Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bring On The New Year...2017

Saturday December 31- We had a cold front come in last night. We are leaving tomorrow so we went to town and fueled up for the trip. We have big plans for tonight...we are attending the New Year Eve dance. We purchased our tickets, you get to bring what you want to drink and any snacks you want. I tell you what that place was hopping. When the band started playing they were up and dancing. It was a fun evening and we even made it to welcome in the New Year. It's been awhile since we've done that.

After that December we just lived through we are ready to start fresh with a new year.....Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday January 1- We are heading to Jonathan Dickinson State Park today. We start our camp host gig that will last until April 15. We took a different route this time and it was great except for one part. It was a bit scenic. We have learned scenic means trouble. It wasn't the traffic this time it was the beautiful trees that covered the road. We weren't sure our rig would fit so we held our breath a lot.

We stopped at a rest area and called the park to make sure our spot was available. We had talked to 
Korey last week and said our site would be V-5. I tried to remember from last year were that would be. I wasn't sure I remembered. When I called they told us our site was ready and it was V-9. Now I do remember where that site was. It's the last one in the row. It would have been our first pick. That made both of us happy. We arrived and went to set up. It was really nice to be back, everyone made us feel very welcome. We started setting up but we are still very nervous with the power. We don't have a surge protector now because Jeff's waiting to send it off. We are just using 30 amp service right now, being extra careful. We set up a lot and talked to those we met last year. We had an invite for supper. Jeffrey and Maren had us over and also invited Don and Karen. We met these fine people in our camping journeys. Our dinner was great and so was the company. It was great catching up with everyone's adventures through the past year. 

Monday January 2- Our friends are leaving today but will be back a couple more times while we are here. We decided to go out for breakfast at First Watch. Both of us love their breakfast and were looking forward to going. It was close to the pet store too and Belle needed her prescription food. Since we were out and about we made our way to Trader Joe's. We both love this grocery store. I had made my list. We found everything on the list and more. We got back in time to watch the Blackhawk's play in the Winter Classic....they got beat. While this was going on so was the Outback Bowl which had the Iowa Hawkeye's playing.....they got beat too. Not a good day on the sports front.

Tuesday January 3- It's our first day back to work. We were up bright and early to get going. We are going to have to get back into the routine. The shower house's look good but the site's are going to take some work to get them looking good. We are ready to get going. We got a nice welcome gift a dozen farm fresh eggs.

We will be working the same schedule as last year. We will work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday having the rest of the week off. It took us a little longer today because we are trying to get things all set up like we like. We both were tired, we have been on vacation. After work Jeff tried to make some phone calls to the insurance people and the surge protector people. This has been extremely hard to get anything accomplished. We worked the rest of the week getting into a routine.

Friday January 6- Our day off and we are going to get some stuff done. I had to call my Doctor to get some orders to get a cholesterol screening. I'm to get that on Monday. We finally got the paperwork to ship back our surge protector. We got that done. Had to get some stuff from Walmart. We went out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. It wasn't as good as usual. Next we went to a movie.....Hidden Figures, now that was a good movie. Then we made our way back home.

Saturday January 7- It looks like rain today. I got a short walk in around the campground. Then we went to town again. First we went and picked up another volunteer shirt. I had a few things I was looking for and I don't think I found any. We had pizza for lunch at Crafty Crust. We got home and kept in contact with our son Seth. Ashton is at a hockey tournament. We wanted to know the scores. It was a rough day for the Riders. Since the weather is suppose to cool off tomorrow I decided to make homemade noodles.

Sunday January 8- Oh boy the weather man was right. It is a bit chilly out there this morning. Jeff and I are both very excited to get back to Generation Church. When we arrived it felt like going home. People remembered us and gave us a great welcome. The worship was great and so was the message.

We came back and I made brunch with those farm fresh eggs. It was really good. I walked around the loop, my ears are still bugging me. I guess it's something I will have to adapt to. We had the chicken noodles for supper and boy were they good. It was a perfect day for them. I have to fast for my blood work tomorrow morning....another thing I need to get off of my to do list.

Monday January 9- Up early and off to the lab. When I arrived they told me they didn't have any orders and couldn't do the test. Needless to say I was a bit upset. I couldn't call my Doctor because they weren't open yet. I went home and called when they opened. They had faxed the orders but had one number wrong. So they faxed them again. I wasn't going back today so I called the lab to make sure they had received them this time. I got a hold of them and they said the received them and assured me they would keep them there til Friday. Ashton gave us a call to tell us he was at home sick today. I used the day off to get the laundry caught up. Jeff got the ground breaker replaced today. It was ruined in the power surge. Jeff is still trying to get a hold of the insurance lady. It is very aggravating.

Tuesday January 10- Back to work.... week number 2. It is a little chilly, a little windy, with a dash of rain. After getting all of our work done I headed to the store. There is a volunteer pot luck tonight and I'm making cheesy potatoes. When I got home I made the potatoes. It is kind of windy tonight and a little cool. We headed to the party a little before 6. Had a great turn out. Lots of food, lots of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, even had games with prizes.

Wednesday January 11- Back to rain today and a bit warmer. It took a little longer because the campers didn't want to leave. When we finally got finished I decided to sit outside. We had a visitor come by. I grabbed my camera and got a few shots.

Friday January 13- I headed back to the lab for my blood work. They open at 8 a.m. and I arrived right about then. I wanted to ask about my orders and she told me there was 2 people in front of me and I should take a number. I waited 1/2 hour and she called my number. I went up and tried to explain what happened. She went to look for the orders and couldn't find them. Well needless to say I started to get upset. I said this is my second fast. I told her I talked to someone in the office on Monday and they assured me the orders would be here. She called the other gal that works here and she couldn't remember. Again I couldn't call my doctor because it's to early. She went ahead and did the blood work. It only took and hour. Oh my what a morning. I called my doctor to have them resend the paperwork. Hopefully I will get some results sometime soon. Oh boy what a ordeal. Before heading home we stopped at Home Depot. Jeff needed to get a cord for our new surge protector. Another project to get done. Ashton has another tournament this weekend in Wisconsin and it seems they put them in the wrong division. The first game they got beat 12-0...yikes that's a hard one to take.

Saturday January 14-It was a pretty sunrise this morning. I started my day off with a walk around the loop with Belle. My ears woke me up last night with  a loud hum. This morning it seems more clogged than usual. Jeff wanted to go to the mall and check out this coffee machine. He found the one he was thinking about a Nespresso. They place he looked at even has them on sale. We went and had lunch and talked about it. We had a great pizza at Giraldi's. He went back and got it.

When we got home we checked on Ashton's results. They are playing really good and keeping it close but still not a victory. Seth said that they are playing really well though.

Sunday January 15- Back to church. It's so nice to look forward to Sunday's. We saw people that weren't there last week. It was a lot warmer today than last week. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the weather and sunshine. We did get some good news....Ashton's team won there last game of the tournament. I was so happy to hear that. It was a good way to end the day. We are still trying to get all of our problems resolved. We are trying to be patient but it's so hard. The good news, we are in a great area with lots of great people. I know we are getting close...