Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where Has The Summer Gone???

Monday August 8- This week we have to rearrange our schedules a bit. Ashton has hockey camp and we are going to take him. It lasts for 4 days and we will be delivering him the first 3 days. We haven't been able to watch him practice this summer, so we are going to hang around the first hour of hockey camp because the first hour is ice time. It was fun to watch him do all the drills. Boy do they work them boys hard. As you can see he looked a little heading out on the ice compared to coming off the ice. After we left the ice arena we took Hailey back home with us. Did some hanging out at the campground. Of course we had to visit the playground. I fixed her hair up so she could go to gymnastics. We have been watching a lot of the Olympics, especially the swimming and the Olympics. Hailey loves to watch the girls do there flips and leaps.

As you can see, we spend a lot of our time with our grandkids. We are so lucky to be able to be so close and participate in there activities. I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

Tuesday August 9- We got up and came in to pick up Ashton for day 2. Again we stayed and watched him skate. Never get tired of that.

We came home and I got busy with laundry, cleaning , etc. I also have been trying to get a hold of my family that haven't RSVPed for the wedding. It's getting close and people are getting nervous. Boy I'm glad I'm not doing that, its a lot of pressure getting everything lined up. The good news is I got answers from everyone I needed. Check that off of my list. The evening was spent in front of the TV watching the Olympics. I admit I'm addicted. I love watching the events but I really love the stories behind all the athletes. I have a hard time turning it off, I'm afraid I'll miss something.

Wednesday August 10- Last day we have to deliver Ashton,so we watched him skate again. They do different drills everyday and it never ceases to amaze me what they can do.

It was fun taking him everyday and watching, that's one thing I miss....when we are south in the winter they have all there tournaments so we have to miss them. I guess I'll have to take what I can get.

Thursday August 11- Today looked to be a rainy day. I decided to get busy on the rehearsal dinner stuff. I wanted to check on what I had, and what I still need to get. I looked at the menu, figured out the recipes I needed. Then I made out my grocery list. I also looked at the decorations. I started making some of those. I wanted to have an idea on what things would look like. I think it will be ok.

I sure do like pinterest...they have so many awesome ideas. I think I have everything I need. Now all I have to do is go grocery shopping and make all the pressure.

Friday August 12- Oh boy what a day...I got a phone call at 6 a.m. from Seth. See we had a BIG rain come through last night and there basement is flooded. They have a finished basement. It's had some water in it before but never like this. I thought maybe he was exaggerating but nope. It was a HUGE mess. Jeff and I went over there as soon as we could. Seth had to work because he took Thursday off to watch Ashton skate. So Jeff, Katie, and I took on the was a mess but we worked hard and got most of it cleaned up. The good news is all the appliances work. Thats good because they just got a new washer last week. They still have a lot to do but the water is gone and the basement is cleaned out. It's going to take a while for everything to dry up. They ended up taking the carpet outside to dry....Water sure can make a mess. We went home and were both tired. We stopped for a bite to eat before heading back. It was going to take care of our lunch/supper. Since we had a early supper/ late lunch we fixed some popcorn for a snack. Well to make a long story short remember the tooth that broke off, well the filling fell out of the same tooth. A visit to a dentist is in my near future.

Saturday August 13- We got up early and headed back in to Seth and Katie's to finish cleaning up stuff. Since everything was out in there garage thought it would be a good time to clean things out. There was a lot of stuff that got wet and ruined. Other stuff needed to be dried out. Then some stuff just needed to go through and get rid of. We were done for the day. Went home and watched the Olympics.

Sunday August 14-Today was a really nice was a great day to go to church. I think we are hooked up to do some greeting at the church. We love this church but feel we need to do more to be more of an active member. After church we went to get Hailey. She doesn't have gymnastics tomorrow but still choose to come spend some time with us. She is my little helper in the kitchen. We decided to make some no bake cookies and of course she helped. If she makes the cookies then she takes some home....less that I have to eat. It was a fun time as usual.

Monday August 15- We have our helper with us all day. She likes to help clean the shower house as long as I have some music playing. Then I called up a dentist to get an appointment. Well Hailey didn't have gymnastics so we worked on them outside. She figured out how to stand up from her back bend. Needless to say she was very excited. It was also grooming day...Belle, Jeff and I all got haircuts....done by me. We came in to town so Jeff could go to the Y. Hailey and I ran some errands. We dropped off Hailey at home and came home ourselves.

Tuesday August 16- It called for rain today but the weather man was wrong again. It seems the hummingbirds swarm more when the weather is rainy and that was very apparent today.

It cleared up and so that made it laundry day, since my dryer is the sunshine and wind. I also got some cleaning done. I did my cleaning in the morning so I tried my walk in the afternoon. It was so hot and humid. I definitely prefer a morning walk.

Wednesday August 17- Oh that Soffee....she normally sleeps about 95% of the time, as you can see in this picture.  Every once in a while she gets a belly ache and keeps me up all night.  Well thats what happened last night. I have been staying up till 11 watching those silly Olympics. Then at 2 a.m. Soffee decides she wants to stay up the rest of the night. She won't lay down and sleep and if you put her down she kept going in the corners and digging. I'm not sure what she was looking for but in the middle of the night it sure is loud. Jeff get's up at 6:30 and then she decides to join him in his recliner, she falls asleep and sleeps the rest of the day. I had my dentist appointment today at noon. It was the first time going here. I was really impressed with everything. I didn't have to wait and they just fixed the tooth without wanting to do a bunch of extra stuff. Then if you pay cash they give you a 5% discount. I was on my way home at 12:40......with a fixed tooth and a great experience. We will use him again.

Thursday August 18- After that smoking hot walk I took yesterday today I wanted to do it early. I went and it was so foggy. It was still hot but at least the sun wasn't beating down on me. I noticed that many spiders were busy last night. You can spot the webs easier because of the humidity. I don't like spiders but you have to appreciate there delicate work.

After my walk Jeff took me in to town to look for a purse for the wedding. That's the last thing I need to get. I have everything done that I can do. I now need to wait until the week before to start preparing the food for the rehearsal dinner. I'm confident that everything will be good. I just need to get it done and out of my head. I don't know what is so special about my hummingbird juice but the birds love it.

Friday August 19-Jeff went in to take Ashton to the Y. I had to stop at the store to get chicken for supper. I made the homemade noodles yesterday. We are going to Justin and Molly's tonight and I'm bringing the chicken noodles. Jeff brought his guitar to show Justin how much he has improved. I visited with Molly and she showed me some of the things for the wedding. It looks like she has everything under control. We got in the truck to come home and ran into rain. It rained on and off through the night. It also cooled things off.

Saturday August 20- It looked like rain out there, and the weather man said rain too. We decided to head to Palo. They are having family fun days today. Justin is in a kickball tournament. We said we would come if it wasn't raining. It wasn't raining so we went. The first game was at 10 a.m. As soon as they started it started lightly raining. We just stood under a building. It was pretty fun. They won the first game. We ran into town to get lunch. Then we stopped back to watch another game. They played a second game while we were away and got beat. The third game they won again. The forth game a loss. Then we went home.

Sunday August 21- Countdown begins...2 weeks til the wedding. Boy did it cool down last night. It was in the 50's this morning, boy that felt different. We went to church and then came home to make brunch. Seth brought Hailey out in the afternoon. This is her last day before she starts kindergarten. She is really excited about her new adventure and so are we. We didn't really do much just hung out.

Another 2 weeks in the books. I can't believe how fast this summer is going. Our park has been unusually slow. The lake in way low and the beach is closed. Still working on that lake restoration. We haven't had a full campground  since the 4th of July weekend. During the week we might have 5 campers. Boy people don't know what they are missing out here. It's so quiet and peaceful. I guess we will just have to enjoy the place ourselves.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bring On August

Monday July 25- It's our oldest sons birthday today...he had the day off so we didn't have Hailey. He took the kids golfing today. We spent the day getting some stuff done around the campground. I gave the shower house a good cleaning and also took care of things like laundry etc. The campground has been super slow this year. They are doing a lake renovation, they lake has been lowered. That means the beach area is closed and the boat ramps are difficult to use. So during the week it's super slow...between 5 to 8 campers in our loop. Even on the weekend we aren't full. Last year we were full every weekend. It makes it super quiet around here. That's kind of nice. After getting all our work done around here we came to town. We stopped at the Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake for Seth. Jeff picked up Ashton and went to the Y, I went with Seth to watch Hailey at gymnastics. She has been asked to join up to compete, so today they tried on the warm ups they will need to order. She is very excited.

After gymnastics we came back and had some ice cream cake to celebrate Seth's birthday....yum it was really yummy.

Wednesday July 27- We are trying to get in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so Jeff and Ashton can go to the Y to exercise. That's why we came in today. After exercising we brought Ashton home with us to stay a couple nights. He hasn't stayed with us as much this summer. The summer is going too fast. He will be back in school before we know it.

Thursday July 28- Boy we had a cool front come through and it's really nice out there. Ashton and I went for a walk to the other side of the lake. It usually takes me about 1 hour. To keep his mind off of the distance I came up with a list of things to look for. We went on a scavenger hunt. It was really fun. We found everything on the list. It really makes you take a closer look at nature around you.

 After lunch Jeff and Ashton went down to try fishing. No good. We went in to Tomaso for pizza for supper. It was as good as the last time. I didn't break a tooth off this time.

Friday July 29- Today Ashton went for a walk with me again. Then Jeff and him went to the Y. I stayed home this time and did some scrap booking. Jeff met Seth and Justin to play golf after they got off of work. I enjoyed the quiet time. I watched some of the campers roll in. We still didn't fill the park up.

Saturday July 30- It's really a pretty day today. It's not really hot but the sun is shining. We went for a walk up to the 2nd campground loop. Then we just hung around. We had contacted some friends to get together tonight for supper. John and Janie are full time rvers and we usually get together when we are both in the Cedar Rapid area. We met them at a local restaurant Granite City. The food was ok but it was good to get together and catch up. We stayed there as long as we felt comfortable then we went to Janie and John's camp site. We enjoyed a camp fire and more conversation. It was a wonderful evening.

Sunday July 31- Last night we had put in our pork to test for the rehearsal dinner. Wanted to try out this recipe before we feed all them people. It turned out wonderful. Our pulled pork sandwiches are yummy. So happy about that. We had plans today too. Some friends we met here have been telling us about a restaurant/bar that we need to try. On Sunday they have an open mic. We had planned to meet them there. The place is called The General Store. It's located in Stone City right on the Wapsi river. We left here planning to arrive around 3:30. The singing was suppose to start at 4. We got there and it wasn't long before Lenny and Dawn arrived. We had a bite to eat, something to drink and got to listen to some great music. Everything was wonderful, the food, the beverages, the entertainment and the company. It was a wonderful afternoon.

We left here and made are way back to pick up Hailey. Tomorrow is gymnastics.

Monday August 1- A brand new month, I can't believe it's August in just about a month. Hailey insists on helping me clean the shower house. After breakfast we went to the park. Hailey is quite fond of swinging...and so am I

We had lunch and went to town. Jeff and Ashton went to the Y, Hailey and I went to gymnastics.

She got to work on the vault today. She really is improving fast. She also loves it so makes it fun to watch her.

Tuesday August 2- It's feels like August today, very hot and humid. Jeff told Ashton he would take him to the movie. I stayed back and did some cleaning. Then I decided to start a new quilt project.

I'm using fabric that I already have. I didn't really have a pattern so I just played around with it. I decided this needed something else. So I'm going to frame all of the colors with black. I will post pictures later. I need to have something to work on. I don't have a lot of time to come up with an idea. I want something easy because I have enough on my mind with the big wedding coming up. It's just for me.

Friday August 5- This whole week has been unbelievably hot. The humidity has been added to the heat making it feel like it's over 100 out there. This morning I had to run Jeff into Justin's. They have a whole van full of guys. They are going to Kansas City for Justin's bachelor party. After dropping him off I ran some errands before heading back. Jeff wasn't the only one with plans for the weekend. My best friend Judy was coming up to spend the weekend with me. She got here around 7:30. I was watching the opening ceremony of the olympics....I love the olympics!! When she arrived we just talked and talked. So much to catch up on.

Saturday August 6- We got up early and started this crazy weekend. First I had to clean both shower houses, since Jeff was gone. Then we went downtown to go to the farmers market. It was really a pretty day...not to hot not to cool. The place was packed.

After spending some time at the market we headed to do a bit of shopping. I'm looking for jewelry for the wedding and Judy found a dress for the same event. We managed to blow most of the day. Came back to the campground and sat outside. The weather was really nice. Then we fixed us a very yummy supper. I'm not used to doing the grilling but it turned out great. What a yummy dinner.

We stayed in and watched the olympics. We just had fun hanging out together. We always have a great time regardless of what we do.

Sunday August 7- Today after cleaning we both cleaned up and went to church. The more I go to this church the more I like it. The worship....awesome, the message...awesome. A great way to start the day. I made brunch for us then we went outside and watched as the campers pulled out...bye bye. Judy took off around 3, and then Jeff called me at 4 to come pick him up. I can't wait to hear about this weekend.