Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Most of March at JD

Monday February 29- We have a leap day this year, an extra day to enjoy. We sure have enjoyed our stay here so far. We have really settled into a routine. We work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday followed by 4 days off. The days we work go really fast and the days off go fast too. We feel very lucky to be hosting at this park. All the volunteers and rangers are super friendly. The park has so much to offer and the campground is nice for big rigs. It has full hook ups and the sites are big and clean. The area surrounding the park has lots to do. There are lots of beaches, fishing, shopping, and lots of restaurants. We weren't sure about staying put for so long but the time is going fast. We are missing family so I'm sure we will be ready to go in April. Now some bad news. We had some one come look at our bedroon A.C. unit. We have had problems with it and they have tried to repair it but it never lasts. Well they told us this time that its going to have to be replaced. We decided to get it done at a later date. We will have it fixed before our next trip south.

Friday  March 4-We had a busy day planned. We made plans to go out on the Blue Heron for a morning of drift fishing. We needed to be there at 7:15 a.m. for a 8 a.m. departure. We had perfect weather today. It was sunny and warm. The seas were as calm as I've seen. The crew was extremely helpful and funny. It was a half day trip and the cost was $45. After we figured out how to drift fish we had lots of fun. It was completely different from the fishing we do at the keys. We both caught fish but Jeff brought one home. It was a bit tricky fishing. When you got a bite you would reel it in but your line was under your neighbors line so it was a confusing but it was fun and everyone on the boat was there to have fun....we did.

After fishing we came back home. We have a dinner to go to tonight. Its our snowbird life group at church. Norman and Diane outdid themselves again. Our meal was so good, so was the conversation.


Saturday March 5- Today we are going on a road trip. We are going with our neighbors Ron and Barb, also her brother Jim. First we went to Stuart for lunch at Duffy's. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather and the food.

Next we made our way to the Elliot Museum. This place had a little of everything. They had lots of cars, bikes, toys, baseball stuff you name it. It was not huge but plenty to see.

After the museum we took the scenic route home....Ron's known for that. This time as we were going by the water I spotted some dolphins so he pulled over so we could take a look.

Who doesn't like to watch dolphins....? no one! Went out for dinner at The Ale House and it was very good. It was a long day but a great one.

Sunday March 6- Today was a great day because it was church day. We got to be greeters. The worship and message was so good, we left feeling better than when we arrived. I checked my phone when I got out of church because I knew Ashton was playing hockey in Omaha. When I looked at my phone I see a picture of Ashton. We was voted player of the game. You could tell he was very proud. I called them and Seth said he played his best game yet. We are very proud of him.

Tuesday March 8- We had a funny thing happen to us today. As we were cleaning our sites we had a couple come up to talk to us. That's not so unusal but these folks come to meet us because they are going to be camp hosts with us back in Iowa at Pleasant Creek. They live in this area but have family in Iowa and spend there summers there. That was quite a surprise for sure. Thanks for stopping by Chuck and Wanda.

Saturday March 12- Well we were suppose to take the kayaks out yesterday but when we got them out Jeff's fish finder decided not to work. After messing with it he decided that its not fixable. He went and got a new one and replaced that. So today we thought we would get the kayaks wet. We haven't had many days in the water. We loaded them up and took them to the ramp here in the park. It was kind of windy but it's  pretty protected there. We headed down the Loxahatchee river toward the ocean. We didn't get very far before it started sprinkling. We headed back toward the boat ramp because we didn't want to be to far from the ramp if it started pouring. With the weather  we have had this year you never know. The fishing was horrible by the way.

Sunday March 13- It's that dreaded morning where you have sprung forward. I never can figure how an 1 hour switch can reek so much havoc. If you ask Jeff he will tell you he hates the time change.

The weather has turned to summer like. Its hot, humid and the wind has calmed way back. So cleaning this week was a bit more challenging because of the bugs. I wouldn't want to be here in the summer that's for sure.

Friday March 18- We decided to go out for breakfast at Harry and the Natives. People have been telling us how good it is. Our breakfast was really good and the service was fast and friendly. After eating we went to the Hobe Sound beach but the parking lot was full so we went to the Federal beach again. Jeff had wanted to fish but when we arrived he saw people with surf boards. That means too much surf for fishing. We stayed for awhile and enjoyed the view.

We left here and did some exploring, we are looking for kayak launches we can use. First we went to Burt Reynold Park, there we found a really nice launch. Next Jeff took me to another park he found the other day, Dubois Park. It was a nice park but really busy today. It has alot to offer, beaches, fishing pier and its located where you can watch the boats go out and come back, really pretty.

Finished off the day by me attending another volunteer potluck and Jeff going to the mens meeting at church.

Saturday March 19- We both decided to go for lunch and a movie. First lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, Jeff ordered the white chicken bean chili and I had a flatbread pizza. Both of us loved our choices. Now for the real reason we are here....cheesecake!!!!!! We did step out of the box and tried a new kind of cheesecake.....salted was pretty good but very sweet.

After dessert we went to the movie, Miracles From Heaven it was good too, it was sad but then happy. The day was a winner for sure.

Sunday March 20-It was a rainy day and after church I came home and made brunch. Our neighbors Ron and Barb came over and brought fresh strawberries, cake and ice cream. Oh yum it was really good. I think Belle finally warmed up to Ron. We also heard from Ashton that his drop in team in Waterloo took first in the tournament. He was really happy to bring home a trophy.

Monday March 21- It was a cool morning but got even cooler as the day went on.I walked up to the tower. Then we had the task of helping our neighbors load up. They are leaving the park today. This is there first trip with there new 5th wheel. We helped them get hooked up and waved as they left. Its going to be kinda quiet over there. It just won't be the same. We will miss them.

Happy trails Ron and Barb.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Still Here At JD

Monday February 15- Its another super windy and cool day. I have been wanting to head toward town the other way, toward Stuart so we took advantage of the cooler weather and went. What I figured out later was everyone had the same idea. It was really crowded, it was Presidents day so lots of people out, and kids out of school. We pretty much shot the whole day doing nothing. Everything we were looking for wasn't there, so it was also kind of a waste of time. Then on our way back home the sky opened up and the rain fell down. It poured all the way back. You could hardly see the road. We did make it home safe so that was good.

Tuesday February 16- We woke up to some serious weather. We were ready to take cover but the storms weakened before they arrived we were happy about  that. After the storms passed the day turned out to be really nice. We ran into Karen and Don, friends we met earlier here at the park. This was there 2nd time here since we've been here. We visited with them to see how there travels have been going.

Thursday February 18- Today was a nice day and we had an unusual thing happen. We were driving around doing our job and we spotted this....a statue outside a huge trailer parked next to a motor home. We stopped to talk. This lady does these statues, she is an artist. They travel full time and just started. They travel around and attend art shows. After talking awhile they showed us one of her smaller finished projects. She has done work for Celine Dion. Her work was incredible. Never know who you will meet. Another bonus to this life style.

Saturday February 20- It's a  big day for Ashton, they have a tournament in Wisconsin. He gets to be the captain for this tournament. They played two games today and they won both. He was very excited. Seth said Ashton played very well. Now they will play for the championship Sunday. In the second game Ashton got slashed and broke his stick. He wasn't very happy about that.

Sunday February 21- It was a beauty of a day. We went to church to start the day. After an awesome message and worship service we decided to take a little road trip. Went to check out Juno Beach and found the fishing pier. While we were looking around we found the Turtle Rescue. That was just a bonus. I had that on the list of things to do.  We had a great time looking at the displays inside and the turtles outside. There was no charge to get in but they asked for a donation.

They really had a lot of different turtles to look at. They rescue and take care of turtles that are injured or sick. It looks like they really get excellent care here.

 Monday February 22- It was our last day off before heading back to work. It was suppose to be a good day so we decided to take advantage of it. We loaded up our fishing equipment and chairs and headed to the pier. It cost $4.00 a person to fish from the pier. We picked our spot and threw in our lines. I got bored really quick and gave up. I thought it would be nice just to sit and enjoy the sunshine. I made a few new friends while I was there, and so did Jeff. We didn't have any luck catching fish but it was still a really nice day.

We came home cleaned up and headed to Don and Karen's for pizza night . Jeffrey and Maren came too.  Karen made the crust and sauce from scratch. They have a really neat pizza grill oven that makes the best pizza ever.  It was a wonderful night and day.

 You meet the best folk at the camp grounds.......

Tuesday February 23- Back to work....It was a good day and today we drove a different vehicle. This baby is a Cadillac. We have a windshield, turn signals, horn and even a backup beeper. The windshield is great because if it rains no more rain in the face. It was suppose to rain but it waited until we finished up our rounds. Jeffrey and Maren gave us a call cause they are at Cosco...they brought us a baked chicken for supper and it was so good. That made supper easy.

Wednesday February 24- Again the weather is questionable. We finished up our work and late in the afternoon we were again watching the weather very closely. The first front came thru and it wasn't as bad as they were expecting. We still had more heading our way. We decided to stay home with the dogs instead of going to our bible study at church. We don't like to leave the dogs when there is a chance of serious weather. We were lucky again the storms broke up before arriving. This El Nino is really getting old.

Thursday February 25- With the storms that passed thru a cold front came with it. So it was a bit chilly this morning. After working I wanted to go get some pictures printed. Jeff went to his favorite coffee shop Oceana Coffee to have a cup and use there super fast internet. I went to the CVS...boy that was a mistake. They have terrible customer service. I don't think I will go back to that one. I'm not saying all CVS's because I have used nice ones. Just saying not using this one again.

Friday February 26- It was another cool morning so we started the day off with a campfire and coffee. After, we got ready for a road trip. We headed to Palm Beach and The Flagler Museum. I'm not much on museums but this one is well worth the $18.00 admission fee. We got there right after they opened so we had a great parking spot and the museum practically to ourselves. The Flagler Museum is open year round, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 5:00 p.m. There are lots of different options to touring the museum. We took the narrated audio tour on our own. They also give you a map of the rooms upstairs, downstairs and the grounds. The place was fabulous. The Flaglers had lots of money. Each room was another surprise.

We had looked at the first floor when the people started to arrive. We could here the docent-led tour. We looked around upstairs then headed to the pavilion where Jeff's favorite exhibit was. It was Henry Flagler's private rail car No. 91 and it was something to see.

We took our time to check out this railroad car, it was really something, never saw a train car like that. After we had seen all we wanted, we headed outside. I spotted this tree that really caught my eye. We made our way over to check it out.

 I admit it was hard for me to leave this tree. It was really unique....I loved it. Then we made it into town to get a bite for lunch. We walked down by the water and spotted some incredible yachts. WOW....they were huge.

After drooling over those giant boats we headed back to our humble abode. It was a good day and we managed to get another item marked off of our have to do while in Jupiter list.

Saturday February 27- Another day filled with fun. First we went up to Jeffrey and Maren's site, We are going to help them install awning covers over there slides. It went pretty well and they looked really nice.

We left there came back and changed. Then we headed to the volunteer barbeque. It was put on by the friends of the park. The weather was great, the food was good and the company was wonderful. They had food and lots of it, games and a band. They finished it off with dessert. It was nice getting to visit with the other volunteers. We usually just wave to them as they walk by, so its nice to learn a little more about them.

Sunday February 28- Went to church and when we got home I prepared supper to put in the frig for tonight. Our neighbors sold there camper and are having there new one brought in today. I told Barb I would help. They thought it would get here around 3 but its was more like 1. I helped her finish emptying out there camper so Ron could move it. The new one arrived, they set it up and we got busy cleaning and putting things away. It went pretty well and then we had them over for supper.

Out with the old and in with the new. Barb was really excited and it was fun to help them set up and clean up. I hope they love there new rig. After supper and dessert we visited some and then they went back to there place. We made a call to Jeff's brother to catch up what's happening in our home town. It was a very full weekend and now on to a new week.