Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer in Iowa

Sunday June 12- Today we attended church, then home for brunch. We got a hold of the kids and they are going to Cherry Hill Pool this afternoon so we joined them. It was a great day for that. The heat wasn't unbearable and the humidity has dropped. It was a very nice day and the kids had fun too.

After a fun afternoon at the pool we grabbed Hailey's stuff and brought her home with us.

Monday June 13- It feels like Summer that's for sure. We have had heat, humidity, and rain. We have also had time to spend with the grandkid's which we love. Monday is a day spent with Hailey and she keeps us busy. She enjoys playing games with papa, doing crafts....she's crafty you know. That's what she tells us. We also spend time outside by going on walks, and spending time at the park. The hummingbirds are here in full force and we are loving them. We had a new visitor this year, a different bird we have never seen. I asked the Park Ranger and he told us it is a Cedar Waxwing, very pretty.

With this post starting on Monday we have Hailey today so we kept busy most of the day. Even if we have no plans the time really seems to fly by.

We finish up Monday with a trip to Somersaults, that's where Hailey goes to gymnastics. We get to take her and watch her do her tricks.

Tuesday June 14- Today we had planned a day with the kids outside but the weather didn't cooperate. We decided to still spend the day with them but inside. We took them to a late breakfast followed by a movie. The Jungle Book was the movie. It was really good and the kids liked it too. When we came out of the theater it was raining so at least we didn't cancel those outdoor plans for nothing.

Thursday June 16- Today we went to get Ashton, we have Hailey every Sunday night and Monday. So today was an Ashton day. He's very entertaining to be a round...not ever dull with him. He sometime's thinks he is Mcgyver. So he had a project planned. He wanted to make an arrow. So he looked for a very straight stick and then to find some feathers. He had brought an arrow head from home. So he did have a plan. Well the first thing he did was get the stick the second thing was loose the arrow head. We spent some time hunting for it but no luck. So we walked down to the lake to look for feathers and now a rock that looked like an arrow head. Well we found the feathers but no rocks. We did find some black raspberries that was good. It was super hot so we decided to get back where we could find some shade. Then Ashton got busy putting together the arrow. He did a great job but I forgot to take a picture. He has more arrowheads at home so he will finish it next time.

He also got his bow out and practiced with his store bought arrows he is pretty good. Tomorrow is guys day. Ashton and papa are heading to fish in the kayaks. They got everything loaded up and ready to go.

Saturday June 18-We didn't have anything planned today. The campground is full. I went for my walk this morning and found some friendly bunnies hanging out along the roads.

I also found more black raspberries...and lots of them. Jeff and I rode our bikes back over and did some  picking. Both of us were surprised that the animals haven't ate them all.

Sunday June 19- Happy Father's Day....and I think that's what Jeff had. First went to church. After we went to Seth and Katie's. We met up with Justin and Molly at Bushwood for pizza. It was nice to have everyone together and the pizza was good too.

After eating we went back to Seth's and had some family time. The guys played some bags, then they tried to ride Ashton's rip stick...that was entertaining.

We had a nice time outside with everyone there. It was really hot out but their backyard is so shady that the weather was even good. When we left we had Hailey with us. Another week begins.

Monday June 20- We had some things to take care of with the rig. We are taking it in for some repairs on Tuesday. The refrigerator and freezer need to be emptied out. That means I need to defrost it. So we have to store our cold stuff some where. We used our little frig from the basement to hold some stuff but even after that we have a lot to put somewhere else. Seth and Katie have a freezer so we took our stuff over there before going to gymnastics. We had some extra time so Hailey and I had some time to play outside with the chalk. Then off to gymnastics.

Tuesday June 21- We both were up early. We had to move some of the stuff we are leaving here because they mow the first of the week. Next we had to pack up the truck with the things we are taking with us for the night. We are taking our rig in to be serviced. They will be keeping it overnight. We choose to take the time and go to a casino that is close to us. It's Riverside Casino. They have a special during the week for overnight guest. The price is $159.00, you get a room, $25 each for slot play and a $20 coupon to use at one of the restaurants. What made this even a better deal we met up with Barb and Ron, the friends we met at Jonathan Dickinson....from Burlington Iowa. We got everything loaded and headed to drop off our home. It felt weird pulling out of there.....we are homeless now.

Next we had to drop off the dogs at the kids house. Well now it really feels weird, no home, no pets. We made our way to Riverside via a few stops. We stopped at the Coralville Mall. We ran into Jeff's old Fire Chief and we visited with them quite awhile. After lunch we left and drove to the casino. We got checked in and unpacked. Barb gave us a call when they arrived. Funny thing there room was right  next to ours. We went to the pool area and did some visiting.

Before long it was time for supper. We did the casino thing and went to the buffet. We aren't big buffet fans but there was plenty to pick from that's for sure.

After dinner we choose to go to the pool/hot tub. The good news about that is not so many people there. 

It was really nice to visit with friends and catch up. They won't be coming back to Jonathan Dickinson this year so it's nice to get to spend time with them here. Before we knew it time had flown by. We decided to do our gambling tomorrow and called it a night. There was big rain heading our way and I woke up and witnessed the downpour. They got like 4 inches of rain along with wind.

Wednesday June 22- We got up early and made our way to the Wednesday morning senior breakfast buffet. It's only $4.99 a person. It was good we got there when they opened because I think every senior in the surrounding area knows of this deal. Made our way to the casino after eating to play some slots. Jeff saw this sweet sports car they are giving away. To win it you have to play ceratain machines so thats where we landed. Nobody won the car but Jeff got so close. We left not winning but we came home with most of the free money they gave us.

We had more weather coming so we got ready to leave fairly early. We went to the truck and we had left the electric cooler plugged in so we have a dead battery. Good thing our friends were here. They came over and tried to jump us but we didn't have any luck. Then Jeff went inside and our hero came out with a battery box and got us going. We said good bye to our friends til next time and headed toward Cedar Rapids.

We didn't want to make any stops until we knew the battery was charged so we went to Seth's and checked on the dogs. We didn't want to spend the day inside so we went for coffee. We managed to widdle away the time. We got the call to say the rig was ready. We had some issues with them putting in the correct  A.C. but they made it work. We had an issue with the price they quoted but they fixed that as well. We picked it up and brought it back to the park. They had gotten a big rain to so the things we left here were wet. Our kayaks were full of water. We set up and it was so hot and humid. Then we had the problem with the refrigerator. It was off and so hot it took forever to get cold. Boy are we glad that is done. Jeff usually takes care of most of the problems but wasn't sure about putting in a new A.C. They replaced the air conditioner in the bedroom. We have had problems with that for years. We finally found out it wasn't fixable. We got the water pump replaced, they checked the gas lines, and repacked the wheel bearing. They also checked the shackles. I think we are good for awhile.

Thursday June 23- We spent most of the day cleaning up stuff and getting everything settled again. The frig/freezer finally cooled off so we had to get the cold stuff and load it back up. You wouldn't think there would be so much to do but it sure seemed that way to us.

Friday June 24- Today we had to get to the store and get groceries. We have held off shopping because of the repair. We also have a visitor coming tonight for the weekend. My best friend Judy is coming up after work. Excited for her to arrive. She got here and we talked...surprise surprise. It's so good to see her and we never seem to miss a beat. It's like we are always together.

Saturday June 25- We planned to take a road trip to Williamsburg...The Outlet Mall today. We hit the road and made our way there. She's the best shopping partner. We definately have slowed down but still manage to have just as much fun.

After shopping we headed back and made us a tastee super. We spent some time outside enjoying the weather and talking....(surprise) 

Sunday June 26- We got up and Judy came to church with us. I think she enjoyed the worship and the message I know we did. The more we attend this church the more we like it. We went over to Seth and Katie's after church. Judy hasn't seen the kids since last year. We brought Hailey home with us and she made quick friends with Judy. Before long it was time for Judy to head for home. It's always good to see her and can't wait for her next visit. Hailey and I ended the day watching gymnastics on TV.  Hailey loved them and so did I. It's just crazy how fast 2 weeks go by. We have already been here for 2 months....can't even believe it. So til next travels.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bring On Summer

Monday May 30- I guess this is known as the official beginning of summer. We know that the weekend campers are staying an extra day. The sky looked stormy and we did hear thunder but some how we escaped the storms. We watched as the campers packed up and hit the road. With the warmer temperatures we have gotten our friendly hummingbirds back. We have at least 5 or 6 regulars. I just love watching them. They are definitively territorial..... We have one feeder on the window and 2 in the yard.  So I can keep my eyes on them in or out of the rig. We also welcomed new camp hosts....Chuck and Wanda. They are up on the second loop. We met them in Florida while hosting at Jonathan Dickinson. I think they will enjoy their time here. We have had an easy       time so far this year at the campground. Jeff and I both think that having the lake level dropped is       keeping the campers away. During the week we have had very few campers, Even the last couple       of  weekends we haven't been full. 

   Thursday June 2- Today is Ashton's last day of school so we will be getting to spend more time          with him. We went in to town tonight to watch him at hockey. They are having a 3 on 3 drop in 
   practice so he is doing that. They aren't having many show up or much adult supervision so it really    isn't that beneficial. I think this will be the last time for this. 

   Friday June 3- Jeff has been working on getting the rig waxed. I broke my record today on my            steps....21,000 steps a bit over 9 and 1/2 miles. Since its Friday we watched as the park filled up.

Saturday June 4-Had a super busy day today...all fun. We started off by attending the very first farmers marker in downtown Cedar Rapids. They have them on the first and third Saturdays of the month. It was a really nice day and it was very busy. This market has a little bit of everything. There is food, crafts, flowers, wine, music, balloon guy, bubble man and make up for your face to just name a few. We had fun checking it all out. Jeff and I met Katie, her mom Marilyn and the kids.

After our fill of the market we headed toward home. We made one stop, a new coffee spot for us called Roasters. Jeff had a coffee and I had a white chocolate mocha. They were both really good. Looks like this will become a regular stopping place.

Went back to the campground and checked on everything. We still aren't done yet. Next stop the Pork Festival in Center Point. Our son Justin and his buddy Jordan are playing there. We got there before they played but we visited while they were setting up. Lucky for them they moved them under the pavillion, cause some rain came through. We watched them for about an hour then we left to make our way to the ice arena. The roughriders are having there green and white scrimmage and we wanted to go. We met Seth and Ashton there. It was pretty exciting because these guys are working to be on the team. It was a good evening and a great way to finish off the day.

Sunday June 5-Today we had to get up extra early. The park in having a pigman triathalon here today so we have to be out of here before it starts. We were on our way by 7:30. We went to breakfast before church. Then after church they had a luncheon for new people. It was really nice. They gave us a tour of the church too. We really like this glad we found it.....yeah! After church we headed over to Seth and Katie's to pick up Hailey. This will become a regular thing. She has gymnastics on Monday's at 4 so we are going to take her on Monday's. We got to the park and the first thing she wants to do is go to the play ground so....we went.

After the park we came back had supper and dessert. Hailey wanted to help me make it. We had creme brulee and it was very tastee. I think she liked it... A busy day and a full week.

Monday June 6- Today was a Hailey day. That means we pretty much do what she wants. We usually  paint our nails, play at the park, games and or color. She also likes to go for walks. We had to take her to her gymnastics at 4. We must have wore her out...fell asleep on the way.

After she finished up we took her back to her house. She is sure fun to watch. She has only been at this for a year and has really improved.

Thursday June 9- After hanging around the campground for most of the day we went to Justin's house so Jeff could practice his guitar with Justin. Then we moved on to the Kernels baseball game. Justin got tickets so we didn't even have to tickets!!!! The one drawback it was really hot but by the time we arrived at the field it didn't seem that bad.

I was was kind of fun. I'm not much on baseball but it's fun to watch it live. They didn't win but we saw some good plays.

Friday June 10-I had plans today. I had to meet Molly in town. She and I are going to look for a dress for me for their wedding. It was nice to have someone else's opinion. I actually found one that was even on sale. It was a fun time. I also had to go back to the ball field because Jeff's phone jumped out of his pocket last night. No need to worry about anyone stealing his's a flip phone. I went home and Jeff had been at home all day. We decided to go out for supper. Jeff really likes Red Lobster so that's were we went. Then we went to JoAnn's to look for a craft lite. We really got a heck of a a 3 in 1 Ottelite. It was regularly priced at $279.99 and they had it on sale for $79.99. That was a heck of a deal. The light it puts out is great, no problem seeing to quilt now.

Saturday June 11- It stormed last night and it is so hot and humid out. We decided it was a good day to go to the movie. We haven't been going to many movies lately. We went and saw The Good Guys. It was OK but not great.

Sunday June 12- We went to church and then came back home. It is still really warm. Seth, Katie, and the kids went to the pool so we met them there. It wasn't to bad at the pool and the kids had a great time.

After spending a few hours at the pool we gathered up Hailey and her stuff to bring back home with us. We are having an overnight guest tonight. We are really getting a routine down. It's nice to spend time with the kids one at a time. This way each one gets to spend there time with us doing what they like to do.