Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Setting Up At Pleasant Creek

Monday April 29- We woke up to rain but it cleared up. We started the morning inside because of the weather. I gave myself a haircut, and got a list started of what we need to accomplish while we are here. Took Ruby for a walk, she needed to burn off some energy because she has been cooped up a lot.

campground is kind of empty
While I was working inside I got Belle's food out to put in smaller bags, easier to handle. Miss Ruby thought maybe I left some inside.

When it got time for school to get out we headed in to town to pick up Hailey. We are taking her to a pet store to get some food for her lizard. We found what we were looking for at the pet store. While out we stopped and got supper at Culver's. We had a yummy dinner, and got to spend some one on one time with Hailey.

Tuesday April 30- Woke up to rain, that's alright I am heading in to Seth's today. They have a package arriving today and someone has to be there to sign for it. While I was there I took advantage of their washing machine. I got the laundry caught up. I also had a wall sticker for Hailey's room that I hadn't put up yet. So I put that up and also the shells I brought her back to put in her fish net. I think she will like it.

After the package showed up I still had some errands to run before heading home. I dropped off some clothes to Goodwill, picked up prescriptions, and stopped at the store.

Wednesday May 1- Work day. Took inventory of what we need to clean the shower house. Then to the pump house to get that stuff. We had to turn in our paperwork to Carl. I also got some of my bird feeders up. I didn't mention I defrosted the freezer, my favorite thing to do....... To make the day I saw my first gold finch so that ended the day on a happy note.

Thursday May 2- I made my way back over to Seth's to wait for the rest of his package. I decided to draw a new picture on there chalkboard. Seth and Katie had mentioned they wanted something to do with the ocean. Well I never dreamed it would take so long but I got it done. I even had time to wash the car before the package arrived and I went home. While I was gone Jeff got the RV washed, so we both feel good about things we checked off our to do list.

Oh yeah, my hummingbirds have showed up. Not a lot but I have seen a few.

Friday May 3- It's sunny!!!! So I decided to go for a long walk with Miss Ruby. It was a bit chilly but the sunshine felt great. It makes the park look so much prettier.

We are getting our stuff set up and it's looking more like home. We have Hailey coming out to stay the night so we went to the grocery store this morning to get supplies. Then after school was out we headed in to get her. We took the truck so we could get the rest of our stuff out of Seth and Katie's shed. We looked like the Clampit's driving home. We did make a stop at Justin's to give Maddyn her stuffed toys that I sewed up. She got a new swimsuit so we tried that on her. At first not a fan but after we made such a fuss she decided it was pretty cute too.

We fixed a nice dinner and after Jeff and Hailey made brownies for dessert. She is quite the helper.
She went to bed early and fell right to sleep.

Saturday May 4- Busy day today. Hailey wanted pancakes for breakfast. Her and Papa made the pancakes and they were very tasty.

While she is here she likes to stay busy busy busy. We went for a walk with Ruby. She helped us unload the truck. We have a tub with stuff for the kids. She couldn't wait to look in there. She found the bag of beads and wanted to make a bracelet. So, we made a bracelet, she doesn't need much help. We fixed lunch, she played track ball with Papa, and we went to the park to swing. 

Then after lunch Justin, Molly and Maddyn showed up. That made Hailey very happy. She loves playing with Maddyn and Maddyn loves all the attention, and being outside.

 We had a great afternoon hanging out and enjoying the weather and sunshine. When they left they took Hailey home. Jeff and I cleaned up and went in to have dinner with Seth, Katie, Ashton and Hailey. We went to Needs Pizza. It was really good and it was nice to visit with them as well. What a great day, spending time with both sons and there families...perfect.

Sunday May 5- It's church day. We are having a family taco lunch after church so I made up the meat before going to church. Our church here starts later than in Jupiter and it lasts longer too. So after church we came home, took care of the dogs, loaded up stuff and headed to Justin's. We are going to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and Easter today. First a taco lunch followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kids. We went to Justin's cause the weather was calling for rain, but it was a beauty of a day. The lunch was really good and the hunt was a success as well. We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Another top notch day. What a great weekend we had. Here are some pictures of our family and the fun we had today.

We are so happy to be back in Iowa and seeing family, we are blessed indeed.

Monday May 6- They were calling for rain today but it came early during the night. It was overcast at first so I started cleaning things out. I seem to do that a lot when it rainy out. Jeff got our new Internet security installed. We both went up and cleaned our shower house real good. In the afternoon Jeff had to re-caulk our kitchen sink. It has been leaking and so he fixed that. With this kind of weather we sure do get a lot of work done. It sure doesn't seem like spring, it has been rainy, below normal temps, and not much sunshine. The only thing that seems like spring is all my birds. The goldfinches, orioles, and hummingbirds tell me it is spring. I have spent a lot of time watching the birds and taking pictures with my camera. Here are just a few of them. I have become my grandma Dodie.....

 I can't believe how many orioles have showed up this year. I haven't even put out the grape jelly yet. They have been feasting on the hummingbird juice and the suet. The gold finches are enjoying the thistle seed sock I put up.

Tuesday May 7- Jeff woke up and didn't feel well, so he went back to bed. I went up and cleaned the shower house. It is another cold one. The birds didn't seem to mind the cooler weather. They are going crazy out there. I'm going to have to get to town and get some more treats for them. I did go for a nice walk with Ruby, and while I was walking a bird flew right into me. It scared the crap out of me. These birds are crazy out here.

Wednesday May 8- Guess what?.....rainy and cold. It is suppose to rain most of the day. Since Jeff stayed in all day yesterday and feels better today, we aren't sticking around here all day. We cleaned up and headed in for a late breakfast at Perkins. Then we did a little shopping. We have a movie to attend at 1 o'clock. Went to Collins Road Theater, where they have real butter on there popcorn. We saw the movie Long Shot. It was funny. We made a few more stops before heading back. We had to get some more stuff for the birds. As we pulled in to the park it just started pouring rain. Not only is it raining like crazy but the wind is whipping. It's super cold, hard to get warmed up.

Thursday May 9- I think it's even colder yet today.Where is Spring? It's not raining but it's windy and cold. I decided to go re-organize our closet in the bedroom. I have stuff for goodwill. I also found lots of rags, well t-shirts that we can use for rags. Jeff goes through rags like crazy when he waxes the vehicles and the rig. I guess that's one thing good about crappy weather, you get your stuff inside cleaned out. I do anyway. So today was a day inside. The view from our campsite is a good one. Regardless of the weather we can see signs of Spring all around us.

Friday May 10- We have sunshine people!!! Took care of the birdies and the shower house first. Then Jeff got online to try and get some Robert Plant tickets. They are playing at the Surf Ballroom in Clearlake Iowa in September. Well I think everyone else had the same idea. He tried and tried. I called our oldest son cause he was the one who told us about it. He is pretty good about getting things online so I asked him to try. He was successful. Looks like he covered Mother's Day and Father's Day all in one purchase. Since it was sunny out we decided to take a road trip to Coralville. First we stopped at the Mall and got some lunch at Panera. Then we made our way to Trader Joe's to pick up the things we had put on our list. We both love this store and a lot of there products our favorites of ours. We came back to the park to see that it is filling up fast.

Saturday May 11- Well that sunshine didn't last long. It was gray, cool, windy and spitting rain most of the day. Just enough that you couldn't really get outside. Justin and Molly had a 5K, walk thing for a friend. They took Maddyn for the walk but brought her home for the rest of the activities. Jeff and i went over to watch her while they were gone. She was eating lunch when we arrived. Then it was time for her nap. While she was busy sleeping, I went through my stuff that I store there. In the almost 7 years I have cleaned out those tubs once. When I went through them before I got rid of at least half of what I thought I needed to save. Well this time I reduced it again. Most of what I've kept is pictures and old things that you can't purchase anymore. Oh and I do have some Christmas stuff stored over there that has special meaning to me. Can't get rid of that stuff yet. I also got my laundry done while I was there. Before I knew it Miss Maddyn was up and it was time to play. While I was cleaning out I found some children's books that I had kept. I left them out for her. So we did some reading before snack time. She is very busy and quite entertaining. She also reads a mean book.

Well Maddyn knows when it's snack time and she let us know. I got her in her high chair and she had to play peek a boo. Who doesn't enjoy a good game of that?

After enjoying some gogurt and a granola bar we got back down and played some more. We had the whole afternoon to play. She is a hoot to hang with. She just doesn't stop. Justin and Molly came home and we headed out. We took a load of stuff to donate to Goodwill. Then we stopped by and saw Seth, Katie and Hailey. Then we came on home. The park is full and there is no one outside, that's how crappy it is outside.

Sunday May 12- Still cool but at least it's not raining. That's a good thing. We went to church today and we were greeters this morning. After church we went the boys at Bushwood for lunch. We had a very nice time. Our pizza was great. The girls were spending time with there mother's. I usually am not a fan of mothers day but this one was very pleasant indeed. We stopped at the store before heading home. When I was going through my stuff at Justin's I brought home some boxes of pictures to go through. So I spent some time going through them and having some happy memories.

This one was from a few years ago

This one is present day
I hope everyone had a great mothers day, and got to spend it with those you love most.