Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Monday March 4- A day of running. We went across town, Jeff wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. You can't hardly find music anymore. They are bringing back vinyl....go figure. While Jeff was there I went to Michaels and found some Easter decorations. Looked at Petco, The Container Store, and finally Total Wine. Jeff couldn't believe all the beer they had in there and the prices were good.

You could even purchase single cans or bottles to try. We left here and Jeff stopped at the mall to get coffee cups for his Nespresso. He also took back his used pods, they recycle. We were so close to the Cheesecake Factory we had lunch there. Both of us liked our lunch, which we finished up with a piece of cheesecake. We haven't been there for a while so it was really good.

Before heading home we filled up the gas tank and washed the car. We used the automatic car wash which we never do. It's nearly impossible to find a self serve car wash down here.

Tuesday March 5- You know what that means....working. When we got down to the shop they informed us that our carts rear tire is just about to fail. We took our chances and drove it anyway.  When I finished with work I came home and made a cake to put our strawberries on. Then I thought it would be a good day to take care of the pups. I gave Miss Ruby a bath and dryed her. Then I got the clippers and groomed Belle. Made does her hair grow fast.

Wednesday March 6- Oh my my....winter is back. It was 48 degrees this morning accompanied by a north wind. It felt really cold to me, especially after all that hot weather. We finished at a decent time. I ran into town to get Miss Ruby some dog food. I made a couple more stops before heading back. The rest of the day stayed in.

Thursday March 7- Today we took the other cart. Hopefully they will get some new tires for our cart. Today it was still a bit cool, but nothing like yesterday. It warmed up fairly quick.

We got our work done and delivered the radio to Ken. Just like that another week of work in the books. It was a nice afternoon so I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

Friday March 8- First thing I did the laundry. Then we headed to The Loggerhead Marinelife Center. I love to go there and look at the turtles. They have a educational area inside. Then they have the hospital area outside. I go to see the turtles. They do a great thing here. Did I mention that they have a great gift shop? Well I checked it out before leaving and gave a good donation by buying a long sleeve t-shirt. I was looking for something for Maddyn here. I spotted something on a shelf but didn't get it. Here are some pictures of this adventure.

After our turtle adventure we headed to a new restaurant for a late breakfast. Jeff found it on the internet. Berry Fresh we come. We found it no problem. We got a table and ordered us some breakfast. The place was still fairly busy. Our waitress was super friendly and helpful.

We came home after eating. It was a beauty of a day. I took advantage and sat outside. I can't believe its March and so warm and sunny. Well this park is pretty quiet all the time. I kept hearing this funny squawking. I looked around and spotted a couple pileated woodpeckers. They were across the way on a palm tree. I went and grabbed my good camera so I could zoom in on them. I had fun taking pictures and I got a lot of them. Here are some of the better ones.

I kept taking pictures until they moved on. They played around on a couple trees there for quite a while. then later on I thought I spotted a bird on a tree up by the pavilion. I zoomed in to get a picture. It was really far away. After looking I thought it looked like a younger one. The picture is not as clear because of the distance.

Later on after supper I took Ruby for a walk. Jeff came to get me to tell me Ken spotted a bald eagle on a tree behind our rigs. I ran home got my camera and took some more pictures. Oh yeah those 2 wood peckers are in his tree now too. It was a bird kind of a day.

We finished off the night by going to Blue Point to listen to music. We didn't care for the service this time so we left and took ourselves to Tiki 52 to hear who was playing there. The band there was ok but we visited with some nice folks from Illinois. Here are some shots from our evening adventures.

Tiki 52

Saturday March 9- With all that running we did yesterday, we didn't have anything planned today. When I got up to get Ruby out for a walk I noticed all the cars up at the pavilion. They just kept expanding until the lot in front of our camp site was full. They are having volunteers working in the park today.

It looked like we were going to get some rain. Jeff wanted to go to the movie and see that Apollo 11 documentary. I skipped it and just walked around the area looking at shops. While he was in the theater it just poured rain. The rain didn't last long. In the afternoon I sat outside looking for my birds. Well they didn't show up today but we did get a visitor....a turtle came to enjoy the buffet in the field by us. I got some pictures. We have a couple that come around quite often. This one was the bigger of the two.

We also had a friendly squirrel that stopped by for a visit. They are getting very brave. I fixed us a really good supper. We walked around the campground before settling for the night. We have to spring forward tonight.

Sunday March 10- Morning came quick. I got a text about 10:30 last night from Seth. Him and Katie are stuck in the airport in Minnesota. Looks like there flight was cancelled. They will catch a plane in the morning. They just decided to stay at the airport. We went to church this morning and attendance was a little light. Time change. After we went to Walmart and apparently everyone is sleeping in....time change. The Walmart wasn't busy at all...not complaining. Then came home and made breakfast. We stayed around here until about 3 o'clock. Then we headed to Port Salerno. We wanted to go to The Twisted Tuna and get a happy hour pizza for supper. The place was crazy busy so we didn't stay too long.

Well we left there and went next door to Manatee Island. It was busy but we beat the real crowd. We got a perfect table where we could eat and still watch the music. Jason Montero was playing there, one of Jeff;s favorites. We had dinner which was a special deal because of happy hour prices. The drinks were cold, our food was hot and yummy, and the music was great. We love this place. Did I say we had a very friendly server as well. It was a really nice afternoon. Then we headed home.

Monday March 11- We took off in the morning to Palm City RV. It wasn't really what we expected. We didn't need anything just wanted to look around. Well we didn't get to look at much everything outside was locked up. They only had one 5th wheel inside to look at. It was a Columbus. When we went in both of us were surprised by how roomy it was. It had the kitchen up front. It had a lot of counter space. The living room area was just as spacious. The bathroom had a huge shower. The bedroom had a king sized bed but still felt roomy. It had 5 slides. Those being the positives, the build quality was questionable. I wish one of these big company's would take these great new floor plans and build something that would last. I think that was the first time we saw a front kitchen. I really liked that idea.

After leaving the RV place we headed to Lighthouse cove putt putt golf. We have been wanting to go but just hadn't made it there was the day.

Well the place was really nice and not to busy today. It was a bit hot though. They have 2 different courses. The one we picked had a big aquarium to look at along the way. Well I have to say Jeff whipped me. I'm horrible it seems at putt putt.

 After the game we had a bite to eat at there restaurant. It was nice and the service was good. We had a fun time there. You can get online and get prices. They also have a senior day. Oh they will also bring you drinks while you are playing...

Tuesday March 12- It was a foggy morning and the sunrise was a beauty. We are still using the golf cart. Waiting for tires for our blue cart. I can't wait to get that one back. After work I was sitting outside in my swing chair and I noticed this strange creature scurry across our rug outside. I grabbed my phone and got some pictures. I didn't know what it was so I put it on facebook and everyone kind of agreed it was a skink. I had never seem one before. It looked like a night crawler with legs and a pointed head. That thing could really move too.

Wednesday March 13- Yeah!! Our cart is fixed with new tires. It was nice to have it back and have all our stuff where we could find it. Another good day at work.

Thursday March 14- Last day of our work week. We had a nice day, with the weather nice, and no big problems to deal with. After work we cleaned up and was planning on driving to Wellington Amphitheater. As we were leaving Jeff went to turn off the water and flipped the wrong switch. The water squirted straight in to the refrigerator vent. That caused our frig to throw an error message. We have had this happen before. Jeff had to reset it. It wasn't really cooperating. I think it was because we were in a hurry. Well we got it reset and headed on our way. The drive over was horrible. The traffic was crazy on every road. It didn't mater if it was a road, highway, or turnpike....all of them were packed. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there. We did get a good parking spot. I was super excited about going back to eat at the egg roll food truck. Well, it wasn't there. I was bummed. We got a pizza to share, I guess it is pie day... I tried to comfort my pain with hot doughnuts, they were way over priced. The band tonight was Forever Young, a Neil Young tribute band. They were ok but not my favorite. They had a good sized crowd. It wasn't packed as I have seen it though.

The ride home was way better but still more traffic than usual.

Friday March 15- Was going to kayak but the weather was not cooperating. We hung around here getting our household chores done. We ran to the store to get stuff for our Sunday dinner. I made cookies to take too.

Saturday March 16- A little gray today. We got Miss Ruby out for a walk before rain. We also ran in to Ken and Janna. We invited them to go to the Square Grouper at 3 to listen to Jodi Gaines and get a happy hour drink. We found a spot at the bar where we could still see the band. That turned out to be a great seat because it did rain a bit on and off. We stayed nice and dry. We had great service and ended up getting a bite to eat as well. We hung around there with Ken and Janna. It was a great time and we got to learn more about our new friends.

When we got home we walked the dogs and then we headed up to the Pinegrove Pavillion. Phil Milligan is having a jam session. He invites all the campers. Jeff brought his guitar and so did a couple other guys. With the weather Jeff suggested that they use the shelter. It turned out to be a great night. There were over 30 people there and I think everyone had fun. I know those 2 little boys that were dancing did.

Sunday March 17- Happy St. Patty's Day. Wearing green today. Jeff even surprised me by grabbing a green shirt. We went to church, had to go early to greet. On our way home from church we made a quick Walmart stop. Then home to finish cooking my loose meat sandwich meat. We left here at 12:30 to get to Lori and Todd's house. We had a smaller than normal group but the food was excellent. We had fun getting to know everyone there a bit better. We left there a little before 3. We had to make one more stop before heading home. Some of the volunteers are getting together at Tiki 52 to celebrate St Patty's Day. We got a table and sat by the water and enjoyed the afternoon. Our group just kept was fun.

Well that's another 2 weeks in the books. We can't believe how fast this winter has gone. We have about a month left here and I'm sure it will fly by....until next time......