Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, May 30, 2016

Settling In.....

Monday May 9- The spring weather has set in. We have had lots of rain. Since the weather is rainy I have been doing some things inside. When we settle in here we always make a too do list. So we got busy trying to cross off some of those things. Not always fun but still needs to be done. The campground has been fairly empty during the week with the weekends fairly full. The park has changed the number of reservable  sites. We are now 75% reservable, that means we only have 6 walk in sites now. We had forgotten how pretty and peaceful it is out here, especially during the week. With the weather its been really quiet. We have our Tuesday and Thursday nights planned, tumbling on Tuesday and hockey on Thursday. We are trying not to run into town every day. On Tuesday we were headed to tumbling but made a stop at Theisens, they have free popcorn. Jeff wanted to get a bucket but instead came out with this new chair. I love it....not sure how it will travel but its great to have here.

Thursday May 12- It was a busy day of running. First Jeff had a Doctor appointment in town. Everything came out OK. We stopped at the store before heading back. Its sunny with blue skies but its really chilly. We went back into town to look at the venue of our son, Justin and fiance Molly's wedding. It's a beautiful theater in downtown Cedar Rapids and we are excited for them both.

The wedding ceremony will take place in the first 2 pictures, followed by the reception on the stage. These pictures don't really show they beauty of this place. After checking out The Paramount went to our son's house, Seth and Katie for mushrooms. I don't like them but it was a special treat for Jeff. He doesn't eat many things fried but made an exception for these.

Friday May 13- This time it was my turn to go to the Doctor. I'm going to the same one Jeff's using. We both love the doctor and the office. They are super helpful and prompt. You never seem to have to wait. To lift my spirits and my weight we purchased another pie from Kathy's Pies,,,,,did I mention that this place has the best pies on the good. We came home and had a surprise visitor. Lenny, we met him last year and he and Jeff have a lot in common. They are both retired fire fighters, have wives named Dawn, like to snow ski, and now found out both play the guitar. It was nice to catch up with him. To finish off our Friday night we went to watch Well Strung, Justin plays in it. They played at CRL, Cedar River Landing. WE liked it because it started at 5 playing til 8. They  usually start at 8 or 9...kind of late for us but this was perfect.

Saturday May 14- It's really cold this morning, Ashton has a track meet so we dressed warm and headed in to watch. We both really love this boy, but track and field is not his specialty. He is entertaining to watch that's for sure.

After the track meet we went over to pick up Ashton and his stuff to come out and stay the night. We didn't get to do too much because it was cold and rainy, but the very first hummingbird showed up today. I didn't get a picture but this fellow showed up too. I was ready this time. I guess spring is starting to show up.....yeah!!!

Sunday May 15- We took Ashton to church with us today and he had lots of questions. He seemed to like it so that makes us happy. We took him home and came home ourselves. We had Justin and Molly out for a late lunch/early supper. After eating Jeff and Justin played guitar and Molly and I walked to the other side of the park it's a beautiful day.

They left and I cleaned up the mess. Then Lenny came out to play guitar with Jeff. We had a full day today for sure.

Monday May 16- Today I'm going to try and change my eating and increase my exercise. I got the results back from my blood work and my cholesterol is high. Trying to avoid taking pills but I'm not sure this will work. I'm going to try for 3 months, have a recheck and take it from there. I know it's going to be hard....I love desserts.

Tuesday May 17- Jeff has been working on some paperwork from an old place of employment. They are changing the retirement plan. He is going to take the payout and put it someplace where it works best for us. It's been a real headache that's for sure. Today we went to get it notarized and sent off. While in town we got some groceries. It's another rainy day. We made our second trip in to town to watch Hailey's tumbling. It was a special day...picture day. Instead of standing outside looking through the glass we got to go in. I got some better pictures and she was happy to show us all her tricks. She has really been working hard and it shows.

 Wednesday May 18- It was a stay at home kind of a day. Our hot water heater at the park broke. The weather outside improved so I was sitting outside when a familiar truck pulled in. It was our friends Janie and John. They are full time rvers and are from Cedar Rapids. We look forward to seeing them when we get back to town. They agree when you land here it's run run run. It was nice to talk and hear about there travels west while we share about our south travels.

Thursday May 19- It's hockey day....Jeff had planned to go fishing with Justin before hockey so I went in and stayed at his place and watched TV. They didn't have much luck. We went to the ice rink and I brought my camera to try and see what kind of pictures I could get. It's a new one for me and I haven't figured it all out yet.

I got lots of pictures but still need to improve on my skills. We had fun watching him skate. He has improved so much since last year...definitely our favorite hockey player.

Friday May 20- It's really a pretty day out, and the whole weekend looks great. My friend Judy is coming up today to spend a couple nights. When she arrived we ran to town and made sure we had everything we needed for meals. Then mostly sat outside and enjoyed the weather. We had some catching up to do. When we went to Keokuk she went on a mini vacation so I missed seeing her there. We took her to Uptown Friday Nights in downtown Cedar Rapids to listen to some music. It was a perfect night for that. We went for a late supper at Rocks....Justin and Molly joined us. We were all 3 trying to eat healthy and surprised by our choices. They were all yummy.

Saturday May 21-Started the morning with a campfire, which was real nice because it was kind of cool. Then after it warmed up we strapped on our tennies and took a walk. I have a route I like to take. I go over to the other side of the park and circle the boat ramp area and back. It's about 7000 steps. It's a nice walk. We both enjoyed it. We hung around the campground and visited...I told you we had alot to catch up on. We fixed us a yummy stir fry for supper. Justin and Jordan were playing tonight at Parlor City, so we went. It was a nice venue in the heart of the city.

We didn't last the whole show but what we saw we enjoyed a lot. It was a fun evening.

Sunday May 22- Judy had to leave early to get back for graduation. After she left we got ready and went to church. Since we hadn't seen the kids all weekend we dropped by to see them. Hailey got her haircut and we wanted to see that. Oh boy does she look grown up. We took them next door to the school yard to play on the equipment.

It was fun while it lasted but as you can see Hailey wasn't too excited about leaving.

Monday May 23- It was really quiet at the campground. I have been good about getting my walks in and watching what I eat. It's really hard. I don't want to really go out because I have a hard time with the menus. I went in to town by myself today. I needed some retail therapy. Jeff really doesn't like to look at the craft stores and fabric stores so I decided to go alone. On the way home Judy called for our weekly phone call. Then after supper I was was the season finale of Dancing With The Stars and the premier of The Bachorlette. Well about 6:30 we loose biggy I thought we have a half an hour. Well it's 7 and no power. I had to call my son who thinks I'm crazy to record my show. Let me tell you the whole hour of my show I was so upset. I knew I had it recorded but I was missing it. The power came back on at 8 so I didn't miss my other show...luckily. Oh by the way all of our walk in sites are full for this weekend. It's the holiday......The rest of the week was tumbling on Tuesday, hockey on Thursday. We brought Hailey home with us after hockey. She is going to stay with us until Sunday after church.

Friday May 27- We had a fun day. It rained on and off all day. Lucky for us she is easy to entertain inside. We made a cheerio necklace, painted our toes, played yahtzee and when the weather was good we walked and she rode her scooter. She even got to play with a little girl for awhile.

After our supper I told Hailey about a marsh mellow treat. She wanted smores but I didn't have all the stuff. We roasted our marsh mellow over the gas stove, then took the marsh mellow and put chocolate chips inside. If you wait a bit they melt making quite the tastee treat. She loved them and it was a hit.

We must have wore her out she was in bed, asleep by 9. We had a great day.

Saturday May 28-This is how I started my day...what an angel. We decided to get out of the park for a bit today. It's really busy this weekend. Hailey loves to go to the pet store and play with the puppies. After breakfast we headed to Iowa City to do just that.We picked a couple pups we couldn't resist. One was very playful, the other loved to snuggle. Hailey had fun with both. She also liked the rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.

After leaving the pet store we stopped at the mall to get lunch and Hailey wanted to ride the carousel. We finished and we heading out to the truck but it was pouring down rain....what it was sunny when we arrived.

We made another lap around the mall waiting for the rain to stop. It wasn't too long when the sun came back out. We made our way to the truck and headed for home. As soon as we got in the camper the rain came again. This has been some crazy weather. Sunny one minute downpour the next. That's what you get in Iowa.

Sunday May 29- We got up and got ready for church. This time we are taking Hailey, she hasn't been for awhile. She wanted to stay with us, she was real good. Hopefully we can talk her in to going to Sunday school the next time. We took her back home after. Then Jeff and I went for lunch at Godfather's Pizza. It was a big treat...not on my diet plan. We stopped at Morgan Creek campground on the way back. First we stopped and looked at Janie and John camper they have done some remodeling and we haven't seen it yet. They did a good job and we liked all the improvements. Next we visited with the hosts there, Pat and Lou. We haven't seen them for a long time and it was great to sit and talk with them. We thought we better get home and check on the dogs so we left. Boy oh boy it sure seems quiet here at home with just us. One more day of this long weekend left. It's been a fun one spending some special time with our favorite girl.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Landing At Palo

Saturday April 30- Jeff and I were both up early and ready to go. Another weather issue to deal with. We left at 7 a.m.We are not usually that early but this is a special day. The picture above isn't when we arrived but after the weather cleared up. We missed the rain while driving but as soon as we pulled in that's when it started. Only set up what we had to. Then we jumped in the truck and went to Seth and Katie's. Justin was over there too. It was so good to see everyone and the hugs were extra special. Went to lunch at Emil's Hideaway. The food was good and so was being with family. The rain just kept coming and the temperature just kept dropping. Hailey wasn't feeling all that good so after eating we didn't stay that long. We headed back to finish setting up some stuff.

Sunday May 1- Another gray and gloomy day with lots of rain. Went to Seth and Katie's for breakfast and I brought cinnamon rolls. We spent some time playing with the kids and catching up on what they have been doing. Sissy and I even cleaned out under her bed and found lots of treasures.

We left here and went by Justin and Molly's house, we had our mail sent there and Molly just got back so we needed to say hi to her. We had one more place to go today....Seth and Justin had a hockey game tonight so we made it back in to town to watch them win...2-0....yeah!!!

Monday May 2- This week was busy setting everything up. The rig and truck were both really dirty because of the rain. So definitely needed to get those washed. We had to unload the kayaks and bikes. Since we are here for so long we have lots of setting up to do. We also had to get back into our routine of cleaning the shower house. Lots to catch up on. We had some stuff stored at the shop and needed to get those. We also had some doctor appointments to get to. Jeff went first and I visited the same doctor, I had never seen her. We are both really happy with her and the way they run there office. Jeff knows how I don't like doctor appointments. We had both noticed a shop across the street that is Kathy's Pies. We have had them before and they are really good. When I came out of my appointment Jeff had bought a whole pie....Bayou good.

Tuesday we got to go watch Hailey at her tumbling, she has really been working hard and you can see the improvement. The pictures aren't that good because they are through glass.

Thursday Ashton had hockey practice but before going there we had to stop and watch Justin play at the Hibu job fair....Seth does the hiring so he was there too.

Next stop Ashton's hockey practice. I can tell that he has been spending a lot of time on the ice. All of his skills have gotten better. Really proud of how much he has improved.

When we left hockey practice we had a extra passenger with us. Hailey came home with us to spend the night. Then on Friday Ashton was joining his sister, so both that night. Hailey went home Saturday and Ashton stayed Saturday night. We had a busy few days. First lets start with our Hailey's adventure. She enjoys playing memory with Papa...she wins alot. We also made her mommy a potholder for mother's day. We spent Friday doing what she wanted.

Then Ashton came out and we had supper played some games and watched T.V. Then Saturday morning we had our annual Easter egg hunt. Better late than never. First time to have it at the park and I think that worked out really well. I think the kids had a great time too.

Seth and Katie came and got Hailey and then it was Ashton time. We got him a compound bow for Christmas and now we are going to shoot this thing. It was really fun and he is pretty good already.

We had a great time with each of them with some solo time and enjoyed having them both too. Jeff and I had found a church we wanted to go to. Ashton wanted to go with so away we went. It's mothers day and while I was in church Justin texted me. After church we went over to Seth's. Justin was there so Seth, Justin, Jeff and I went out for lunch. Nice to spend time with my favorite fellows.

Well this has been a whirlwind. We have had a lot of things to do and a lot of catching up to do. I'm happy to be back with the family and happy to be a mom to these boys and grammy to Ashton and Hailey.