but we found a spot and the evening was so nice. On Sunday morning we went to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, they had there decorations up and they were everywhere. That place is massive and so neat to see. Parking is available there for $20.00 or you can chose to park at a local shopping center and walk across the street to see it.  Then Sunday afternoon we made a trip to visit Dick & Thelma Spees, friends from home. It was nice to see them and their place in Tennessee.

The next day we headed a little further south and landed in Huntsville, AL. We stayed at Monte Sano State Park. It was really hilly to get to it but we double checked the route we wanted to take and we just had to go slow and be careful. It was very quiet there. We did some hiking and geocaching but wasn't there that long to really take advantage of all the hiking that they offer.

We left fairly early cause we had to drive thru Atlanta. We did our homework, we were up for the challenge. It was the day before Thanksgiving and all. No problems really getting thru Atlanta but after we had made it thru we were high fiving and then it happened.... a bottle neck, the traffic had come to a stand still. Not in Atlanta but in the suburbs. So it was slow going for about an hour. When the traffic started moving it was a good thing.

Next stop High Falls State Park in Jackson Georgia. FYI you need to go to the visitors center to check in before heading to the campground. There are 2 different campgrounds the lake, and the river. If you have a big rig you need to go to the river campground. Again kinda hilly and narrow roads but he campground is really nice. Lots of trees and it to was really quiet.We spent our first Thanksgiving on the road here. It was really good and the weather was great, the food we prepared was yummy. The only thing missing was our kids and grand kids. We did some walking, bike riding and geocaching here as well. Kinda excited about our next stop we will finally make it to Florida.

Florida at last! We are staying at Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, FL. Pretty easy to drive to and this place is NICE! Its very clean and very quiet. Lots of trees and there is Spanish moss in those trees!They are decorating the place up for Christmas. They also have a bell tower here that plays songs. Since its Christmas time its Christmas songs. They are really friendly.

Our last full day her we took the bike trail through the forest and along the river. VERY NICE. Put about eight miles on the bikes on our back country adventure. Tomorrow is travel day to Silver River State Park.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well Sunday evening was enjoyed with a retirement gift to ourselves with a trip to Downtown St Louis and the Paul McCartney show at the Scott Trade Center

Wow, what a great night and truly incredible performance by a musical legend. This man can still perform and play with the best of them even though he is 70 years old! The show opened with Paul and the band playing Magical Mystery Tour and concluded with THE END. There was no opening act because Paul does a three hour show!
Here is the set list:

1) “Magical Mystery Tour”
2) “Junior's Farm”
3) “All My Loving”
4) “Jet”
5) “Drive My Car”
6) “Sing the Changes”
7) “The Night Before”
8) “Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady”
9) “Paperback Writer”
10) “The Long and Winding Road”
11) “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five”
12) “Maybe I'm Amazed”
13) “I've Just Seen a Face”
14) “And I Love Her”
15) “My Valentine” (was before “Maybe I'm Amazed”)
16) “Blackbird”
17) “Here Today”
18) “Dance Tonight”
19) “Mrs. Vandebilt”
20) “Eleanor Rigby”
21) “Something”
22) “Band on the Run”
23) “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da”
24) “Back in the USSR”
25) “I've Got a Feeling”
26) “A Day in the Life”/“Give Peace a Chance”
27) “Let It Be”
28) “Live and Let Die”
29) “Hey Jude”
30) Encore: “Lady Madonna”
31) "Birthday"
32) “Day Tripper”
33) “Get Back”
34) Encore 2: “Yesterday”
35) “Helter Skelter”
36) “Golden Slumbers”/”Carry That Weight”/”The End.”

Did I mention that this was one of my all time favorite shows. What a fun evening with my wife.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


After much delay and disappointment I am happy to report the completion of the sale of our home. I could go on and on about the incompetence of some financial institutions but I don't want to turn this into a negative rant.

Now on to the good stuff. We are leaving Waconda State Park tomorrow after a week long stay to finish up our local business. We are headed south for Babler State Park located in Wildwood, MO a suburb of St Louis. We have tickets to the Paul McCartney concert on November 11th and are ready for a well deserved night of fun and music. Pictures and review to follow.

I hope as we continue are travels south we can get into the habit of updating our blog on a more frequent basis.

Posted by Jeff