Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Sunday December 28-Its moving day, and going to a brand new place for us. We have heard some good things about this park so we are excited to visit it. The weather was good for traveling. We didn't have too much to put away because we had already done most of it. Funny thing I ran into a gal and her doggy this morning that were our neighbors last year at Bahia Honda, so I talked a bit to her. We hooked up and was on the road around 9 o'clock. Traffic wasn't to busy heading north til we got close to Miami. That wasn't the case for those heading south, that was a mess. We stopped at the travel plaza, just to check things out. When I went into the rig I noticed some water on the floor under the drawers below the refrigerator. After some investigating found the drainage hose outside was clogged so Jeff took care of that. I cleaned up the water and thought we were done with that mess. We found the park, found our site #78 and backed her in. The site is large but we still had some issues getting of those days. This site is a full hookup...water, sewer, and 50 amp service. We plugged her in, set up the sewer and water lines and put the slides out. That's when I noticed the floor behind the sink and in front of the stove. This is hidden when the slides are in and so we didn't see that water had made its way back there. Well we have hardwood floors so now at the seams its bubbled up a bit. Yikes...not good. On a good note our little wiener dog Soffee is 14 today.

Monday December 29- Since we haven't had full hookups for the last month or so we had plenty to take care of. It sprinkled first thing in the morning but that didn't last long and was followed by a rainbow. I got started on the laundry and it took most of the day getting that done. Jeff was busy doing some cleaning of the tanks. We unloaded the boats and bikes. Jeffs still having issues with the shifting on his bike. He worked on that some. We got in the truck and drove to the other end of the park. There is so much to do here. There is a big education center that has programs and exhibits for all ages. You can kayak, canoe or enjoy a guided pontoon boat tour. The biking includes paved and off-road trails. You can climb to the highest natural point in South Florida by climbing the Hobe Mountain Observation Tower. You can also take a guided horseback riding tour. This is all inside the much more outside the park in the surrounding area.

Tuesday December 30-We decided to run into town to Walmart and the grocery store. The Walmart was crazy it seems they are in the middle of a remodel and you cant find anything. Let me give you an example, I was looking at nail polish and across the aisle was the frozen food...kinda crazy. We stopped and washed the truck on the way back. That was really bugging Jeff, we did it together and it does look better. We made our way back to the park and then had to unload and put everything away. It felt good to get some things done. Jeff is still trying to get his bike running right. It was nice out there so we set outside and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Wednesday December 31-Oh what to do....its rainy today then it went to cloudy. Jeff went out and started washing the rig, it started misting and it pretty much did that the rest of the day. I made some caramel corn for our big evening tonight. It did stop misting long enough that we got the dogs walked. After supper we had an exciting game of skipbo...I won..Happy New Year to everyone out there. I hope you have a healthy, happy and safe 2015.

Thursday January 1-A new year so we both are going try to be a bit healthier. It was rainy to start but it cleared up so we walked to Kobe Observatory. It was a good walk, it was really hot and humid but we kept on trucking. When we got up on top of the tower there was a nice breeze to cool us off.

After our walk Jeff tried to get some waxing done on the rig between rain. I watched the winter classic...the Blackhawks lost. We had reservations for supper tonight at my favorite special restaurant. Jeff got me a gift card for Ruth Chris steak house. We like to wait til all the craziness is over before we celebrate. It was a great night and the food was wonderful. It was a perfect way to bring in the new year.

Friday January 2-Started the day off good again. We went for a walk but it was shorter than it should have been. We got to visiting with the neighbors, then the park ranger came by and we got to talking to him. We have been talking and we  think we are going to try to get a camp hosting position here in Florida. We talked to the ranger about hosting and he gave us the name of who we needed to talk to. No time like the present so we headed up to the Kimbell Center to look around and find out what was required as a host. We got an application and had a good visit with the ranger. The weather is a little iffy. Rain, sun, rain, sun. We took a chance and drove into the Busch Wildlife Preserve. A nice place to go, its free to get in and has lots of critters to check out. Its a rescue place so they do lots of good work. We got to see  birds, black bears, panthers, alligators, foxes, and sea otters. It was a good place to go and easy to find.

Saturday January 3-Again the weather wasn't what the weatherman had predicted. We walked but not very long. I came in and made strawberry shortcake and got supper ready to make. Jeff again tried to wax. We had planned to take the kayaks up the Loxahatchee river but we want a better day for that.  Jeff had a good day. He found a theater and off we went. It was easy to find and its was a super nice theater. The prices are reasonable and the popcorn was great. It was clean and the employees were friendly and super nice. The movie we saw was Unbroken and its was well worth the watch. Both of us liked it. The Cobb Theater was located in a mall area but it was very unique. Lots of different shops and loads of restaurants. Jeff stopped at The Yard House for a beer before heading home. It has 130 selections of beer on draft. We couldn't help thinking of our friends Janie and John, you would love it. Since he got beer we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for a piece of cheesecake to take home. Everybody was happy and we made our way home. After all that popcorn, and cheesecake we took the pups for a walk or maybe it was more for us.

Our first week is gone here at Jonathan Dickenson, we are really loving this place, so bring on week 2 cant wait to continue to explore.