Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Making Ourselves At JD

Monday January 20- Road Trip today. When we were staying at Lion Country Safari we talked to some neighbors. I watched them unload there dive stuff. I wondered where they could have gone diving? We used to do quite a bit of diving but not any more. They told us about a place in West Palm just past Riveria Beach, Blue Heron Bridge. She said it is one of her favorite dive spots. It is also famous for snorkeling. I don't think I can dive anymore but snorkeling I think I can handle. It's a bit chilly out there today with lots of wind. It was an easy trip. We drove straight down highway 1 and took a left on Blue Heron Bridge Road. You go over the bridge and take the first left into Phil Foster Park.

They have it set up really good. They even have a shower you can use. It's not far to the snorkel area. Jeff is really excited to give it a try. It's going to have to warm up some for me. We will definitely be back. We stopped at a few shops before going to Grimaldi's Pizzeria for lunch. Then we made our way back home. After supper I made a few more quilt blocks. Tomorrow, back to work.

Tuesday January 21- We have to work today and the temperature has dropped some, it is a little chilly out there on that cart. Work went well, the only thing the campers didn't want to leave at check out time. So it made our day a bit longer. Since the weather was cool I made chili for supper.

Wednesday January 22- I thought yesterday was cool, today it's down right cold. It is 39 degrees this morning. We did our best to stay warm. Then just to make things interesting it decided to add rain to this weather mix...brrrrr. The plus to that I saw a total of 4 rainbows today. I couldn't wait to finish up today and get warmed up.

Thursday January 23- It's not raining this morning and it's 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day. We got started at our first shower house, the next thing I know it is pouring rain out there. Did I mention it was sunny? It just didn't want to stop, but when it did a super reward...double rainbow.  It was a full rainbow as well. The colors were very vibrant.

It stopped and we moved on to the next shower house. It seemed to rain every time we got in that cart. It rained on and off the rest of the day and evening. When we finished working we cleaned up. We have a volunteer meeting today with our new volunteer coordinator. They just went over the rules and how they want things to go....going forward. Jeff and I each got our 1000 hour pin, volunteer hours in the Florida State Park system. Then for supper we had made plans to meet Ron and Ann, volunteers here, at Double Roads Tavern. They had heard a lot about the place so we thought we would give it a try. When we arrived the place was really dead. We found a table and then the people really started showing up. They had some music, which really wasn't our cup of tea at all. The place was very dark, the service was really slow. The menu was small and the prices were high for what you got. They had something wrote on a chalkboard about a happy hour but when I asked they said we don't have any happy hour. We ordered our food and it took a while to get it. When I mentioned that we had fries with ours the guy looks at me and says, I only have 2 hands! They are sitting up there I'll get them next. Well from there on it wasn't good for me. To make it even better they added $3.00 per person on to your bill for the music. Did I mention that the music was less than great? Well I'm not sure I'll go back there again. There are so many places to see music without an extra charge. It wasn't really the money because we always tip more than that. We didn't really stay all that long.

Friday January 24-Busy day, woke up to rain. I made a grocery run to Aldi's. Then I did the laundry when I got back. I worked more on quilt blocks. I have 30 blocks made with about 20 some to go. When the rain stopped Jeff went out and started on the 2nd decal. This is going to be a long process. Let me tell you them things don't want to come off.

We got about 1/2 of it off and both of us were ready for a break. We made us a yummy supper and called it a day.

Saturday January 25- Started the day off with some cleaning. It was nice out so I went to walk Ruby. Then a big black cloud rolled over, you could even feel the temperature drop. I came back in and decided to try and come up with a pattern to use for this latest quilt. I had a pattern picked out but it didn't seem to work like I thought, so I had to come up with another idea. Here are a couple ideas, not sure yet what I'm going to do.

The weather improved. The sky cleared up and it was a bit sunny.  I sat outside for a bit. We had made plans to meet some other volunteers at Tiki 52 today, we are going to listen to Leafy Greens. We have never heard them before. The show started at 4-7. We had a great time and the music was awesome. One thing was the place had just put in new cash register and no one knows how to run it. It was painful at times watching these kids.

here is our rowdy group

Leafy Greens

The only reason the kids are smiling is because I told them to SMILE.......Most of our crowd left but not us. We have another volunteer group showing up for the 2nd show. This time The Steel Ponies are playing. One of our volunteer neighbors told us we needed to see them. So we decided to hang around for a bit.

Steel Ponies

When stuck around for a little while and then we decided to head for home. It was a fun day and a long one.

Sunday January 26- It's a cool day and we got ready for church. We arrived, found our seat and then I look over and see Diane. She was one of those people we looked for when we first started coming to this church. They did a small group we joined, her and her husband Norman. They are super nice people. He passed away a while ago and her traveling plans have changed. We don't see her very much anymore. It was really good to see her and visit. The worship, and the message were great this morning. We came back and started making brunch. We have Jeffrey and Maren coming over for some waffles. Jeff has been perfecting his waffle making abilities. I think it was a success. Everyone seemed to enjoy. After they left I got out this quilt that a gal had brought me at church. It seems to be very important to her daughter. The thing is it is full of wholes. She wants me to see if I can fix it. I looked at it and wasn't sure I could do any thing. I gave it a shot, it is far from perfect but it was the best I could do. I managed to get it done, well as much as I could. 

Monday January 27- Had a list of things to do today. First we got to watch the sun rise and it was a beauty. I wanted to go to town but needed to wait for the stores to open. I made some more blocks. Then to town to purchase some work shoes. I can't wear my flip flops any more. I also ran to Walmart. Then I came home and Jeff had started on the rest of that decal. After getting the top off and some of the glue under, I got started getting the rest of the glue off. This was the biggest one and we have 2 more to take off. Here is what we are working on.

Tuesday January 28- Today was the first day of our work week. I think we have gotten things the way we like it here. We have a great group of volunteers here and the campers are considerate as well. It seems if you keep things nice people tend to help you keeping things nice. We didn't have any surprises today and got everything done in good time. It was nice enough that we sat outside to relax before supper.

Wednesday January 29- Back to work today. Things went good until right at the end of our day. We were riding around to see if our last camper had left when we see a site that has water rising up out of the ground. It was a water break. So they had to shut the water off for a bit so they could repair the pipe. Then there was a boil order. We walked around trying to let everyone know what's happening. The problem with that is not everyone was home. The park did put up some signs to let people know as well. We had supper and then headed down to camp site #2. They invited us to come join there happy hour with a bagpipe player at sunset. Well we arrived and visited with 3 couples that are staying here at the park. Then at sunset our concert began. It's not everyday you run across someone that plays the bagpipes, but today we did.

Thursday January 30- It is our last day of work this week. We took our cart and went to do our work. We had to bring the cart back at 11:00 because we are getting new batteries put in. It doesn't hold a charge any more. We are really excited to get a cart that will stay charged all day. After work we cleaned up and then we went to Port Salerno with Jeffrey and Maren. We are having dinner at Manatee Island. They have great happy hour prices and the servers are always very polite. It was a little chilly. The place really filled up. We had a great meal with music. The only draw back was the smoke. We sat outside by the bar so we could see the musician. Next time we might sit inside. We still had a fun night.

Friday January 31- Have a busy day planned. First I got started on the laundry. I did a little cleaning up inside the rig. Then we got  scaffolding stuff out so we could put it together. We have 2 more decals to get off. They are high enough that we need some lift. We borrowed this stuff from Jeffrey and Maren and they came down and showed how to do it. It's kind of complicated when you never have done it.

We got everything put together and we were ready to get started. The 2 decals we have left are smaller ones and we thought maybe they would come off easy. That was not the case at all. They were the hardest ones yet. It did help being able to stand on a solid platform. I had the hair dryer running heating up the decals while Jeff did the scraping. We got one done and Jeff was ready to quit but I begged him to finish it. We got the decals off but the glue under. That was another project. That stuff didn't want to come off.

We both worked on it as long as we could, then we decided to get the rest of the glue off another day.
We cleaned up and made our way to Jensen Beach. We wanted to go back to Tako Tiki for another dinner. They also have live music. Tonight it was the Killbillies. We saw them a couple years ago and haven't been able to catch the whole band. Tonight was the night. We took Miss Ruby with us because it is a very dog friendly place. We found a table and enjoyed supper and drinks. We got to listen to some fine music. We were watching the weather because they were calling for rain. We made it home before the rain started. I think Ruby liked the music too.

Saturday February 1- We did get rain last night. We also got rain on and off most of the day. I got busy early on sewing the rest of the blocks I need to start putting this quilt together. After finishing up the blocks we made a store run. Wow I think everyone had the same idea. Shopping for the super bowl I guess. We got what we needed and headed back. After getting the groceries put away I figured out the pattern for the quilt and started sewing the blocks together in rows.

We went for supper at Jeffrey and Maren's tonight. We had to be a little late because it was pouring. We walked up in between showers. We had a great supper and walked our way home.

Sunday February 2- It's a busy day. First we went to church and got our blessing. Then came back and made stuff for our super bowl parties. First I made some kettle corn and some chocolate chip cookies. Then I got busy finishing up putting my quilt rows together. I think I like it.

Then around 5 o'clock we made our way over to Tom and Michelle's, they are some campers that we met last year here. They invited us over for dinner and snacks. Ken and Jana were there too. We also met them last year here. They had a very unusual dinner. He made duck rumaki that he cooked on the grill. Jeff said they were wonderful. They also had lots of snacky stuff to eat as well. The company was the best. We got to watch the sun set there before we headed to our second party.

When we left we stopped by our rig to get some more clothes. It was a rather chilly night. I also brought Ruby with us. We headed up to the pavilion. That's where the volunteer super bowl party was happening. They had plenty to eat as well. We had fun watching the game. Jeff even won money at half time because of the numbers he had picked. We watched the half time show and a little more of the game. It was getting colder so we headed back to watch the rest at home. It was a close game and that's not usually the case. Yeah Chiefs!!!

That's all for now.....until next time..

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Settling In At Jonathan Dickinson

Monday January 6- Today I got busy early, doing laundry and cleaning up inside the rig. We took Ruby for a walk and when we got back the new volunteer coordinator showed up. We talked a bit with her. Then we decided to make a trip to town. Jeff wanted to go to Best Buy, looking for a waffle iron. He has some credit to apply to it. He found one he thought he would like. While he was there I walked over to the container store. I love that store. They give you so many ideas. When you live in a 5th Wheel you really need to be organized. So when I walk through this store I am overwhelmed with all the ideas that are around. I don't always purchase all those neat ideas but it helps. I purchased a white eraser calendar. I had one before but it broke. I couldn't wait to get me another. Then we went over to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Jeff had the white chicken chili, me I had the pizza and salad. One thing I can say about this restaurant, they give you a lot of food. We both took home half for our lunch tomorrow. After eating and getting a piece of cheesecake to go we went over to look at some of the shops. I found a couple Christmas tea towels, they were 70% off. That is always fun. Then we made our way back home. For supper we had the homemade noodles I made yesterday. It was a good dinner. Tomorrow we start back to work, this time a full shift.

Tuesday January 7- Back to work today. This will be our first full week of work. Our first day was rough trying to find everything and trying to remember our routine. So going in to work today we have everything filled and in it's place. So instead of running around looking for things we can get back into our routine. The weather was a bit cool but it warmed up nice. The day went really fast. It felt a whole lot better. When I finished I came home and made chocolate chip cookies. We are having a get together with Jeffrey and Maren. They are bringing the kabobs, we are making rice and bread. Oh and the cookies. Everything was really good. While we were outside before dinner I received a call from my niece in California. She is taking care of her Mom, my sister at her house. She is bed ridden with dementia. She has a lot going on but she is taking really good care of her.

Wednesday January 8- Back to work again and it went very smooth today, almost back to normal. We finished up in good time. I ran to town after work. Did leftovers for supper. We don't always do a lot on our work days. People seem to think it's a vacation we are living, that's not true. We do have lovely weather but we are just living life in a different way.

Thursday January 9- Our last day of work for the week. We went down to the shop at 7:30 to get our cart like we always do and Kirrin the new volunteer coordinator was there she wanted to go with us to see what we do. That slowed us down a little because instead of just doing the task we had to explain what we use to clean it and how often it gets done. She wanted to help us too. Well after we cleaned the first 2 shower houses she went back to her office. I think we passed. The wind today was extremely crazy. It just wouldn't quit. All the campers were timely about leaving. Our last camper left at 12:30. We hung around here the rest of the day. It is still so windy you can't hardly sit outside.

Friday January 10- The wind didn't stop last night, not for a minute. I got a walk in with Ruby this morning. Then I thought since the wind is crazy I figured I might as well get started sewing blocks together on my new quilt project. Before starting that I went in to town to pick up my prescriptions. While I was there I made a few stops since Jeff was at home. He's not much on shopping. When I got home I thought maybe I should give Belle her hair cut. I figured if I had my back to the wind it would blow away from me. That really didn't happen. The hair just blew everywhere. I at least got that task completed. She looks so much better.

Saturday January 11- Guess what....still windy. Not only is it windy, it is gray and rainy.I took Ruby for a walk and we got caught in the rain. When I got back I made breakfast. Then finally I decided to get the sewing machine out and get to sewing. It is so hard to get started on a new project. Once I get it going it's fine. So I got everything set out and started on a block.

I am making a log cabin block this time. Haven't done one of these for awhile. I got a couple blocks made. We have been watching the weather today fairly close because we had planned on going to an outdoor concert tonight. Thankfully the weather cooperated. Jeffrey and Maren came and picked us up at 5:30. Jeff has seen they are having a food truck from Leftovers. He wanted to eat there. We also figured it would be super busy, and it was. We found the the Abacoa Ampitheater and the parking garage. It was just a short walk to the theater. The show started at 7:30. We got there around 6 and there were already lots of chairs there. We found a nice place to sit and then went to get us some supper. Jeff got the sweet potato encrusted mahi on a bed of greens, me I got chicken tenders with fries. It was really good and the prices were too. We sat and watched as more and more people show up. It was packed. At 7:30 out comes The Long Run, a Eagles tribute band. We have seen them before and they are great. We had a fun night. The weather was perfect, the wind even dies down and we even had a full moon behind us. What a night.

Waiting for the show to start

enjoying the show

Sunday January 12- The wind is done I think. I took Ruby for a walk, thinking we would catch Jeffrey and Maren before they left. Well, we didn't do that. They already left. Oh well, they will be back in a couple weeks. We went to church and then stopped at the store on the way home. Then after our brunch the rain started. Not a lot but it was just on and off all afternoon. I decided to sit back down at the sewing machine and put together some more blocks....I have 5 made now. I only need about 50 more. It is going to be a long process but this quilt is for our grand daughter so it's worth it.

Monday January 13- I started the day off early. I got my laundry done and then did some cleaning inside. It was pretty nice outside. I noticed the sign on the door that I made looks like it needs to be touched up. So I found the paint and got busy on that. That helped quite a bit.

Since arriving at the park we haven't even made a trip down to the river area. Today we decided to do just that. We walked around a little looking around. Then we came back to the campsite and decided to start removing the decals on the kitchen slide. The ones that have either really faded or are cracked. This is going to be super tough. First they don't want to come off, then the glue stays behind and it certainly doesn't want to leave. This is going to take us a while.

Tuesday January 14- Back to work with us. When we got up it wasn't raining but before we went to work at the shop it started pouring rain. We tried to wait it out at the shop but it just wouldn't quit. It finally slowed down and so we headed off to the shower house. We didn't get very far before the rain started, and it poured along with lots of wind. We pulled under the roof to keep everything dry. We got the first shower house cleaned. Went to move to the second one but guess soon as we jumped in the cart the sky's opened up and poured again. It took us a while to get things done because that seemed to happen every time we jumped in the cart....rain. We were happy when this day was over, we were tired of being wet.

Wednesday January 15- Off to work but at least the rain was gone. We got everything done and when we got finished I sat outside. Jeff saw online that Blue Point has a 4 course dinner from 5-6 for $15.00. We didn't have anything sat out for supper so we decided to go there. They had live music and a happy hour going on when we arrived. When we arrived it wasn't that busy but it got busy fairly quick. Our waiter must have been new. He was pretty slow and messed up a few times.  Jeff ordered his supper, the special. The portion size was small. We are not big eaters but this was really small portions. The meat part was good the rest was ok. I ordered my usual the chicken tenders which were delicious. The music was really country, not our favorite.

Thursday January 16- We had decent weather today. It is our last day of working this week. We had a couple extra jobs to get done today. It wasn't that good of a day. Everything went wrong that could have. We sure were happy when we finished up. It was almost like a Friday the 13th...

Friday January 17- It's a busy day today. We don't have to work but I have plenty to get done. We were off and running early getting stuff done. Jeff is still trying to find something that will take off the glue from those decals. Then we needed to get Belle's prescription dog food. We had to wash the car. Next Jeff needed coffee for his nespresso. Then our final stop was at the store. We needed to get stuff for tonight. We are having a volunteer pot luck. When we got home I got busy making deviled eggs and cupcakes. Our pot luck was at 6:30. We went up a little early to get the lights and electric turned on. It is super windy tonight. We had a really good turn out. It was nice to see everyone.

Saturday January 18- The day started off really busy with laundry and cleaning. Then we decided to take a road trip and check out a few things. First we checked out a RV park, It was really small and it was so crowded....not for us. Next we drove over to Le Mesa RV. We like to look at whats new. We checked out a few 5th wheels that we liked. We also met a couple there that we had a nice time visiting with. Then a bonus...they have free lunch there. So we had a hotdog before moving on. Our next stop was Jensen Beach. First we looked at another RV park. We had looked there before. It is really nice with lots on extras. We had planned on staying in Jensen Beach for a bit because we wanted to got to get supper and live music. We still had time to kill so we walked around downtown checking out the area. Jeff found a coffee house, called The Bunk House. It was a cute little place. He said the coffee was really good too.

Then we walked to the Tako Tiki. It is a new place for us. The music there tonight was The String Assassins. We also heard the food was really good. We were excited to give it a try.

We got there early and it was a good thing we did. We walked in and found a table. First we just had a drink with chips and salsa. Then Jeff ordered 2 blackened snapper tacos, I had a beef taco. I wanted to make sure I liked them before ordering another. Well it was great so I did get a second one. The food was really good and the prices very reasonable. The place got packed then the music started and it got even busier. We had a nice evening for sure. We ended up sharing our table with 5 others. The String Assassins were really good too.

We left around 8. We figured the dogs had been home alone long enough. It didn't take that long to get home. We had a really good day.

Sunday January 19- Church day, we got ready to go to the first service. We got to meet the new youth pastor. He seems like a really good guy. Before making our way to the campground we stopped at the store. Our small group is having a dinner today. I was going to make coleslaw. So I got busy when I got home. We needed to be there at 1 so no time to mess around. I couldn't remember the last time I made coleslaw. At  our small group we had a taco dinner. The food was good. We had a smaller than usual turn out. Still was nice. Then we came on home and relaxed the rest of the day outside enjoying the weather. We also waited to hear from our kids. Hailey has a gymnastic meet today. They always keep us up on her scores. She did pretty good.

Our favorite gymnast....
That's all for this time....