Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hanging At Hobe Sound

Monday February 1- A new month here at Jonathan Dickenson State Park. I can't believe we have been here for a month. The time is really flying by. We have had lots of weather issues to deal with. This is our 4th winter in southern Florida and this has been the weirdest weather yet. They say to blame it on El Nino. We have had lots of rain, cooler than normal temperatures, and lots of wind. We have even dealt with some storms. We like where we are and our job as camp hosts has really been fun so far. All the other volunteers are friendly and very helpful. With the weather being what it has been we have had to change our plans some. We haven't had our kayaks in the water yet. We still are hoping the weather will improve. It hasn't really been that bad but we are very picky when it comes to kayaking, its mostly me I'm a fair weather kayaker.

Tuesday February 2- We were invited for dinner at some friends...Jeffrey and Maren. We met them last year and they like this park so they have been here more than once. We look forward to getting together with them when they are here. The dinner was wonderful and as usual we didn't lack on things to talk about.

Thursday February 4- This was our last day to work this week, so after we finished we invited our neighbors Ron and Barb to go for supper. We went to Dune Dog. Lots of people had recommended that we try it. We decided to go really early because they are always busy. We got there around 4 and got the last table. It seems they have a lobster night on Thursday. We didn't get the lobster but everyone was happy with there dinner. Jeff especially liked there grilled vegetables.

After our dinner we came home and continued the conversation until the bugs started biting then we called it a night.

Saturday February 6- Today we did some cleaning inside and out. I worked on the inside and Jeff washed the rig. We made a trip into town to go to Trader Joes. We have really found lots of stuff there that we like. While we where over in that neck of the woods we decided to get ourselves a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Needless to say it was sooooo good.

Sunday February 7- It was really chilly out there this morning. We went to church and our neighbor came with us today. The pastors wife brought the message and it was really good. We are so happy that we found this church. We have really gotten connected. We are attending some life groups and all the people here are very friendly. We look forward to Sunday's again.
Monday February 8- Another chilly one so Jeff made us a fire to enjoy our coffee by. The good didn't take long for the temperatures to warm up. Then we decided to go to The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a perfect  day for that. We got to see lots of critters. Bears, bobcats, panthers snakes just to name a few. Who doesn't like to enjoy those critters?

Tuesday February 9- Back to work. We had Bev, a new friend stop by to see if we wanted to go for supper with her and husband Steve. We took them up on there offer. So we headed towards Stuart, The restaurant was Duffy's, again lots of people recommended it. Jeff had some blackened mahi mahi he said was really good. I had a burger, the best part was dessert......fried cheesecake. Oh my my we saw this dessert pass by us and go to the people at the next table. I knew I had to try it. Not only was there fried cheesecake but ice cream. whipped cream and caramel on top. We split it and we didn't leave a drop.

Friday February 12- It's a beauty of a day. No rain, no wind, no clouds and warm temperatures. Well that's a perfect day to go to the beach and that what we did. We had planned on going to the R.V. show with our neighbors but he had to work extra. We will attend that tomorrow. We invited Barb to go to the beach with us. Jeff had his fishing stuff, we had our chairs. We went to the Federal beach in Hobe Sound. It was really nice to be at the beach and enjoy the sunshine.

Jeff had fun fishing, didn't catch anything but lots of people. These people would walk up and down the beach. The funny thing is they were busy looking down for shells and they would run into Jeff's line. Barb would watch them and yell "watch the line" they still would run into it. He finally gave up and brought them in. He did catch one fish but didn't keep it. One thing that was cool the Goodyear blimp flew by so we got some pictures of that.


We had a wonderful afternoon that's for sure. We stayed as long as we could. We got home and Jeff and I got cleaned up. We are going to a snowbird life group. It is at Norman and Diane's house. We met them through church. They have a nice apartment/condo on the ocean. They are up on the 11th floor and have quite a view.


Everyone we met there was extremely nice. They had a wonderful dinner and we got to know more people. It's getting hard to remember all the names.

Saturday February 13- Had a busy day planned today. First we stopped for breakfast at The Lighthouse Diner. It was really a cool looking place inside, quite retro. We had a good breakfast and I had the biggest pancake ever.

After eating we headed to Palm Beach and the R.V. show. Ron and Barb have sold there camper and now need to find a replacement. We had fun looking with them. We still like our rig the best. It fits us just right. It's still fun to look at the updates they keep coming up with.

Well they came home without a new rig. We did make a purchase of some cleaning stuff that we are excited to try.

Sunday February 14- Happy Valentines Day to everyone. We had to go to church early because we are being greeters today. It was even fun to greet. Something I'm very qualified at....talking. We had a guest speaker today. It was Pastor Ben's pastor. He is from Nashville, TN. What a great message it was. He had a very good sense of humor as well, we laughed a lot, but the message was spot on.

To celebrate Valentine's Day they brought in a Kona Ice Truck to give everyone a  sweet treat. I left church that day feeling plenty blessed. It was a wonderful day.

Well til next travels and happy trails.