Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Month In The Books

Monday July 30- After getting our camp hosts tasks done, we jumped on our bikes for a ride around the lake. I put Miss Ruby in my basket and away we went. She loves to feel the wind in her hair. We have watched the water level rising in the lake this year. It is only about 5 feet low now, compared to the 15 foot drop they did have. The weather was a bit better today so we enjoyed the outside. Then Jeff and I decided to take a road trip. This time we went to the Amana Colonies. We usually go on the weekend which is always busy especially in the summer. So today was a little different, no people. I wanted to visit the quilt store of course. I'm looking for more fabrics for Hailey's new quilt. I also wanted to find some fabrics for a new table runner for my kitchen table. I found what I needed there.

We strolled the streets stopping in the shops and making some purchases. We always want to go the bakery there. They have the best crispies ever!!

Well we didn't stop with that. We also brought home fudge, caramel corn, salt water taffy, beer from there brewery and another crispie for later. We had a nice time and since there was not many people there we didn't have to stay as long as usual. We had a nice time.

Tuesday July 31- The end of another month. I just can't believe how fast time flies by. This has been a super hot summer so we are ready for some cooler temps that's for sure. Since we ran yesterday, today I had to get things cleaned up around here. We aren't on a permanent vacation like everyone thinks. Still have to do housework, or rig work.

Wednesday August 1- A start of a new will be starting soon. Then fall, then we head out. Today was a not do much day. I did get to watch and enjoy the hummingbirds. They seem to be coming around the other feeders again. I had to move them and they took there time coming back. Ruby likes to sit out there and enjoy the birds as well. We had the strangest hummingbird on the window feeder. She seems bigger then the rest and she would sit on the perch and open her mouth to keep the others from sharing with her.

At 4 o'clock we went over to watch Maddyn. Jeff went with Seth and the kids for supper and brought me back some. Me, I stayed back to watch our newest princess. She is the happiest little girl. We played and took a bath. When Jeff came back he had Hailey with him. She is staying the night with us. So now we have 2 princesses to watch.

Thursday August 2- Thursday's are becoming Hailey days. So after she got up and was fed I took her in to gymnastics. I ran errands and did my laundry. I made it back to watch her the last hour. We got back to there house and I made her and Ashton some lunch. Then Hailey and I went through her stuffed animals to donate. She really got rid of a lot, it surprised me.

Friday August 3- When I got up and looked outside my birds were going crazy. They are just swarming. I had to fill the window feeder 3 times today. They go nuts after it rains.

 I decided to take Ruby for a walk today. We walked towards the water. I found a bench down by the water and Ruby just sat there and looked at the water.

We decided to go to Rock The Block. It started earlier today than usual because they also had a huge event going on called Evolve. They had all the parking manned, charging $10.00. So we had to look for a different place to park. We found a spot and then went to get a early supper. We had Ruby with us so we went to Parlor City to eat. They have outdoor seating. We got sandwiches and they weren't that good but Jeff said the beer was awesome. Then we went over to put down our chairs and listen to some music.

There were 2 bands, the first one was kind of new wave. They were having some sound issues. Then the second group came on, Dawson Hollow. They were kind of folk with a dash of rock a belly. They really put on a great show. I kind of felt sorry for them because there wasn't many people watching them. Everyone was heading down to the big evolve show. It didn't seem to bother them. They were really good musicians and great entertainers. It was a fun night. Before heading back we walked to take a look at what was going on at the Evolve thing. So many people there and it was super hot, with no breeze. We came home and called it a night.

Saturday August 4- This morning Jeff and I went in to town. He dropped me off at Katie's. Her, Hailey and I went to get pedicures. Jeff went over to watch Maddyn until I get done. Us girls all went and picked out our polish and waited to be pampered.

When everyone was done Katie dropped me off at Justin's so I could help Papa babysit. Maddyn was her usual self, very happy. We had a fun time playing with her. She is crawling around and trying to pull herself up.

Justin and Molly went to play golf. They got home around 3:30, we stopped at the store before going back to the park. We had a nice supper. It looked like rain but it only sprinkled.

Sunday August  5- We made our way to church. After church we went over to Seth and Katie's to let out there dogs. They left early this morning to take Ashton to hockey camp in Minnesota. It looked like rain. We drove home in the rain but it didn't last long. Justin and Molly came out for an early dinner. I had one of my dizzy spells. I haven't had one of those since I started taking meds. It has been over a year. I took a motion sickness pill and it went away. They came out and we sat outside and watched Maddyn play on the quilt. The power went out and so supper was kind of a flop. Not a big deal though.

Monday August 6- Boy it started raining around 4 a.m. and didn't stop until 8. I got started sewing together blocks for a new table runner. It was a rainy kind of a day. We went for a ride to check out a lot for sale in Vinton. Jeff is always looking. Then we decided to use a gift card that they won at at fish-0-rama, at this mexican restaurant, we have never eaten at. The service, not so good. The chips and salsa, not our favorite. Then Jeff went to pay and that took forever, then they wouldn't honor the gift card. I don't think we will be going back there. We came home and watched a movie. It was about a dog and Miss Ruby just sat there and watched it. She especially liked it when the dog barked and the bird talked. It was funny to watch her.

We fixed supper and had just sat down to eat when Justin called and wanted to talk to Jeff. It seems Molly had a spell at work today. She had a really bad head ache, was dizzy, and some other things. She called Justin to come drive her home. Justin called Jeff to see what he should do. We told him we would be right in so he could take her to the hospital. Jeff also took his blood pressure cuff in to check that. Well they did tests and kept her overnight. They figured out it was probably side effects from a migraine headache. Everyone was very concerned.

Tuesday August 7- We had planned a road trip today but we wanted to wait around to hear what the doctors said about Molly. It was raining anyway. She was released from the hospital and Justin took her home and they both rested up from all the excitement. Both Jeff and I feel like we have colds coming on. We both really dislike summer colds....ugh....

Wednesday August 8- It was really foggy to start today. So we waited for that to clear before hitting the road. Today we will take that road trip. We are going back to Le Claire. On our way there we made a stop at Cheyenne RV and looked around. Jeff is on the hunt for a new portable waste tank. We got to see what we wanted but they were really high. It was helpful because he could see if it was the one he wanted. Then we went on to Le Claire. We looked around at the shops. I went to the quilt store looking for fabric for Hailey's new quilt. I found some perfect fabrics. I think she will really love them. Jeff went to the Buffalo Bill Museum.

Then before heading out we stopped in at Antique Archaeology. Had to get another look. This time the van was there but still no one famous.

We just grabbed a snack while we were there so we stopped for a early supper at the Cracker Barrel. We had a great dinner before coming back home. We made one more stop at Trader Joe's. The dogs were very excited when we got home. Ruby was full of energy.

Thursday August 9- Katie brought Hailey out this morning, with Ashton gone at camp they can't leave her alone. Fed her and off to gymnastics. After she was done we stopped at the grocery store before coming back to the camper. We played games and watched some t.v. Then after supper we dropped Jeff off at Palo to play guitar. Then Hailey and I went to Molly's. She is having a pampered chef party tonight. We arrived a little early so Hailey had time to play with Maddyn.

Our favorite girls.

Friday August 10- This morning we went to breakfast at a new place. It is a mom and pop shop that is called Oscars. It was very good and so was the service. We will be going back. Then we went to a morning movie. We saw Black Klansman. It was pretty good. I think we expected more because of all the hype. The popcorn, not so good. It was super cold in there too. We came home after and spent the rest of the night here.

Saturday August 11-We stayed around the park this morning. We had some friends stop by to ask some questions. They are going full time in October. After they left we started on a project. We purchased some stick on back splash panels. We put them up in the bathroom. It took longer than we thought, but that's nothing new.

We headed in to Justin and Molly's around 2ish. They have a wedding to go to and so we got to watch Maddyn. She was good as usual but actually cried once when we were there. She doesn't cry very much. It is her teeth. She has some that are so close to coming through. We still had a fun time. We brought Miss Ruby with us and she did really good with there dogs and Maddyn.

The highlight of the day was when Jeff said Maddyn said Papa. I was watching her and she was really trying. When she babbles she is kind of loud. When she says Papa she whispers.

Sunday August 12- Went to church and came right home. My cold is worse. I didn't do much the rest of the day.