Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quiet at Curry Hammock

Sunday December 14- Everyone got up early. Justin and Molly finished packing up there stuff and we loaded there luggage into the truck. We left for Key West around 8a.m. It was a little early but we still had to get back and load up to move. It was a nice drive down because traffic was very light. On our way back to the campground we filled up the truck....all ready to move. We packed up hooked up and dumped. It was a short trip to our next stop. I think its about 25 miles. Impossible to get lost. Again we had been here before so we knew what to do. We arrived around 12:30 and our spot #9 was empty and waiting for us. This site is great, so big and very private. We have 50 amp service and water on site. No sewer and the shower house isn't my favorite. The bathroom have  no flush toilets. The park only has 25 sites. We really like it here. So quiet and laid back. We backed right into our site and got busy dragging everything back out. We went back into town to get new fishing licenses.  Came home and watched a movie with leftovers for supper....boy its sure quiet with our guests gone.

Monday December 15- I got up in time to go watch the sunrise. It was a beauty. Its just a quick walk to the beach to witness this every morning. Since the tanks are empty I decided to go ahead and get the laundry done. It was a perfect day for drying outside. While the clothes are drying we loaded the kayaks up on the carts and headed to the beach. The waters are calm enough and the suns shining. We headed out to the mangroves to see if we could catch us some snapper. The waters pretty shallow out there and as we were casting into the mangroves I got a scare. There was a huge stingray that decided to take off and circled my kayak. So I was in a circle of flying sand. It was a good day on the water. We caught some fish but nothing to keep. We had a good time looking at these crazy iguanas and any other critters we could spot.


Tuesday December 16- Jeff got up and went for a bike ride. Across the street from the park there is a bike bath. Its really nice and no need to worry about traffic. The hard part is getting across the street. I decided to make some Christmas treats. I started with caramels. Jeff took his kayak back out and I stayed back. I went to the beach and worked on finishing a book. I tried to get on my new computer...its windows 8 so I don't know what I'm doing and Jeff's not used to windows 8 either. It's very aggravating...will I ever learn?

Wednesday December 17- Jeff got up and rode his bike over to check out his snorkeling spot. He wanted to see how rough the water was. He came back and said he was going back with his snorkeling stuff. I had started defrosting the freezer so I finished that task up before heading over. We loaded up our bikes and made our way over. Jeff got in the water, I stayed on the shore watching him. He said he saw lots of neat critters. Even an octopus. He spotted some lobsters but they were small and he didn't have enough weight on his weight belt to get down. When we got back I went to the beach for awhile. Jeff worked on replacing the cable on his drive system for his kayak. We got the dogs out for a walk around the loop. We watched a movie. We don't have any over the air TV so we are drawing from our movie library.

Thursday December 18-Another gorgeous day out there. It was so windy at our last spot I didn't get out in the boat. Then, since Justin was visiting when the weather was good I let him take out my boat. So now we are taking advantage of this weather. The sunrise this morning was awesome......again. Since the wind wasn't an issue and the sun was a shining we brought the kayaks down to the beach again and launched from there. We tried a different spot and we were catching some snapper but to small to keep.  I am having a bit of a problem using live shrimp....first of all you have to catch them. Then putting them on the hook is something I find hard to do. They are so wiggly. Well I think after some practice I have it mastered. I'm even getting some practice taking my fish off the hook. Since we weren't catching any keepers we moved out to the channel. I caught a blue runner and a lady fish....Jeff caught a couple lady fish too but none we kept. It was a great day on the water.


December 19-Jeff went fishing early. I stayed back and made some Christmas cookies. I visited the beach for awhile. That's one thing about the beach here, its almost always empty. Its very quiet and peaceful. Since its Friday we decided to go Sharkeys for happy hour. Ended up having supper here as well. It was ok. The location was wonderful.

Saturday December 20- We both got on our bikes to ride over and see how the water is. It looked plenty calm so our plan was to load up the snorkel stuff and some fishing poles and come back. Jeff was gonna try and get some I thought I would fish. We watched something big swimming around out there. We figured they had to be snook. Jeff got a few lobsters but were to small to keep. I caught some fish but nothing I could keep. I had fun catching a Spanish mackerel. The fish quit biting so we headed home. After some lunch we went to the beach and got to visiting with some folks. Come to find out they were at the last two spots we were at, at the same time. Small world huh.

Can't believe our first week here is over...such good weather and so much to do...bring on week 2.