Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sum Sum Summertime Continues

Monday June 25- One thing good about going to vacation bible school is I get to see this on my way home. Today just like most Monday's I have lots on my to do list. I decided to move my hummingbird feeders to be close to another tree. They have left the area since I lost that tree. It is really a bummer. I'm hoping they will return. I worked on the rest of my list. I fixed supper early because I have VBS again.

Tuesday June 26- We had rain last night. I took out the pups first thing because it looks like more rain coming. Jeff had talked to the neighbor and they said they lived in a trailer park in a real small city close by. They also said it only had 12 trailers and was really nice. We decided to take a road trip and see it. Well that was 7 years ago and let me tell you it is a dump now. Jeff is always thinking of our next step. That is not going to be it. The town was awesome but not that place. They even had a little grocery store that I wanted to go in. It was really neat. It even smelled good. When I got home I made a batch of sugar cookie dough. I will be bringing cookies the last night of VBS. So far we have have chips, oranges, marshmellows, apples and cheese. I kept wondering where the cookies are? I decided to bring them myself. Before VBS I went to the store to get the stuff to make more cookie dough.

Wednesday June 27- Busy cookie making day today. I made 2 more batches, then baked them....115 cookies in all. After letting them cool I frosted and sprinkled them. I need them for Thursday but tomorrow I have to take Hailey to gymnastics and have no time then.

Thursday June 28- Today Katie brought Hailey out to us. I made her breakfast before taking her in to gymnastics. Jeff came with us today. We got her there and she remembered she needed her tennis shoes and didn't have them. So papa had to make a mad dash to there house and find them. He got them back before she needed them. We left and did some errands. Then we went back to watch about the last hour. She makes sure you are watching that's for sure. She was very proud of her vault today, she cleared the board and made it over.

 We went for lunch at Culver's before going by her house for clothes. Then we came out to the campground. Hailey couldn't decide if she wanted to come with me tonight or not. In the end she went home. We had supper and I took Jeff to Lenny's so he could play guitars tonight while I was at VBS. It was the last night and the kids liked the cookies and kool aid. I went to Lenny and Dawn's house to visit with her while waiting on the guys.

Friday June 29- I got up to the shower house early because it is suppose to be a record breaker day. Lot's of heat, humidity and no breeze.  I took Ruby for an early walk for the same reason. My best friend Judy's sister and husband are camping at the 2nd loop. Since we weren't here when they arrived we wanted to welcome them. We talked a bit and decided to get together later. Well with the heat we stayed in most of the day until the sun went down. We rode our bikes up then and did more visiting. Then Gary showed up which is the girls brother. We went on home and promised to get together tomorrow.

We also had some road repairs going on in the park. So hot I can't believe it. It is good that they are filling in the holes though, they need it.

Saturday June 30- Well guess what....another scorcher. We have had more hot weather in the last month than we have had in the 5 years we have hosted here. It is brutal and won't go away. Since it was so hot we walked early and stopped to see what our friends are doing today. Jeff lucked out he got there just in time for breakfast. We came back and decided to meet for happy hour. Well later and before happy hour they walked down here and we got to talking. Then we figured we would wait until after supper to get together, maybe it would be cooler...nope. They came down around 6, we found a shady spot at least. We were talking and all the sudden a real cool breeze came through. We looked up at the sky and it didn't look good. They everyone got on there phones to check radar. It looked like it was going to miss us. Well they were wrong. The big black cloud just kept coming. We gathered stuff up and put it away. They headed back up to there camper. We decided to go to the shower house mostly because of last time. I thought we should have gone but we waited to long. Well we got there before it started pouring and blowing. It wasn't as bad as it looked. We waited for the heavy rain to stop and we made a run for it.

It rained on and off the rest of the night. We also got an error code on the frig when we got back from the shower house. It was the high limit switch again. The good news is the repair man last showed Jeff how to fix it. Then later on the power went out and it was out for a while. We got hot so we kept getting up to see if it was back on. Jeff got up and put the frig on propane.

Sunday July 1- A new month, hoping the weather will change too. We got up and got ready for church. Then before heading out we went up to say good bye to Jan, Jerry and Gary. The whole time they were here we didn't get a picture but I finally remembered.

We went to church and when we drove back in the park Jan and Jerry wee pulling out. See ya next time. We had a bigger lunch today. With the rain it cooled off a little. At least you can sit outside without sweating. Good news the hummingbirds are coming back. We sat out and watched them. They seem to like the little hand held feeders that are on the table.

 We went over to Justin and Molly's so Jeff could play guitar with Justin. I played with Miss Maddyn. She is trying so hard to crawl, I don't think she has it just yet but she gets to where she wants to go.

Then we headed back home. While talking to the Griffey's we spotted a deer walking through the campground. I grabbed my camera to get a pic.

A good way to end the day and the week.

Monday July 2- Exciting day today, our blinds are suppose to be delivered today. We gathered our laundry and went to Seth and Katie's house that's where the blinds are being delivered to. I started the laundry and Jeff and Ashton went to the hardware store. They brought back stuff for lunch and we had lunch together. Before we knew it the blinds had arrived. We had to take them out of the big box to get them in the car. We got home and took a look. We did some checking to make sure everything looked alright. Then we decided to get one of them up. It seemed fairly easy. Then we put up the valance too. We are both really happy with these. We paid enough money for them but at least they look good and are alright. Well we got one down only 8 more to go.

Oh yeah great news my hummingbirds are coming back with a vengance.

Tuesday July 3- We got up and couldn't wait to get started on putting up blinds. Jeff's brother Fritz and his wife Shawn are stopping by on there way back from Wisconsin. We managed to get up 3 more blinds and valances. We still love them. 

Our visitors arrived and we sat outside and talked. Then we went out for lunch. Seth, Justin, Molly and Maddyn met us downtown at Need's Pizza. We had a nice lunch with plenty of leftovers.

The boys went back to work and we came on home to do more talking. Then  they left to get home and we got cleaned up to go to Liquid Larry's 4th of July Party. They are Justin's old neighbor at his old house.  Wellstrung is playing so we went to watch them. There was plenty of people, a lot we didn't know. We had a nice time, and the weather was decent too.

They got done playing around 8:30. They picked up everything and we loaded as much stuff in to our little car. We are giving Justin a ride home because Molly didn't come. By the time we got him home and then us home it was about 10:30.

Wednesday July 4- Happy 4th of July!!!..Miss Ruby is dressed to celebrate. We aren't going anywhere today or tonight. We decided to stay in and work on the rest of the blinds. Well today was a bit more interesting. We ran in to some major problems. It wasn't the blinds faults. It was the way the trailer is designed. On a few of the windows there was nothing above them to put the brackets into. So we had to be a little creative. It was a very frustrating day. We had to step away from the project more than once. We got them all up but 2. Going to work on them tomorrow. The weather today was crazy hot again. So at least we had something to keep us occupied most of the day.

Thursday July 5- It's my running day today. I went in to get Hailey for gymnastics. I did laundry, dropped her off and ran some errands. I went to Petsmart to get Ruby a birthday shirt. Then to Aldi's for fruit and vegies. Back to watch Hailey. Then her and I went to Pets Playhouse to get Ruby a birthday cookie. While we were there we looked at the puppies...We got back and we fixed us some lunch. It was really warm again. I asked Hailey if she would like to make cupcakes so we could celebrate Ruby's birthday? She said yes of course. Hailey likes to help bake, she does a good job. We got them baked, frosted and sprinkled by the time her dad came to get her. I sent some home with them.

 Friday July 6- Happy first birthday to Miss Ruby!!  It has cooled off a little and the humidity seems to have dropped a bit too. I got Ruby dressed her her birthday suit and took some pictures. She didn't mind the shirt but the hat....didn't like it.

We stayed around the campground today. Miss Ruby got to play outside in her playpen, since it was decent out. We took her for a walk. She definately got royal treatment today.

Saturday July 7- We stayed here again today. Justin and Molly brought out Maddyn. They went to play golf and we played with her. Jeff had to go in to town for a meeting about his baptism tomorrow. Maddyn, Ruby and I went for a walk. Ruby didn't really walk she rode in the bottom of the stroller.

We had a fun time playing and even while Maddyn napped. I just held her and snuggled her. She slept for quite a while. Justin and Molly got back a little after 3. Miss Ruby was acting really weird today. I thought maybe she was just jealous, but I think she had a tummy ache. She was really quiet, not very loving and didn't eat much. Just going to watch her. We had supper then after a while we went to the Bemer's camp site for one of there famous hollow log fires. These people know how to build a fire. They even put things in the fire to bring out colors. It was super cool. Then to make the evening more interesting they brought out some Chinese lanterns, kinda neat.

It was a nice evening with some new friends.

Sunday July 8- Ruby let us sleep in this morning, well if 6:30 is sleeping in. It is for us. She feels better today I think, she is giving kisses. We got ready for church. It is a really nice day but suppose to get start getting warmer...again. After church came back and watched the campers pull out. Then we watched a bunch pull in. Our walk in sites are full again. I cut up some watermelon for a fruit salad to take to the BBQ and Baptism. It starts at 5 until 7. We invited our family to come and join us. It was a big deal and having family there just made it more special.

The baptism's was followed by lots of food. There were a whole lot of people there. It was a great end of the week with new beginnings around the corner.

Hanging Out At Pleasant Creek

Monday June 11- It seems like Mondays are the days we get a lot of work done around here. After the weekend crowd we usually do a real thorough clean up in the shower house. We don't have many campers during the week. I also do some cleaning in the rig. It has been hard because we are working on the valances. I have things sitting around. We got 3 more valances done today, that includes the big one in the back of the rig. We have a total of 9 valances to do plus the thing above the door. The first one I did I will have to do over because the fabric is going the wrong way. I wasn't sure if you would notice, but you can really notice. We had some visitors tonight, Lenny and Dawn stopped by on there way to town for sandwiches. It is always nice to visit with them.

Tuesday June 12- Well this morning it was really foggy and misty out. I had a mission today, to try and finish up the valances. Recovering them is the easy part, taking the old stuff off and removing the staples now that's work. It took quite a bit of time but I did get them all done. Tomorrow we are going on a road trip with the grand kids. I made some cookies to take with. I also got everything together that I could get ready.

Wednesday June 13- Early morning, wanted to check on the shower house before picking up the kids. We told them we would be there at 7:30. We loaded everything up and headed to pick up the kiddos. We got super lucky with the weather. It was a perfect day. Warm but not hot, not humid or windy. The bugs weren't even that bad. We hit the road heading for Backbone State Park. Iowa's oldest state park, dedicated in 1919. Located in the valley of the Maquoketa River. We were ready for some fun.

When we arrived the first thing we did was scope out a fishing spot. After setting up and getting the kids pole baited up and in the water we did some fishing. Well, we fished not caught. The water was a bit dirtier than usual because of all the rain. Even though we didn't catch I think everyone had fun.

They tried hard at fishing. They moved around hunting for them. We saw some caught, so we know that they are in there. We quit fishing and had lunch that we packed. They had worked up quite an appetite. They tried fishing a bit more. Then we went to explore the park a little closer. We camped up here once before, but it was quite a while ago. We found the Richmond Spring to check out. The kids thought that was pretty neat. We even spotted some fish in the water. Then the kids found a great big old rock they needed to climb. Grammy got pictures. They made me a bit nervous.

Our next stop was the cave. The kids practically ran up those steps to check it out.

After the cave adventure we wanted to take a hike. Backbone has 21 miles of hiking and multi-use trails. You can hike along trails winding through old twisted and wind blown cedars and up rough, rocky staircases to one the the highest points in northwest Iowa, the "Devil's Backbone". I had on flip flops so wasn't really dressed for a big hike, but we did make our way up the devils backbone. It was really pretty views. I think the kids enjoyed it too. We could hardly keep up with them. Again they made me nervous.

We made our way back down and back to the car for the ride home. Jeff and I was tired and by the looks of things I think the kids were too.

We got the kids home and then we made our way back to the campground. Must have had lots of hummingbirds today because the feeders are empty. Had to fill them up because we don't want them to move on to the next feeder.

Thursday June 14- Today I needed to go in and get Hailey to her gymnastics at 9 a.m. I go early to get my laundry started before taking her. I also get to do lots of errands while I'm there.Today I was rushing to get everything done before the rain showed up. I usually stay and watch a little to start. Then I leave and get the things done I need to do. I try to get back to watch at least an hour of her session. She really likes us to watch.

After her gymnastics we headed back, I made them some lunch and we cleaned up Hailey's room.  I came back home and got my laundry put away. A quick supper and Jeff went to Palo to jam tonight.

Friday June 15- After cleaning the shower house for the weekend crowd I took Miss Ruby for a walk before it gets to hot. She seems to behave a lot better if she gets a couple walks each day. I also get my steps accomplished. We even got to sit outside in our new lounge chair. I like it and I think Miss Ruby does too.

We headed in to Justin and Molly's, Justin has a show tonight and Jeff will be attending. I will be spending the evening with Maddyn. She is pretty good company. Most of the time she is a very happy baby. She also is a great snuggler. After playing a bit and having some sweet potatoes it was bed time.

We had a fun night, her and I. While I was sitting there Judy gave me a call so the rest of the evening really went fast.

Saturday June 16- It is very hot today. We cleaned super early because we are going to the Cedar Rapids farmers market. Thought if we got there early that we could avoid all the crowds and the heat. Well we got to the market but it was crowded and hot. I did manage to get me a beautiful flower. That was my main reason for going. Jeff got his breakfast pizza so he was happy too. We took Miss Ruby with us. She likes going but I think all the people made her nervous to walk so we carried her.

The ride to the Farmers Market

We came home and pretty much stayed inside because it is SO hot. Then Seth called and invited us over for supper. BLT's and corn on the cob, early dinner for fathers day. Oh we said yes, put away our meat and headed over. The dinner was really good and I didn't have to cook or clean win.

Sunday June 17- Happy Fathers Day everyone. We went to church, and had to arrive early to greet. After church we came back home. It is crazy hot again. We stayed inside most of the day. Jeff went over to Justin's after lunch to play guitars. I stayed here. When he got home we made supper and that was our fathers day.

Monday June 18- Another scorcher.... I was just bragging about our camp loop not that busy during the week and today that wasn't the case. When they left yesterday afternoon, they rolled in that evening. We had a camper stop by to see about 6 camp sites. They didn't have reservations and the walk in sites that are available aren't enough. They are just staying during the week so they lucked out. Jeff and I decided to go look at Sears, which is closing. What is up with all these stores closing? We are going to have to purchase everything off the internet or at Walmart. We were still in town at lunch time so we went to Biaggi's Italian Restaurant. We have been before but quite a while ago. We both had a great choice. Jeff enjoyed a crab cake slider with a salad, me I had a pepperoni pizza. Both very good. For supper BLT's, they tasted so good the other night we thought we would enjoy them again. Tomorrow is a big day for Miss Ruby, she is getting her teeth removed.

Tuesday June 19- We got up early, needed to have Ruby at the vet by 7:30, it's about 1/2 hour drive over there. It was hard to leave her but we both agree we trust this place way more than the one in Florida. She will be having 7 or 8 teeth removed. After dropping her off, we continued our road trip. We went to Cedar Falls and visited the Camping World there. We have a light bulb we purchased a while back and it didn't work. While there we thought we would look at campers. We had to go through quite the ordeal to see them. First we talked to a salesman, he was new. Jeff told them we weren't really shopping for a new one. Just seeing what was available in case something ever happens to ours. Well he had to call in his sales manager next. After telling him the same thing we told the other guy, he told us they didn't have anything we would be interested in...really? Well the 1st guy took us out and let us look at them. We just looked at 5th wheels that had front living rooms. We both agree that they have really improved those layouts. Well we went to lunch next and looked at a few stores. Then we drove to Waterloo and found the Isle Casino. Not my favorite place to go but Jeff wanted to stop. We did not get lucky. A funny thing, when you go on a Tuesday afternoon you see a lot of older folks. They just have a great time playing the penny slots. I visited with a few as they rolled out to there van ride back. She said she didn't win but had a great time. I thought, how nice that they bring them in to have a fun day.

After leaving the casino we drove towards the little city where the vet was located. We spotted this ice cream place, Tootsie's. We thought it was just the cutest thing. We got a chocolate malt, which was really good. When they give you your ice cream everyone gets a tootsie roll. This is such as old school place, we loved it. They had a huge menu too. Not only did they have lots of ice cream treats they had lots of food too.

The weather was starting to get a bit sketchy so we headed back to Vinton. It wasn't time to pick up Ruby so we walked around the downtown looking at some of the unique shops. We went and got her at 4 o'clock. She was super excited to see us. She also seemed to be a bit upset with us. Doc told us they removed 8 teeth and she now has the correct number of teeth. We headed home to see if we could get her something to eat because she hasn't had any food since Monday at supper time.

Wednesday June 20- We planned on hanging around here today to keep a close eye on Ruby. I gave her a bathe because she needed it. I got her out for a walk because she seems to be back to her self. After lunch we got rain and lots of it. Lenny had called to see if we had spots available. He was going to bring up his grandson for the night. Well after lunch and before Lenny arrived it started raining. They arrived about the time it was pouring. I don't think I have ever see it rain so much so fast. I thought maybe Lenny camper was going to float away. It rained so fast that it couldn't soak up. The ditch was filling up and heading towards there camper. It didn't bother it but I hadn't seen the ditches filled before.

Thursday June 21- Another day of gymnastics. Jeff stayed here and I went in did laundry and took Sis to gymnastics. Before heading back I made them lunch. I watched they weather before leaving them
to go home. We had some rain but missed the storms. The rain has seemed to cool off the temperatures though. Jeff went down to Palo to play his guitar.

Friday June 22- All the rain we got has practically ruined my big beautiful plant. The hummingbirds have seem to left my area. I still get a few but nothing like before. I guess they really did love that tree. We went to downtown Cedar Rapids, first we stopped to see our son Justin's new office. Then we went to the bike shop that was good enough to order in a bike that Jeff would be interested in. He was under no obligation to purchase it but after test driving it he did buy it. We brought it home. Before long it was time to head back in to town. We picked up sandwiches first then to Justin's. They are going to a Kernel's baseball game and we are watching Maddyn. We had fun playing with her, feeding her and just watching her.

Saturday June 23- Today we hung around the park all day long. We even got our new camp ground host shirts. We walked around the campground. When I got back I made a cheesecake, and chessy potatoes for lunch. Justin, Molly and Maddyn came out to eat. Our lunch was really good and so was the weather. We visited some, then Justin and Molly left to go golfing. We watched Maddyn. They brought her stroller out so we walked her around and introduced her. She was very happy. It warmed up while we were walking. We got to sit outside some. Just had fun spending time together.

The kids came back to pick her up. We visited some more before they packed up and left.

We have a very full park this weekend. It seems way more busy too. I guess you can expect that when you finally get decent weather.

Sunday June 24- We went early for church to greet. Then found out about VBS tonight. After church we went for breakfast at Perkins. This becoming a new habit. Went to the store before coming back. We had a lot of campers leave but we had others come in and fill up our walk in sites already. Spent the day in the park. Fixed an early supper because tonight is VBS. I have never volunteered here so not sure what to expect. I arrived early to get instructions. The kids seemed to have a fun night so.....success!!