Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hometown visit/Keokuk,Iowa

Friday April 11, Keokuk here we come...this is where we lived most of our lives. Had never camped here so that's gonna be a new experience for us. The campground is called Hickory Havens and we were pleasantly surprised, it's real nice. We have a full hookup with 50 amp, water, sewer, internet and even nice laundry facilities. We had great weather to travel and set up in. We picked site # 1 because when they turned the water on this year it seems they have a break. They are gonna work on it but sight 1 is good with no water problem here. We got everything set up and my best friend popped out to say hi. It was really nice to see her. She had to go back to work. We didn't really have much planned but knew of people we needed to see and things we needed to take care of. Decided we would go out for supper. Went to an old favorite..Meyers Courtyard all the catfish/chicken plus buffet for $7.50 and it was really good ! Then as we were heading back to our site went by the fire station. Jeff recognized a truck so we stopped there for a visit. Then we needed to get back cause my friend from work and her husband were stopping by. Again another great visit. Well that was a good day.

Saturday April 12, Got up and made our way to the bowling alley to see my older sister Dru and her grand kids. Had some more catching up to do. After we left the bowling alley stopped by Fritz & Shawn's house. That's Jeff's younger brother. His oldest daughter was there so we got to see how big her kids are getting. Came home started the laundry. My best friend Judy came and got me to go to the park and watch all the kids dressed for prom. She was taking pictures of her grand kids. We finished the evening by dining out again. This time we went to The Cellar known for there burgers and onion rings. It wasn't as good as I remember but the company was great. We were there with my best friend Judy and her husband Don. Jeepers another full day.

Sunday April 13, We got up and went to church. It's a new church in town. There were lots of people there we hadn't seen in a long time. We made our way to the sanctuary and a real nice service. After church we came home and made breakfast. Judy came out for awhile. It's raining today. Took the rest of the day off. Before bed we made sure we had our stuff ready for taxes tomorrow.

Monday April 14, We had to set the alarm because Jeff had a Dr. appointment at 7a.m. (Blood work) Out for breakfast, then we took the truck by to see how much to get it fixed. We got a nice surprise there, and they'll do it tomorrow. Our next stop...taxes. Good news there too, a little refund. Back to see my sister. Then it started snowing, that's crazy it was just in the 70's on Saturday. It's so cold out. I went from flip flops to Ugg boots. I called my old neighbor to see when we could get together, also set up a time tomorrow to meet some people here in town that are getting ready to start full time Rving.

Tuesday April 15, Had to get up early again today to take the truck in for repair. While waiting for our truck Jeff decided to make breakfast at my sisters house for her and her husband Jay. We came home to meet our new friends, they want to ask us some questions about full time Rving. It was good to pass on some helpful information. They seem really excited about there knew adventure. It felt nice to share tips with them. Again we went out for supper, the Pizza Hut this time. We have a good one. Stopped again at Jeff's brothers house before heading home.

Wednesday April 16, This day was a busy Dr. Day. We drove to Ft. Madison and got the day started. It felt good to get that taken care of. We felt like celebrating by lunch out...Mexican today and it was so yummy. On our way home we stopped at the nursing home in Montrose to visit our old neighbor. He used to camp a lot and was really excited about us doing this Rving thing. He was happy to see us and it was good to see him too. While in Montrose we stopped at the meat market and picked up some supplies. We are on a roll with this visiting thing. We drove by our old house and stopped to visit another neighbor. Nice to see them. Well only one more stop to make. We joined our old small group for a bible study. It felt good to join these fine folk. Really miss these people. How's that for a action packed day....I'm exhausted.

Thursday April 17, This is our last day in town. Jeff had one more doctor appointment. It wasn't until noon so we slept in. His appointment went well. He got all his prescriptions filled. We are checking all our to dos off the list. We loaded up the boats and the rest of our stuff. We finished this day with a dinner over at my friends. We brought some fish and shrimp. Jeff prepared that and I did the sides. It was a delicious dinner and a nice way to end this visit, at my best friends house. Tomorrow we head north to see the excited!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ed Babler St Park/Wildwood Missouri

Monday April 7, Well the weather man was right.....rain. We had about 230 miles to go so we didn't want to wait to long to leave. Most of our stuff was packed up but still had to put away the sewer line, hose, electric stuff. We tried waiting but we ended up getting wet. It rained most of our drive which made the trip long and our mileage low. We have really been lucky with the weather on travel days. We drove through St. Louis on opening day of baseball. Jeff and I agree, driving thru St. Louis has just continued to get worse. It quit raining as we got to St. Louis. We took a different route and it seemed a better way to us. The roads were good and traffic light. We pulled into the park and drove to the campground. We had been here before. Jeff had looked online to see which sites were available during the week. People are starting to reserve for the weekend camping already. We backed into site #5 after filling our water tank up. We are parked on a cement pad, have 50 amp, and internet. Surprised how many campers are here. Jeff had to prime our water pump again, we lost the prime again. We got everything set up. They have had lots of rain, if you get off the cement it's muddy. It's still pretty cool out there. I decided to make some chili for supper. The trees are still pretty dead....come on spring.

Tuesday April 8, Jeff and I decided to go to town and a movie because it's suppose to be cloudy with a chance of rain. It's not cloudy or rainy, it turned out to be a really nice day. It was even warmer than they said. We headed to town and looked around at some shops. We even got a few deals. We don't really do much shopping, Jeff says if you bring something in you take something out.  We went to lunch at Bandanas, we love there turkey sandwiches. They were as good as ever. Then we went to the movie "Gods not Dead" it was really good, and the price was right...$4.00 tickets. Came back to the rig and my little brother called. He lives in the area so we made plans to get together tomorrow. Haven't seen him in awhile. It was a really nice day with our lunch, movie and plans to look forward to.

Wednesday April 9, It really got cold last night, it was 39 degrees to start the day. Jeff and I wanted to go to the zoo this morning before meeting up with my brother. We left the camper around 9:30 and it took us about 1/2 hour to get there. When we arrived the temperature had warmed up and the sun was shining. A perfect day for the zoo. We first went to the brand new sea lion exhibit. It was awesome, they've built a underwater viewing area. They are fun to watch swim. Next we moved to the gorillas, they were in there outside area and were plenty entertaining. All the animals we saw were out and moving around. The only thing the giraffes weren't around, oh well next time. We only stayed about 2 hours. As we were walking to the truck my brother called to say he was on his way to the campground. We met at the campsite and did some catching up.  Then we went to supper at the Red Lobster, everything was good and the service was great. A nice afternoon. Tomorrow we have more company coming.

Thursday April 10, It was way warmer today compared to yesterday. I got up and started cutting veggies for omelets. We have friends stopping by before heading to the airport and going home. They had been in our home town visiting family. This way we could catch up before they had to leave. They weren't gonna be able to stay long so I didn't want to be busy while they were here. It was so nice we were sitting outside enjoying the weather. I happen to see this big motor home trying to back up and boy did he come close to hitting another campers car. Then he pulled up a bit and the next thing I see him backing up and this time he did hit the car. He didn't even get out of the rig he left his wife there to deal with it. She was behind him yelling for him to stop but he didn't. The next thing I know the campground host is walking down to our site...she tells me that the man in the motor home hit our truck. See with the company we were having we parked our truck up in the overflow parking area so our visitors could park at our site. The campground host said there's no damage. Jeff walked up to take a look....well he came walking down and said there's damage. The damage was on the back bumper on the drivers side. There's  a dent on the bumper and it scuffed up the plastic on top the bumper. Jeff walked up to talk to the man, he was very pleasant. Jeff went back to look again and realized when the truck was hit it moved the bumper in and so when you open the tailgate it rubs. The man that hit us was prepared to pay for all damages so at least we were lucky in that aspect. It could have been a lot worse. Well on a better note our company arrived and we had a really nice time catching up, the omelets were good too. After our company left we picked up our stuff outside, filled up the truck for take off tomorrow. Next stop our hometown, Keokuk, Iowa.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exit 31 RV Park/Grand Rivers Kentucky

Saturday April 5, Brrrr it's cold this morning. We left around 9:30 and started our day off with a missed turn. Well we didn't really miss the turn, the road changed and to get to the turn you needed to exit then make the turn. Lucky for us it wasn't too long before a perfect turn around appeared. On the way back we were able to make that turn. We can definitely tell that were heading north by the lack of life in the trees and the condition of the roads....bumpy. We traveled around 230 miles. It seemed like a lot longer. I think it's because we are ready to get back and see the kids. We landed in Kentucky at Exit 31 RV park. It was easy to find, we checked in at the restaurant there. They gave us no rules and told us to take any spot. We picked site #8. We had a cement pad, 50 amp, water, sewer and cable. You could tell that there's been a lot of rain. The gravel roads at the campground were a bit sketchy. You could see where the water had run and made some pretty good ruts. Had to go really slow and dodge them. We had leftovers for supper and went to bed early.

Sunday April 6, Really cool to start the day but it warmed up fast. Jeff decided to take a walk. There was a trail right by the campground that he took. He said it was a really nice path that took you to an Indian burial ground. I decided to get some cleaning done. I got the microwave/convection cleaned out. Then I decided to do the laundry since it was perfect drying conditions outside. We had made reservations at Pattis 1880 Settlement. We had been there before and wanted to come back. It's a very unusual place that has shops, gardens, animals and the restaurant. The restaurant is broke up in rooms, like in a house. Ours was the family room. The restaurant opened in 1977, the waitress's wear long dresses with long aprons. They also explain a little bit about the place how it started. A funny story, the waitress was explaining about the restaurant and how when they opened that the only soda company that would deliver out to them was RC, so they've stuck with them all this time. So then the waitress proceeds to ask what we want to drink and Jeff replies Coke or Pepsi. I guess he wasn't listening too well, too busy reading the menu. They have lots of different things they are famous for, 2 inch pork chops, flower pot bread with strawberry butter and there pies. I ordered a pork chop but the smaller version, only 1 inch. Jeff ordered a fried chicken sandwich which he said was the best chicken sandwich he's ever had. It came with homemade potato chips which were really good and not greasy. All my sides were really good as well. The service was excellent. When we finished with our lunch we were both stuffed. Still we really wanted a piece of pie so we got one to go. We decided on chocolate cream pie with mile high meringue. We filled up the truck with fuel and headed back. Jeff felt like he needed to work off some of that lunch so he decided to wash the roof of the rig. Since we had no rules we thought we should take advantage, so many parks don't allow washing vehicles. With our lunch being so big we just had the pie for supper, it was as good as it looked. Tomorrow its St Louis or bust................

One of the many animals at Patti's

Sunday, April 6, 2014

US Space and Rocket Center RV Park/Huntsville Alabama

Thursday March 3, Traveling a little farther into Alabama today. We had wanted to go to Nashville from here but no spots available at the COE park. It was pushing our miles per day limit any way. Jeff did some looking and found this place. It's not far off the road plus it gives us something to explore for a reasonable price. We'll even get a senior discount for the space center. We took off early for us 8am. Our route seemed fairly simple and traffic was light. We had to drive through Birmingham, that was the busiest spot. We arrived around noon to the Space & Rocker Center RV Park. Jeff had called ahead, yesterday and he said he would hold us a spot. Our site #8, it's a bit rough, a pull thru. We have 30 amp, water, sewer and free internet. You can actually walk to the Space Center from here. We walked a path that ended at the back gate of the Space Center. You can see the rockets and the space shuttle exhibit. What was really pretty was all the violets covering the ground. That path is also used for the kids to come over here to launch rockets. There is a open field in front of the campground... Well it's a launch site. What's funny is, all the rockets that are hanging from the trees. When they launch them they come down where ever, they don't retrieve them. We went over and watched some launches. We use to build and launch rockets with our memories. We ran to the store and made us some chicken stir fry for supper. Tonight we are suppose to get some weather , tomorrow the Space Center.

Launching model rockets

Friday April 4, Well they were right about the rain. The good news is the storms didn't roll through here. We had decided to stay another night but when Jeff went up to pay they said someone had made a reservation. So before heading to the Space Center we looked for a spot in Kentucky. We found one called about it and checked out the route. Now the rain had mostly stopped so we headed out. We took the truck to fill her up, also went and got some diesel exhaust fluid. Now we can go to the Space Center. It was cloudy and cool. We had been here once before but that was about 25 years ago. We paid for our entrance and with the senior discount(55) it was $22.00 each and that included an IMAX movie. We went to the movie first. It was about the Hubble telescope, very interesting. Then we went to explore...Jeff and I don't explore the same way. I'm kinda a visual looker, Jeff likes to read about everything. There was a lot to look at. Our favorite part was the Saturn V Hall. We were in there most of the time, I decided to go to the gift shop and meet up with Jeff there. He came back but told me he wasn't close to done. We got a bite to eat, which was really good and headed back over to the Saturn V Hall. They had volunteers there that either worked for NASA, IBM, Or Marshall Space Flight Center or other branches  that worked on putting man on the moon. Now that was interesting, talking to them and boy did they like to talk, we could hardly get out of there. We stayed there most of the day, then back home to check on the dogs and have supper. Jeff will add to this post what he learned. Tomorrow hitting the road again.

                                        Americas Space Program and Huntsville Alabama
As World War II ended in Europe, the United States government set about recruiting those German scientists who had worked on rocketry weapons for their now defeated homeland.

In 1949 the Army designated the Huntsville, Alabama, site of two World War II-era arsenals as the new home for the missile and rocket research effort. Redstone Arsenal was formally opened the next year, with the German scientific team headed by Dr. Wernher von Braun moving to its new quarters

The U.S. soon was involved in a "space race" with the Soviet Union when that rival launched the first satellite, Sputnick, in October of 1957. America countered in January of 1958 with Explorer I, propelled into space orbit by the "Redstone" rocket developed by the Huntsville arsenal group. That same year, the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) was chartered to oversee the nation's non-military rocketry programs. The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center was opened by NASA in Huntsville in 1960, with Dr. von Braun's group now working on civilian rather than military space projects.

In May of 1961, just weeks after America's first "astronaut" made his first short space flight, President John F. Kennedy announced the nation's commitment to land a man on the moon before the decade was out. Dr. von Braun's scientific team set to the task of designing, developing, and testing a succession of ever-more powerful and reliable launch vehicles. The program triumphed when the "Saturn V" rocket developed at the Center launched the Apollo 11 crew to a lunar landing in July 1969.

As the host of NASA's largest installation in the United States, Huntsville itself was profoundly affected both economically and socially. The U.S. space program and private ancillary businesses brought thousands of new higher-pay jobs and better-educated residents to the area. In addition, the city and state took advantage of the space program's popularity to create a booming tourist attraction in conjunction with the federal facilities. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center was opened in 1970 to offer exhibits and educational programs that attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.
The Saturn V rocket was 363 feet tall
 Fully fueled for liftoff, the Saturn V weighed 6.2 million LBS

Actual Apollo 16 capsule used to go to the Moon

Apollo Display Inside 

Quarantine Trailer

Meeting a NASA Engineer
 As Dawn had mentioned earlier we, I  spent a lot of my time in the Saturn V building. I was told by one of the retired engineers that worked on the Moon rockets that the 70,000 square-foot, $22,000,00 facility was donated by a citizen by the name of Davidson, so the building that houses the rockets and artifacts is called the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. It was opened in January of 2008.

I loved looking at all the equipment and artifacts that was on display here. It was also really cool to talk to some of the men who worked on the actual projects. You could tell by talking to them just how excited they were to be working to send men to the moon. Both guys I talked to said they loved there work and looked forward to getting up and going in every day.

It brought back lots of memory's for me as I have always marveled at the great machines that took man on his greatest adventure from the Earth to the Moon.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Woods RV Park/Montgomery Alabama

Tuesday April 1, Along with it being Aprils fools day it's travel day for us. The weather was extremely nice and we didn't have a lot to load up. We rechecked our route, hooked up and said our goodbyes. The route we took was kinda confusing but we avoided most of that busy stop and go traffic. The traffic was very light with a little road construction. As we left Florida and drove into Alabama we could see spring in the air. Lots of lilac bushes with lots of green. We called the RV park to check on availability and directions. This was a perfect stop for us because it was right off the interstate. It was so easy to find and easy in & out. When we arrived it was about 2:30, and we set up rather quick on site #103. Jeff walked next door to Arby's for a sandwich. Another bonus. This place isn't fancy but has sewer, 50 amp, cable, Internet and laundry facilities. The best part is the price....very reasonable, with passport America. 

Wednesday April 2, The morning started off with a bang. Jeff checked our internet card and we don't know what happened for sure but in 1 day we used a gig and a half... What's so weird is we've been using the internet provided by the RV park. What's so bad is that usage has put us over for the month....yikes! Jeff had to make a call, the good news they took if off... Yeah!! To celebrate we decided to go for breakfast. We went to the Waffle House, either of us couldn't remember the last time we went for breakfast. It was very tasty but the service not that good. While we were out went ahead and filled up the truck for our next move. Jeff thought maybe he would wash the rig here. On the rules it said to check at the office before washing. He thought it would be reasonable. They wanted $25 to wash the rig.... That was a bit steep for us. So instead of washing the truck I cleaned the windows and Jeff vacuumed it out. It was a really warm and sunny day. I sat outside a bit and enjoyed it. It was a lazy day after having breakfast out we grabbed supper out too. Tomorrow we move on.....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Top Sail Hill State Park/Santa Rosa Beach

Site 158
Saturday March 29, Woke up to raindrops and those raindrops turned into a steady rain. The good news is we don't have to travel very far. We got our break early but we didn't hesitate to get hooked up and out of there. Like I said we didn't have far to go, but the roads to get to Top Sail were slow going. They went right through cities with lots if cars, people and stoplights. We knew what to expect so it didn't seem that bad. We arrived at the park around noon, our site #158 was available so we drove to it. A funny thing, when I got out to be Jeff's eyes our neighbor was standing there looking at me kinda funny. I looked at him and he looked familiar, then he said do I know you? I remembered him from Myakka. You just never know who you'll run into, or run back into. The sites have concrete pads which are great especially after all that sand. What wasn't so good, the pads are very narrow but we got backed in without too much trouble. Jeff went to check the power, surprise our power management system not working AGAIN. That's the 4th time since last summer but who's counting.....ME. Jeff checked the pedestal to make sure the power was ok. Finished setting up and talked with the neighbors. We planned to make a grocery store run, so we headed in. There was a Walmart  just up the road. We wanted to stay close cause this is one busy place. Got what we needed and headed back. Jeff got the cable hooked up and the TV programmed. That's one thing that's good, free cable. Also have 50 amp, sewer, swimming pool, trams to the beach and shuffle board. Lots of trails and many places to ride your bikes. The park itself is very nice, it's well taken care of. It's just a bit too busy for us. It is good seeing people using the parks. I finished off the day with a bike ride to the beach... Yep it's pretty.

Sunday March 30, I got up early to make a trip to The Donut Hole, everyone said you better get there early or you'll wait in line. I left around 7:30 and it was just right up the road. I still had to wait in line but not that long. They had a lot to choose from. Not only did they have doughnuts they also had muffins and pastries. I made my picks and paid, a little cashy I thought. Then after trying the doughnuts I definitely thought a little cashy. They were good but not that good.  Since all Jeff could think about was the power box we decided to head across town to purchase a different one. The one we have is definitely not dependable . We also had to go to a bigger Walmart with an-automotive center. Jeff needed to bring back our old battery for a core exchange. Got that done and we walked out of that Walmart without buying any thing. Talk about weird feeling, how often do you walk out of there without a purchase?  It took forever to go across town in all this traffic. We made it to Camping World, made our purchase and headed back. We spotted a Five Guys restaurant so we stopped for a late lunch. When we got back Jeff and I both went for a bike ride to the beach, along with Soffee. We talked to the people across from us from Missouri. Found out there parents are camp hosts at Ed Babler in St. Louis and we've actually met them. Again its a small, small world.

Monday March 31, Since the traffic is pretty crazy around here Jeff got up early to make one more trip out. This time it was to fill up the truck, get Yingling beer, and some fresh shrimp to take home. We tried to get beer on Sunday but it was to early, you can't but beer til after 1 on Sunday. When he got back I took my walk, they have a real nice paved path to the beach and it's about a mile or so. Perfect for me. Jeff decided to wash the truck because we noticed a lot of people were cleaning there vehicles and rigs. I went to the beach and it was a beautiful day, the wind had laid down and the temperatures were on the rise. It was so pretty, with aqua water. I stayed a couple hours and right before heading back I noticed a group of dolphins swimming by a great way to end the beach day. We were gonna take a bike ride because there is a bike path right outside the park but the day just got away from us. We did get the dogs a walk in. This park is definitely friendly. It has a lot to offer and plenty of folks are taking advantage of that. We loaded up a lot of our stuff before calling it a night. That's it folks for Florida, tomorrow we start heading north.

Bike path and tramway to beach

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Joe/ part 2

Saturday March 22, Oh my my, it's super foggy today. We were trying to wait for the fog to lift but it wasn't happening. Decided to make a trip into Port St. Joe. It was still foggy when we left, but as we drove on it cleared up more. Made the most of the trip. Went ahead and filled up the truck with gas. We like to get gas without the rig, so much easier. Went to the downtown area and walked around looking in the shops. The sun came out and turned into a real nice day. We went to the Piggly Wiggly to get some groceries. There is a nice outfitters store next to the grocery store. It has lots of fishing stuff, outdoor stuff, good stuff. I just happen to find some pink fishing gloves to match my fish grippers, kinda excited about that. We came back to our campground and its so nice. So to the beach I go.... It cooled off so I didn't stay that long. After supper took the dogs for a walk and it started sprinkling.... Looked up and a beautiful rainbow..:)

Sunday March 23, Again another foggy day and it really looked like rain but it didn't. It was one of those weirdest weather days, had everything. We stayed inside for the morning watching some movies. I need to tell about a funny neighbor we have. It's a female cardinal that has been visiting us everyday since we arrived. She sits on the ladder on the back of the rig and tap tap taps. I find it amusing. Really get to see her up close. The weather starting clearing up so I grabbed a book and a chair and went to the beach. Since neither of us got our walks this morning we decided to get the dogs and do an afternoon walk. We walked over to the other camp loop(whispering pines), then cut back to our camp loop (gulf breezes) via the boardwalk. First time I ever took the boardwalk, its really nice, has benches that overlook the marsh were you can always spot birds. It was picture perfect out right now, completely opposite of the weather this morning. We fixed supper and I looked outside and again with the weather, now the fog has moved in. It just keeps coming, well changing. I wonder what tomorrow will bring????

Monday March 24, Cloudy and windy this morning but I did get my walk. Jeff took a bike ride 1st thing to the office. We had our mail sent and an order from Amazon  had arrived. He picked that up and came back, he said the winds are wicked. With the weather, I went ahead and cleaned up our happy home. After lunch the wind just seemed to die. Went over to the beach and the ocean was really flat. We saw lots of people fishing, so we went back and got our fishing stuff to give it a go. We tried but didn't have any luck. We saw a couple people catching fish but not many. We gave up and went home.

Tuesday March 25, OK, this wind things getting old. Again really windy it was coming out of the northwest. I walked but most of it was protected. When I got back I noticed the wind was great but around our site very protected. I grabbed my book and went outside to at least enjoy the sunshine. I didn't think it could get any windier but it did. Our camper was rocking. We even had to close the big door cause the wind kept opening the screen door. Didn't get to do much today but there's always tomorrow....

Wednesday March 26, Well all that wind last night brought in some cold air. Our morning started out in the 40's brrrr thats chilly. The sun came out but the wind was cool for most of the day. Thought it would be a good day for a hike. It was on our to do list. We walked over to the wilderness preserve area. It's pretty protected from the wind. Decided to take a shorter path to the beach and then walk the beach back. Jeff decided to try fishing again at the beach but no good. I sat outside to try and read but when the wind died the bugs came out. We thought we would try this little restaurant outside the park for supper. We drove there around 5 and it's closed... Hmm that seemed weird since they have a banner up outside that says happy hour 4-6. Still haven't figured that one out yet.

Thursday March 27, This is getting old with this windy weather. Good thing I have a quilt to keep me busy. I walked and Jeff did his exercising. We watched the weather for tomorrow... It doesn't look good. Went ahead and loaded the kayaks up on the truck. Did some other cleaning up. The rest of the day was spent inside.

Friday March 28, Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. When we got up it hadn't started raining yet but it was coming. We jumped into action and finished loading up everything left outside. Got the bikes, chairs, rugs all put away before the rain started. We got some serious rain. We watched the weather close so if necessary we could abandon ship. That's something you need to be very careful of, weather. We both figure we can get a new camper. So if needed we wouldn't hesitate to go to a shelter. Luckily it wasn't needed. Since we were stuck inside I made it a cooking kinda of a day, breakfast, cookies and Jeff made chicken noodle soup. So the day turned out pretty good, just cause you have to stay in doesn't mean it's a bad day. I'm still grateful for these temperatures compared to what's up north. Tomorrow we head up the road, it's calling for more rain hopefully we 'll get a break in the weather to travel. Only one more Florida stop before heading north.