Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bahia Honda State Park / First week


Sunday November 30- Its travel day and it didn't start off the best. Our water pump lost its prime. Then we went to dump and the bathroom door was locked so couldn't get in to add water to the tanks. On the road and its seems our GPS is doing something real weird. It was just a bit aggravating. We had a long, slow day of traveling. We had around 285 miles with the last 150 pretty slow going. On a good note the weather was perfect. We had been here last year so we new where we were going and our site was the same one so we knew it too. We went to our spot #25 and our parking went just like the rest of the day......difficult. What was so aggravating about it was we didn't have any problems before. Finally we got parked and began to unload. We decided to get everything out. We were going to have company and planned on having lots of fun. So if your going to have fun you have to get all your stuff out. Then just to add to our memorable day, my key broke off in the door...great. It was an exhausting day....ready for bed.

Monday December 1- A new week, a new month a new location. Well the day started off a little like yesterday. Jeff tried to get the broken key out of the lock but instead we couldn't get the door open. I was inside, he was outside. At least I had the coffee. After a little bit of messing with it we got it open. So now we are just using the deadbolt til we can get it fixed. We finished getting the kayaks and bikes down. I decided to just hang out around our campsite and read. Jeff took his kayak out and it seems to be missing a plug under his seat. Have to get one of those. I also finished up my quilt. The weather here is really nice, a bit windy but plenty warm. I guess I should say what this park has to offer...50 amp service and a water hook up on site. The shower house is really clean and good showers. The best part...location location  location. The beauty here is breath taking. A beach on each side of the park. Fishing is good. They have a little store with snacks. They offer a snorkeling trip if the wind allows. You could be happy here without leaving the park.

 Tuesday December 2- Started my day off with a
walk. It was a bit cloudy today so Jeff thought he would run to the store and the hardware store. I decided to go with. When we got home we took the dogs for a walk. As we were walking the loop we spotted some people we met last year.
Dan and Carrie are from Iowa and we met them last year at Rainbow Springs. We also saw another couple we met here last year. Isn't it a small world....Jeff found some good looking green beans at the store so that's what was for supper with ham and potatoes.

Wednesday December 3- Well nothing broke this morning, but we took the dogs for a walk and noticed Belle had blood in her urine. We got on line and looked up a vet. We called and they had us come in at 2:00. They gave her a shot and some pills, we will watch her to see if this works. They wanted to do more tests but we thought we'd try this first. Jeff worked on the kayaks a little. It seems our rudders aren't working so well. We think maybe leaving them on the carrier to long did that.  Jeff also called a Hobie dealer in Key West to see if they have plugs in store. Looks like we will be able to pick them up when we go pick up Justin and Molly.

Thursday December 4- Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter in law. Its a really pretty day today. Its kinda windy on our side. I decided to get the laundry caught up before our company arrives. Then I got on my bike and went to the other side to see if its calmer over is. I came back, gathered up my stuff and headed over to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. Jeff joined me but he brought his fishing stuff. We saw a pretty good sized stingray right close the beach. Jeff didn't have much luck fishing but he found a friend on the rock he was fishing....and when he did catch a fish his new friend was mighty happy for hanging around.


 December 5- Happy Birthday to me. We are going to Key West today to pick up our youngest son and his girlfriend. We thought we'd go early to stop at the Hobie store and get our plugs, which Jeff said was quite the place. We went downtown to park and walk around and look. First we had to find a spot to park this giant truck in. It took some looking but we found a spot. We headed to the airport around 4 cause we didn't want to be late. We had plenty of time so we had a drink while waiting. Its a real nice little airport. They arrived around 5:30, got there luggage and headed back to the campground. They had a long day of traveling. Before we left for Key West we put a pork tenderloin in the crock pot so we had pork sandwiches waiting for us.

Saturday December 6- Since it was dark when the kids arrived we took them for a walk to show them what the park has to offer. Then we planned our meals and got a list together for the store. We headed off  to grocery shop, also get some fishing supplies. The guys did a little fishing and us girls soaked up some sunshine. We went to a place called Boondocks for supper and to listen to some local music. We noticed they offered putt putt golf so before dinner we grabbed our clubs and gave it a go. It was a really good course and we had a great time. Our dinner was ok and I liked the band but it wasn't really Jeffs kind of music. Dan and Carrie came to listen to the band too so we visited with them a bit.