Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Heating Up.....

Monday June 12- It's Monday so we wake up to our little girl sleeping. That always makes you feel lucky. It was super hot and humid today. The bugs were out in full force. Hailey already had lots of bug bites from her camping adventure in Minnesota. We decided to stay in and find things to do. We got out some sticker paper dolls and of course did some coloring. Then she wants to play wii so Jeff sets that up for her to play with.

We took a trip into town. First we went to the camping store, Jeff was looking for a new latch for one of the basement doors. While he was a looking, Hailey was a cooking. She had us a lunch all ready in just a few minutes.

Since the burgers and hot dogs couldn't leave the store, we stopped and got a pizza to take home. We love Tomaso's pizza! We played the afternoon away. We took Sissy to gymnastics and she fell asleep again on the way. We told her we had to run a few errands then we would come back. She was still sleepy so not all that cracked up on that idea. When her friends got around her she was OK with it. She really likes us to watch her. We ran back to Walgreen's to get my passport picture retaken. It is still horrible but my eyes are open. We got back and watched Hailey. Then took her home. Oh yeah, the diesel exhaust light came on in the truck....AGAIN!

Tuesday June 13- Today Jeff had to take the truck in early. He had plans for the day. He went to a movie first, then checked to see if the truck was done. It wasn't ready so they drove him where he wanted to go. When they picked him up it still wasn't ready. Then they gave him a truck to drive home in. I stayed back at the rig and did some cleaning. It was a quiet day for sure.

Wednesday June 14- It rained last night. They called to say we could pick up the truck. I was filling up the bird feeders and after the rain last night the hummingbirds go crazy. I saw 4 on my window feeder. I even had one hummingbird feed from my handheld feeder. I have them sitting on the picnic table until they notice them. Then you are suppose to hold them to see if they will use them. I'm not sure that will happen, but I can always hope.

It is volleyball night so I used there washer while I was there. We also did some work on getting stuff ready for their garage sale, its this weekend.

Thursday June 15- Today was another hot one. Jeff went in to town to get something for his guitar, I stayed home. I wanted to sit outside but it is so hot, humid and buggy. I went in and worked on the blog instead. We went in to Seth and Katie's to set stuff up for the garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. We had some pizza for supper then headed back. Judy called on the way back so that made the trip go quick. We got home just in time, the rain showed up. It rained pretty good. With the rain the temperature dropped. We also lost power. Not sure why because it wasn't stormy just rainy. After the rain stopped I looked outside and noticed all the hummingbirds. My window feeder was empty so I went out to get it and fill it up. I was wearing my red sweatshirt. When I went out to put up the feeder the hummingbirds were drinking from it even before I put it up. I thought it would be a perfect time to try out my hand held feeder. They actually drank from it. I was standing on the step ladder by the window feeder. I came in and told Jeff. I had him grab my phone and get ready to take pictures. I noticed that the birds were just going crazy at the other feeders. I think there was about 20 birds out there. I held the feeder in my hand and stood between the 2 feeders. I waited and I couldn't believe it but they actually drank from it. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I was hoping Jeff was getting pictures....he was. I even had one hummer land on my hand. Now the pictures aren't that good but you can see the birds there. I have proof even if it is not perfect.

It was super exciting. Did I tell you I love hummingbirds? I guess the $10.00 I spent on feeders was worth it. If they don't drink from them again I'm OK with that because it did work. Now our power was out the rest of the night. It came back on around midnight.

Friday June 16- It rained some more last night so it wasn't as hot as before. I sat outside for a bit. We left to go man the garage sale. We put up some signs and waited for our customers. I asked the kids to advertise but they said they had it under control. Not everyone uses social media. It was very slow. Jeff left to run some errands and check on the dogs. He brought back something for supper. After eating we went to launch Ashton's 2 stage rocket at Cherry Hill Park. Got everything set up...was doing the count down...and nothing. We have faulty igniters...what a bummer. Have to make a trip to the hobby store.

Saturday June 17-We got up early and cleaned before heading to the garage sale. It was suppose to start at 8 a.m. Well we made it in time but nobody showed up. Everyone left but me and the kids. Since we had no customers we played the game that the kids were selling. We had fun playing games.

We even got some science experiments done. Well we didn't really want to leave early because we are waiting for a package to arrive. It's the window we sent back. We have already missed it 2 times and wanted to make sure someone was here for the third and final time. Well it came and I signed. Jeff put the box in the back of the truck. When I was loading things up I moved the box and noticed there was a sound that didn't sound good. Jeff opened it up and our dual pane window was now a single pane window. The dark glass was shattered into a million pieces. Well you can only imagine how upset we were. The bad part was the bent frame wasn't even fixed. So the rest of the day wasn't happy. We got both kids and took them home with us. Since the games didn't sell we decided to bring some of them home to play with when they come visit. I think they kids forgot about the games so it was like a new thing. When we got home we put things away. The kids and I had planned to do some science experiments outside but rain showed up. We moved the party inside and played some Jenga. The kids really did a good job of was fun.

Sunday June 18-With both grand kids staying Ashton was sleeping with Jeff and I slept with Hailey on the air mattress. I slept pretty good, kind of surprised.  The park was full this weekend so I had to do some cleaning this morning in the shower house. I made breakfast for the kids when I got back. They played wii before we left for church. The kids did good in church. They aren't used to going. We took them home after church. Seth and Katie wanted us to join them at the pool today. We declined, it's really cooled off and I was exhausted with all that has been going on. Justin called to wish his dad a Happy Father's Day. It was sunny but cool with the breeze. Not great weather for swimming but nice for sitting. Seth brought Hailey back out to spend the night. We had supper and did some coloring. Everyone was ready for bed early.

Monday June 19- Hailey day...Jeff had to start making phone calls about the window mess. Hailey and I went to the park. We made a necklace out of old wooden spools. We played games. Hailey brought her roller skates so we watched her skate around the loop. Jeff even let her paint his toes. Hailey promised papa 10 kisses if she could. Well then she said no kisses, so papa showed her.

We drove her to gymnastics and she fell asleep again. I mean she was snoring and everything.

Tuesday June 20- It's a real nice day today. I went up and did a thorough cleaning at the shower house. I also walked to the boat ramp and back. Jeff is still talking to the window people. It's going to be a mess for sure. We agreed on a plan but it kind of depends on what Fed Ex pays them for the insurance payment. Jeff decided to get a new guitar. The one he has won't work if it's plugged in. I decided to go and do some shopping as well. It is that time of year for sales. I also promised Hailey that next week we will make beaded bracelets. So stopped at Hobby Lobby to get what we would need. When we got home, received a phone call from Lenny. He and his wife Dawn are going to stop out for a visit. Dawn is a quilter too. She showed me a quilt she was working on last year before we took off. Today she has the quilt top finished. Man I am impressed. She really did a fancy one. It looks super good. Now she is getting ready to quilt it. That's pretty much what we talked about. I bet the boys talked about guitar stuff. It was a really nice visit. A nice way to end the day.  Seth sent me a picture of Hailey. She has a black eye. She was staring at a pink bus and ran into a handicap parking sign...

Thursday June 22- Today was cloudy and warm. I'm working on a quilt. I love the fabrics but the pattern I had planned to use just doesn't seem right. I'm making it for a new grand baby that will arrive in December. Jeff ran to town to take back the kitchen faucet we bought. To put this thing in we would have to remove the sink and everything. Since there is nothing wrong with the one we have decided to just use what we have until we need to replace it. Jeff went to Palo to play guitar tonight. That is becoming a regular thing. 

Friday June 23- Today I went for a walk up to the second loop. I stopped and talked to Wanda, she is the camp host up there. She is doing it solo this year because her husband passed away last year. When I got back I worked on the baby quilt. I think I have it figured out.

Now I just have to get it all sewed together. Then we got a phone call from Seth, Ashton is getting his hair cut tonight. We are going to meet them after for supper and watch the NHL draft. Jeff and I are both excited to see him. He hasn't had a haircut in 2 years. He sure looks handsome. He is donating his hair.

Saturday June 24- Soffee woke us up at 4:15 this morning. It has really cooled off today. You would never know it's the end of June. I worked on sewing the rows together on the quilt. I got that finished. Now I will use the leftover fabric for the back. I got a surprise phone call from my best friend Judy today. That really brightened my day. We are going to Justin's friend's house today for his wife's 30th birthday party. Justin and Jordan are playing there. It was a nice day outside and I got to visit with Molly. We haven't seen much of her. She is having a rough time of it...not morning sickness but evening sickness. There was a lot of people there I didn't know but it looked like everyone had a great time.

Sunday June 25-Oh my my, it's really cool out there this morning. We got ready for church, it was a great message and worship. What a blessing to have found this church. On our way home we stopped at a new BBQ place. We have drove by it a number of times. We went in to get just the meat for sandwiches. We got chicken and beef brisket. Both were really good. I think we will be visiting this place again. Katie brought Hailey out around supper time. We had supper followed by peach turnovers for dessert. Hailey couldn't wait to get busy making bracelets. It was a perfect craft for her. She could do it herself and no Now I have to keep this crafting stuff up the rest of the summer. Better get on Pinterest.

Friday, June 16, 2017

One Month Already ......

Monday May 29- It's Memorial Day. So after taking care of our duties at the campground we went over to Seth and Katie's house for a fish fry. The weather was really nice. Jeff got busy battering the fish and cooking it up. We never get much fish to the table because they eat it as fast as Jeff can cook it.

So after eating we just hung out and enjoyed the sunshine and played some bags. It was a really good family day. The food was excellent and the weather even cooperated.

When we got back to the campground everyone had left. It was really quiet, just how we like it.

Tuesday May 30- Today Jeff had to take the window he had repaired back in to mail it back. The frame on it was bent so he couldn't get it in. He didn't want to force it, so back it goes. They are paying the shipping this time. We have dealt with the fogged window this long I'm sure we can wait a little longer. It's movie day here at Collin's Road Theatre. On Tuesday it cost $5.00 to get in and they give you a free popcorn. Can't beat that. We saw Gifted. It was a good one. We had leftovers for supper. Ashton called to tell us his solar powered car that he built won first place in the race.

Wednesday My 31- It was a beauty of a day, with lots of sunshine. I took a walk to the other side of the lake. I also sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. My birds are really arriving. I am becoming my grandma.

Wednesday night is the night the kids play volleyball so I go in and watch the kiddos. They ran a bit late tonight and I didn't get home til 11, that's late for me. Good thing I don't have to get up and go to work.

Thursday June 1- A new month....we went to town to get groceries. We are really loving the Aldi's in this area. Jeff has found they have grass fed beef so he got some to try. They are even in patties already. There was a Lowe's right across the parking lot so we went to look for a faucet for the kitchen sink. We found one that we both liked. It looks like we have another project that won't take too long to do. I will let you know how that goes.

Friday June 2- It's the last day of school. We had lots of traffic in the park today, but we have no spots left. We went to town to get a dairy queen ice cream cake to's out! Then we went out for pizza too.

Saturday June 3- We had a busy day planned for today. After getting our chores done around here. I took my walk...trying to get into a habit. After lunch we packed up for a road trip. First stop Le Claire Iowa home of the American Pickers. Since we visited the store in Nashville we felt we should check the one out here in our home state. It's only about 100 miles from us. It was quite a hot day.

We liked the store. Lot's of people said they were disappointed but we both liked it. If you watch the show it's neat to see the things that they have picked on the show. The employee's here were super friendly...more so than Nashville. After looking around here we headed to the main street. The downtown area we both loved. It has lots of little shops. I found a super nice quilt store. It is also the birth place of Buffalo Bill. There is a museum there but we are going to do it next time. The shops and restaurants are really nice. We had a great time there. Next stop Davenport Iowa which is only about 1/2 hour away. First we went to the mall and Whitey's for the best chocolate malt ever. We looked around there for awhile. Then back in the car for supper at The Cracker Barrel...yum. Then our last stop, at Rhythm City Casino. It is fairly new. Jeff did a little gambling but we really came to watch a Beatle tribute band......American English. We have seen a couple Beatle tribute bands but not these guys. The venue...not my favorite. The band was good but not my favorite one. What we did like about this band is they played different songs than the other two.

The price of the tickets was only $10.00. They started the show at 8:00 and was done at 9:30. Then I had to drive home in the dark. It was all on the Interstate so that helped. It was a full day and we both were tired when we got home.

Sunday June 4- Big day at the park today. It was time for the annual Pigman Triathlon. They always have a huge turnout and today was no exception. We weren't even going down until we learned of a friend of our sons competing in it. It was his first time. So we went down to cheer him on.

We stayed around here all day long. It is really hot and the bugs are crazy. The campers are late leaving today. Seth brought  Hailey out around supper time. She will be staying all night on Sunday since school is out now. Then we can take her to gymnastics on Monday. That way the kids don't have to leave work early and we get a chance to see what she is learning. Also after putting there house on the market on Friday, Justin and Molly sold there house today. They even got full asking price. Now they have to find a place to move.

Monday June 5- We had a full day today keeping Hailey entertained. She is easy, but she likes to do things. She must have been tired because she slept in. After breakfast she played WI, Jeff got a new fishing game that she loved, especially when she caught the fish.

Next we went outside and made a life size drawing of Hailey. I had her lay down and I traced around her. She really thought that was great fun. I am really surprised how much time she spent on it. We had fun together.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave for gymnastics. She fell asleep on the way there. We didn't know it but now her class is 2 hours long instead of 1 1/2. Boy we love watching her but 2 hours is a long time. On the way home we stopped at KFC. Justin gave us a rubber chicken that was good for an 8 piece meal. Jeff went in and when he came out we had a good laugh. We got chicken and all the fixins too. Hailey said I thought all we would get was chicken not all this stuff. It was funny. We had to take a picture to show Justin.

To finish off the night Justin called to say he and Molly found a house, they put in an offer. Hailey stayed again tonight because her daycare starts next week.

Tuesday June 6- Hailey woke up and wanted pancakes again. So we got her taken care of. That girl doesn't like butter or syrup on them. She prefers strawberries and whipped cream.

After eating we decided to make a potholder. We had some time to kill before going in to pick up her brother Ashton. We are taking a road trip to Iowa City. We like to go to the pet store and play with the puppies. It has kind of become a tradition. The kids love it and so do us adults.

They even got their hands on a ferret and the bunnies. We made it out without a purchase, which is always good. We had lunch at Panera which didn't go as smooth as the pet store. We dropped the kids off at home. They are leaving tomorrow on a camping trip with there other grandma. So I helped pack them up. We came home and heard from Justin and Molly. They got the house. They are excited about that.

Wednesday June 7- It's a nice morning. Jeff wanted to try and fix our back left bigfoot. It seems to have gotten water in it and is not working right. He called the company and they gave him some ideas on what to try. So Jeff siphoned out the old fluid and we put in new. Then we ran it a bit, still not working quite right. So repeated the process again. It still isn't working just right, but lots better. We will get more fluid and try it again at a later time. We don't have many campers here so it's super quiet. I went for a walk around to the other side of the lake. I went out on the fishing dock and spotted a lot of fish. They have put lots more structure in the water since they have done the shore line restoration. Now it is really low, they have to wait for mother nature to fill it up. We stayed here around the campground all day. The hummingbirds were going crazy today. I saw 3 birds on one feeder. They just are them.

Thursday June 8- Today was a running day. Jeff and I had a list of things to do. First we needed to recycle the fluid and the battery we replaced earlier. Then we decided we needed passports, so we stopped to get the photo taken. Jeff's was OK, mine was horrible. My eyes are half shut. I look like I'm either on drugs or drunk. So I will be getting a retake on them...for sure. We had to make a Walmart run, and finally the grocery store. We got everything done and everything on our list completed.

Friday June 9- We stayed around the campground all day. It was suppose to be super hot but with the clouds and the breeze it was nice outside. The dogs even enjoyed the outside today.

We did get some scattered showers today, but they didn't last long and cleared up by the time Judy arrived. She is here for the weekend. I haven't seen her since we've been back. So we have lots to catch up on.

Saturday June 10- We started off the morning with a walk. She makes me accountable. I need her here all the time to get me back in shape. We went to town. Judy loves my hanging chair and I told her they have them at Theisens. They were even on sale. So off we went, got her that chair and Noah helped us with it.

We had lunch at Panera's...our new favorite restaurant. Then to Sam's to get our Boulder Canyon chips. Can't get them around here without paying a fortune for them. So while we were in Sam's we found more chairs. It is a floating bean bag chair. I can't live without it so we got them. She couldn't live without one either.

We went home to prepare supper. We had chicken and vegetable kabobs. They were super good. Then we changed and went to Pork Days in Center Point. Justin and Jordan were playing from 6-9. It was really hot but they played in a shelter so you were out of the sun and there was a breeze. It turned out really nice and we had a fun time.

Jeff even joined them for a song. It was a good time for everyone. We still got home at a decent time too.

Sunday June 11- Oh my my it is a scorcher out there today. We went to church. It felt good to be there after missing last Sunday. The worship was especially good and so was the message. When we got back Judy wanted to take a walk. I tried to get out of it but she won. It was so hot. When we arrived at the other side of the lake we took a rest in the shade.

The walk back seemed way longer and way hotter. The good news was Jeff had the rig nice and cool for us. We had lunch and before long it was time for Judy to head for home. The time went super fast. Time flies when you are having fun. That's what we We always have a great time together. Lucky to have such a special friend. Til next time.........