Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Volunteering Is Fun

Monday February 13- It's a busy day here today. Tonight is our volunteer potluck supper. Jeff, I, Ken and Mary are putting it together. I thought a birthday theme would be nice. We meet all these people and get to know them but miss there birthdays. So we had cupcakes, ice cream and gifts. I had made 2 batches of cupcakes yesterday but today I was making the smore cupcakes. I also needed to go up to the pavilion to set up the tables, sweep up a bit and do a little decorating. That was a little tricky because of the wind but Jeff helped me get everything taped down. We had really good weather today too. Well I got the cupcakes made and went to set up the rest.

Ken and Mary brought ice cream with toppings. The rest of the volunteers brought the rest. We had a great turnout. After eating we introduced ourselves and started with the traveling birthday gift game. We didn't have much traveling going on but it was still fun. We got lots of pictures of everyone.

Here are the volunteers dining with all the different foods that everyone bought. Next some pictures of the gift opening.......

Another volunteer potluck in the books....success.....

Tuesday February 14- Woke up at 4:30 a.m. with my ear just screaming. When that happens I usually plug it with my finger thinking that will fix it or something. It doesn't work, but I figured out today I can hardly hear anything out of it. It is very clogged up today. I went to work and gradually it got better. I just keep telling myself at least I'm not getting that vertigo. Our work day went well. After finishing up I took some of the extra cupcakes to some friends that are camping here. It is Valentines Day. It is also the start of love week at our church. We are suppose to do random acts of kindness and let people know that God loves them. We got a surprise today, our amazon order arrived. I got my gel pens and my new hammock, Jeff got his coffee and happy camper. I can't wait to get  my new hammock up.

Thursday February 16- Today was our last day to work this week. I got up early and mixed up some cookie dough. I made chocolate chip and peanut butter. We did our hosting jobs. Then I came back and started baking up the cookies. I made up plates for all the volunteers here at Pine Grove campground and delivered them. It was fun to give out some treats and sweeten up there day.I also let them know that God loves them. We had our life group tonight. We left a little early to get some stuff to make rice krispy treats for tomorrow.

Friday February 17- It was a cool morning. Jeff washed the truck and I made rice krispy treats. Then we decided to do a road trip and explore a few places that people have shared with us. First stop Harry and The Natives for breakfast. It was OK but not wonderful.

 Next stop was Cove Road Park, this is a kayak launch that a camper said was a good place to go and not all that crowded. We wanted to see for ourselves before bringing up the kayaks. It looks like it would be a place we would like so we will be back. The we headed on to Bathtub Beach. We would have never just drove by this place. We were told it was good to snorkel but when we arrived we couldn't imagine snorkeling there. It was very big surf going on. It was really pretty but not where I want to snorkel. Jeff did some more research and its a low tide destination. We still had a nice time walking the beach, it's very pretty.

We came home and I got to try our my new hammock,,,I love it....just as much as the last one.

Remember those rice krispy treats I made?...Well we had an invite for supper at Jeffrey and Maren's. She made a pot roast with chocolate fondue for dessert. I brought the krispys to dip.....yum.

Everything was so good and the company was great as always...thanks.

Saturday February 18- This is usually our day off. Today the park is hosting a Scrub Jay Festival so we were asked to volunteer.  We went down to the festival location around 9 a.m. I started out selling tickets for the hay rack and swamp buggy rides. Jeff went to the area where the kids obstacle course would be. Everything was really organized and staffed well but the turnout could have been better. Here are some of the sites from that day.

After finishing our duties we hitched a ride on the swamp buggy but not before a picture with a giant scrub jay. We thought we were going to volunteer our time but really had a great time. We got to know some of those that are volunteering but at different places than us.

Sunday February 19- Our dog Soffee has decided to rearrange her sleeping schedule. Jeff and I don't really like it. She has been getting up at 5:30, and the last couple nights, 4:30. Oh boy hope this doesn't last long. We went to church and today our neighbors Don and Deb joined us. It was a great service. When we came home we welcomed a new volunteer to the neighborhood. They had been staying at a different place in the park. Now they are our neighbors.

Monday February 20- Slow to get started today. We headed to Juno Beach. Since we had a late start it was pretty crowded already. The sun was shining until I sat down in my chair. This was my view. The good news is it didn't last long the sun came back out and it got hot fast. Jeff went to the pier to fish first. He came and joined at the beach for awhile. We didn't stay all that long. When we left the parking lot was full and cars were circling to get the first available parking spot.

We got home and hung around the park. We have decided to join the Jonathan Dickinson group at Jupiter Lanes to go bowling. We can start bowling at 9 o'clock and can go until midnight. That is a late night for us. We met everyone there and found our lucky bowling balls....(so we thought). We got our lane assignments and went to work. Well I can safely say that my ball wasn't lucky, and I haven't really improved too much from last time. Still it was a great time for sure.

Wednesday February 22- Today it was super cloudy and the chance of rain was 80%. It looked like it was going to rain at any minute most of the day but it held off until we were done working. After work I got busy putting together a spaghetti casserole and dessert for supper. Jeffrey and Maren are coming over to dinner. Everything came out really good.

 It was pouring rain when they arrived but after eating I looked out the window and a beautiful rainbow. It was the brightest one I've ever seen. We went out and took some pictures.

Before they left we finalized our plans for Saturday. They are leaving the park on Sunday and we won't see them again until next year.

Thursday February 23- We worked today and it was the last day of our work week. It has been geting really easy because everyone is keeping things so nice. Ken came over to us and said he and Mary are meeting  Steve, Claire, Fred and Pam at Tiki 52 around 4:30...we decided to join them. We also told Jeffrey and Maren, they joined us. It was a beauty of a day. We sat outside and enjoyed all the sights.

Then we noticed a fishing boat coming in. Jeff noticed the catch they brought in. We went out to check it out. So did the pelicans, looking for dinner.

 Friday February 24- Jeff today decided to go ahead and finish mounting our new surge protector. He hooked it all up but waited awhile to mount it. He thought he had waited long enough. Everything seems to be working OK. After that we headed toward Stuart. Jeff wanted to visit the House Of Refuge Museum. I was going to sit on the beach while he looked at it and he would join me after. I didn't go far from the museum. There wasn't a soul around. It was very pretty and peaceful. Jeff enjoyed the museum. It cost $8.00 to go in. Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge, is Martin County's oldest building. These houses were occupied by a keeper and his family. There job was to walk the shore in both directions searching for shipwreck victims. It has a neat story and Jeff liked it.

While sitting on the beach I had a few visitors. They especially were friendly if I had a pretzel in my hand... or dropped a piece.

It was a great day to just sit enjoy the waves and the sunshine. I kind of liked the birds too.

Saturday February 25- We had the morning to get stuff done. I decided to give Belle her haircut and then Jeff gave both of the dogs a bath. I also gave Jeff his haircut too. Belle did really good even though she doesn't like getting her hair cut.

Jeff and I packed up some snacks and drinks and waited for Jeffrey and Maren. They picked us up around 1:30. We went to Stuart, first to the art show then to catch The Lily. It's a schooner that we will be going for a sunset sail. When we got to Stuart it was really busy. Lucky Jeffrey got a prime parking spot. We wandered through the show looking at all the goodies...They even have yummy snacks. We had fresh lemonade, kettle corn and we found our way to a yogurt bar.

After we had seen it all we loaded back into the car and made our way to our next adventure. It wasn't that far from the art show. We got there plenty early so we waited a bit to board. This boat...schooner was really neat.

After we left the dock they raised the sails. They asked for volunteers, Jeff and I stepped up and raised the sails. The weather was perfect, clear with a slight breeze. Everyone was ready to enjoy.
It was a wonderful evening. It cost $40.00 a person and you could bring your own snacks and drinks. The trip was about 2 hours long. They even had some entertainment. We got to watch the sunset at sea. It was a great way to finish the day.

After the wonderful boat ride we stopped at Sonny's BBQ for some dinner. It was good. Then I remembered Ashton had a game so I messaged Seth to see what had happened. They started late so the game was still in process. Making a long story short they came back from a 4-2 deficit to win 5-4 in OT. The boys were super excited. Seth even face timed me so I could watch the OT. They had another game later but I knew I would be a sleep for that one....they won too came back from 4-1 to win 8-4. They are playing super good. They will play in the championship game tomorrow at 12:45.

Sunday February 26- We had to go to church early this morning to greet. I love going to church and I love when we get to greet. The message was awesome and so was the worship. We came back home and was waiting to here about Ashton's hockey game. It was an exciting game. I was super nervous and I'm clear down here. Ashton actually scored the first goal and they were on a roll. Then the other team got it together and caught up with them. They had to go to O.T. and this time the results weren't in our favor. What a heart breaker. I just knew how upset those boys would be....maybe next time. Then Jeff and I decided to take a walk around the loop. I always take my phone with me...well every time but this time. I saw some flames coming from behind a camper. I knew it wasn't a campfire. So Jeff and I go running over. It seems a guy was lighting his grill and a spark was blown into the grass behind him and in an instant the fire was a blazing. We probably had 20 mph winds today. Well let me tell you the campers all grabbed hoses and went to work. It was all out just smoldering when the fire department came. Boy that could have been a disaster for sure. I only have pictures after the fire was out. Someone shared them with me. Campers rock!!!!

Wow what a day of excitement....went home and found out that some of the volunteers are having a get together tonight so I had to make a dish. Drew and Teresa were excellent hosts and everything was great. The food the company and we even had a birthday to celebrate. What a week.