Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Adventures On The Road

Monday October 29- It was a bit chilly this morning. This park is just right up the road from McFarlands a restaurant we ate the last time we were here. We are scheduled to take a tour of this park at 11, so we wanted to stay close. Well we drove down to McFarlands and the parking lot was empty, and there were about 20 or so people working on the roof. The open sign wasn't lit so Jeff went and looked came back and said he thought they were closed. Well right across from there was a little cafe...Grandma's. Went in there and ate. It was ok. Then we made our way to the 2 for 1 ticket place. We got 2 tickets for the Liverpool Legends. It was $40.00 for both. We came back to the park and went to meet Rex, our tour guide. He took us around in a golf cart. Showed us all they had to offer and explained the prices etc. He did a great job and wasn't pushy at all. It is a very nice place but for now it's not for us. It was time for lunch so we thought we would try the Rock-n-Roll Cafe, one of the secrets we learned from the tour. They are located here at the park. It was small and the food was good. Before going back we listened to some music in the community room. Again, it just wasn't for us. We had supper at home before we left again. It was time to go to The Liverpool Legends. We have seen them before but wanted to see them at there home venue. The people there were super friendly, but the venue needed some sprucing up. It was a small crowd but we had fun and they even invited everyone to come up in front of the stage.

After the show we headed back home. It was a good show, very intimate.

Tuesday October 30- It is our last full day here. Thought we would double check our way out of here since we had problems coming in. Since we were already out decided to go to downtown Branson. They have a river walk, with shops so we went there first. I even found a smashed penny machine. They also have a Bass Pro Shop so we thought good parking. We walked down the river walk. Looked in some of the shops. We went in to a arcade place and played this 3-D shooting game. It was super fun and.......I won. It cost $20.00 for 3 plays. You sat in these seats, put on 3-D glassed and watched a giant screen shooting things. Oh the seats moved as well. It was really fun. Jeff did it twice.

We decided to have lunch here at Famous Dave's. We had a very yummy lunch and it was reasonable. Since we had been here before, I remembered a couple shops uptown I wanted to go see again. We made our way up there. We went in to Dick's 5&10.....I could look around there for hours. They have all the old things that bring back fond memories.

Then walked just down the street to this super cool candy shop.....they have every kind of old candy.

We headed back down the hill to river walk. We head down to walk back along the river. We spot some dancing waters so we stopped to take a look.

We had a nice day exploring, everything we did today went well, that's a good day.

Wednesday October 31- Happy Halloween!! We are traveling today, and we have rain moving in. We got hooked up and on the road before it started raining. Getting out of Branson was way better than getting in. Before long our trip got interesting. We had to deal with fog to start. Some not so bad, other times in was really thick. Then we got rain, and lots of it. It poured some times. Add on top of that hills up and down, and lots of curves. When we got to the interstate we were happy. It was a long day traveling. We finally made our way to Tom Sawyer RV Park. Been here before and its easy in.

We got set up before the rain arrived. As you can see this park is right on the river. You get to watch the barge traffic. It is prettier in the sunshine that's for sure. In the spirit of Halloween here are a couple shots of Ruby to enjoy.

Thursday November 1- Well the rain rolled in last night and it really rained. Come morning it had slowed down some but it still rained most of the day. I stayed in and quilted so much my fingers were screaming. Tomorrow on the road again.

Friday November 2- A travel day. We are making our way to Brandon Mississippi. The park is Timberlake RV Park. We had visited here before but since then they have done some changes. This is a big park with lots of wooded areas. The part were we always parked before is now for long term parking. They sent us out to find a spot again without much information. Well it took a while but we found the brand new area with huge concrete pads. That made us happy. We set up on site N 112. It was a really nice site....yeah!!! We walked over across the street to the grocery store to pick up a few things. It was a long day so we just enjoyed the rest of the day.

Saturday November 3- Happy Birthday to Jeff. We went out for breakfast at the Waffle House. That's one thing we enjoy when we make our way south. Then we drove to the Camping World. Jeff needed some things so we did some shopping. We came back home and sat outside. We also watched the Iowa Hawkeyes play and get beat....booo. Made kabobs for supper. Tomorrow we off again.

Sunday November 4- Oh the dreaded time change....fall back. That always makes for a super long day. We got on the road pretty early, good thing cause we have a long day traveling. We had a lot of road changes and never know if you can believe what the GPS says. We arrived at Big Lagoon State Park, we've been here before and liked it. This time Our site is #20, we backed right in. We don't have sewer here but only staying 4 nights. The shower house is right behind us too. They keep them very clean. After we got everything set up we went for a walk. This park has boardwalks through the park. You can walk to the beach area, the park and a tower. This time the park had a lot of empty sites. It was super quiet here too. It is very warm and humid. I spent the evening finishing the quilting on Hailey's quilt.

Monday November 5- We got some rain last night. It quit raining in time for us to get the dogs out. Every day we are going to be here it is calling for rain. It's not the heat that is bad but the humidity is crazy. Ruby and I went for another walk on the boardwalk. Trying to keep her wore out. This traveling has got her schedule all messed up.

In the afternoon I cut the binding, pinned it on, and sewed it on. I had the quilt all done by 9:30. I am all done with Hailey's Christmas gift. I had all kinds of time to spare. Now I get to do another project.

Tuesday November 6- Rain, rain, rain. We got up and went for breakfast at the Waffle House, it was very good. Then I spotted a Target so we looked in there. We got home and since it was so yucky out I needed another project to keep me busy. I did purchase some new Christmas fabric so I thought I would get that out and put together a table runner. It went together really quick.

We had planned to go for dinner tonight at The Point. We went there last time we were here and both of us loved it. It is only a few miles away too. They also have live music. Our dinners were very good and so was the service. The entertainment was great as well. The place just has a real nice atmosphere.

Wednesday November 7- Today we decided to take a road trip. So around 8:30 we set out to go explore Gulf Shores State Park in Alabama. It was only around 15 miles away. The drive was pretty too. It was along the water. It was foggy to start but cleared up before we got there. We went in to the park to see what they had to offer. We also wanted to see the camp sites. It has a lot to offer that's for sure. It is right across from the ocean too. After we left there we made a stop to see the ocean. After the fog lifted the sun popped through and it was really hot.

Since we are leaving tomorrow I thought I better get Ruby one more walk. So we went to see if we could find any critters.

To finish off this stop we had made plans to meet some friends that used to live in our home town for supper. We had contacted Derek and Jamie to see if they were available. Derek used to hang out with our boys. They contacted his uncle. Danny who Jeff went to school with. They came up with the place and we met them at El Paso Mexican Grill at 5:30. On the way there is started pouring rain. Sure glad we picked everything up before we left. We got us a big table and had a wonderful dinner and a really fun time catching up. Going to have to do this again next time we are through town.

When we went to leave it was pouring rain. Along with the rain was lots of lightning. It made it hard driving back. When we got to the park it was dry. I don't think they had much if any rain at all.

Thursday November 8- On the road again. We were on the road around 8. The first part of the drive was a  bit busy but once we got on I-10 it was a piece of cake. We drove through some of the damage of hurricane Michael. We were even 40 miles from the ocean. Some of the rest areas were still closed. I couldn't believe all the trees down and signs. We landed in Madison Florida at the Jelly Stone RV park. We like this for a quick stop because it's close to the interstate and super easy to get in and out. We hardly ever stay only one night but we are doing that here. After setting up we took the vehicles to fill will fuel. We had supper and rested up for the trip tomorrow.

Friday November 9- So we woke up to fog, we waited to let it clear up a bit before leaving. On the road by about 9. The interstate was right outside the park so that made it easy. It was a super easy drive today with hardly any road changes. We arrived in Bushnell and pulled in to Blueberry Hill RV Park. Again one we use quite often. We got here around noon. Jeff checked us in and we went to set up. This park is super clean and well taken care off. Paved pads, sewer, 50 amp, cable and lots of amenities. We set up, had a bite to eat for lunch and then I went to the pool cause it's really warm out there. Another good thing is they have a Walmart across the street. Well good for me cause I needed some fabric so I could finish putting together my Christmas table runner.

We spent the evening resting up because we both have big to do lists starting tomorrow.

Saturday November 10- Got up super early and started the laundry, it's been a while so I had 3 big loads. Lucky for us they have a big laundry facility. I spotted these big squawking birds on the way up to get the laundry.  I got busy cleaning inside the rig. Jeff got busy washing vehicles. First he got the rig washed. Then the car, he will tackle the truck tomorrow. I gave Ruby a bath, that is quite the ordeal.

Jeff found us a place to have eat that was just up the road. We decided on lunch , the lunch prices were really good. We went to Fujiyama, a great place for lunch. Jeff found it on line and the reviews were all good. We weren't disappointed. Jeff got the chicken and I had the filet. I think Jeff's was $8.00 and mine was $12.00...super good. We will be back, for sure. Did I say that the place was clean and the service was was.

In the afternoon we took Belle and Miss Ruby to the dog area, they ran around like crazy. Then we waited to hear from Seth. He and Ashton are in Springfield Illinois for a hockey tournament, first one of the season. They played 2 games today and won both. The first one it was 7-3, the next game 4-1. We were kind of worried because Ashton moved up a league this year and they can check now. He is on the younger side of this league. Seth said he played great.

Sunday November 11- It is another scorcher out there today. Walked the dogs early. I went to the pool in the afternoon. I texted back and forth with Seth. Ashton had 2 more games today. They played 4 games in 24 hours. These 2 games were really close and super exciting. I was only getting texts and I could still feel the excitement. They ended up winning both of there games today and winning the tournament. There were really excited. So proud of our favorite hockey player...go Blizzard!!

Well that's another 2 weeks, we are getting close. We have a few more stops before we can really lite for a while