Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Williamsburg, Virginia...

Sunday November 2-We got on the road about 9:30, the traffic was light but unknown territory for us. We had to watch close. The scenery on our drive was pretty. I thought a lot of the fall colors were gone but not true. We pulled in Advil Campground in Williamsburg Virginia. Never been here before and Jeff does a lot of research so we knew that there was train tracks running parallel to the campground. We picked a spot farthest from the tracks. The first time a train went by we definitely noticed, but after a day or so not a big deal. We backed up into our spot #50, had a little problem this time lining up the sewer and water with the slides. Got it done, then Jeff was hooking up the cable and our cable hook up wouldn't work so with permission we used the hook up on the other side. We have 50 amp, water, sewer, cable and internet. This campground has been in their family for 3 generations. It is very well taken care of and clean. The people running it are super friendly and helpful.
Driving to Williamsburg.....

Monday November 3-Happy Birthday Jeff...When we got up it was really cool outside and rainy. We made a trip into town to get a few groceries. While out we drove into Williamsburg to check it out. Since the weather was so crappy we decided to take in a movie. Jeff found one really close and unique. It was called Movie Tavern. They offered a $6.75 matinee. Jeff picked the Movie The Fury. The theater offers food, alcohol, and snacks delivered to you. The theater itself was unique as well. Instead of theater seating you each had a leather rocking desk chair. In front of you there was a  table to put your snacks and beverages, with low lighting. The movie was good a bit intense for me, the popcorn was really good. We went back to the campground and made some chili for supper. 

Tuesday November 4- Boy what a difference a day makes. Its really nice outside today. Jeff took advantage of that and changed the oil in the truck. He was pleased because usually he makes a big mess, but not went well. We then decided to go into Williamsburg and actually walk around and explore. First we went to the visitor center and then we walked in towards Revolution City. It was a pretty day to be walking around and there was a path you could follow. We saw the governors mansion, a very old but still active church. It was neat walking back in time and seeing all these old buildings. We just walked around but they do offer lots of options. On the way back we stopped at Five Guys for lunch.  
Visitor Center

Wednesday November 5- A big day today for Jeff. We are heading to Newport News and The Mariners Museum. To start the day off they had a smashed penny machine so that excited me. One of the main reasons Jeff wanted to come here was they have a USS Monitor Center. The Monitor has been called the most famous ship in American history using iron plates for a protective barrier and the worlds first rotating gun turret. The ship fought a four hour battle with the Confederate ironclad the CSS Virginia at the  battle of Hampton Roads. The Monitor later sank in a storm off Cape Hatteras. She was later found upside down in 200+ ft of water in the 1970s. Efforts to date have recovered the propeller,engine,rotating gun turret,guns and many small artifacts. They also had lots of other exhibits to enjoy. They had one room dedicated to miniature ships, boy the detail on them was crazy. I also enjoyed the international small craft center, lots of unique boats to look at. Somehow we managed to include a 3D movie in our admission. Both Jeff and I could  have excluded that. That was the only thing we didnt care for. This was a first class operation with volunteers there to help and answer all questions. Our tickets were $18.00 each and that included a movie.


Thursday November 6-It was rainy today so Jeff decided to make some phone calls. First he called about the tire pressure sensors and they were very good to talk to. They think we got a bad batch so are gonna send us out some replacements. Then to Verizon, boy what a mess this has been. We think we have something figured out but we'll see. Did some laundry. Then we decided to go out to a nice restaurant for lunch. Jeff had read about this place so we decided to celebrate Jeffs birthday and mine thats coming up. The restaurant was called Opus 9. We had our big meal for lunch. Both of us wanted steaks so we both ordered the filet. When they bring your meat out they ask you to cut into your steak to see if its cooked to your liking. Mine was too raw for me so they took it back, when it came out for the 2nd time 2 guys brought it out. It was worth the wait it was very good. I even ordered dessert, creme brulee. It was delious......We stopped at the outlet mall but it wouldnt quit raining so we headed home.

Friday November 7-Its very sunny today with a chill in the air. We decided to drive to Yorktown via The Colonial Parkway. Its a real pretty drive thats for sure.The road is made of rocks with no lines painted on it. First we visited the Yorktown Victory Monument, which marks the site where Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington bringing an end to the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War. Next we drove down Main street, found a place to park and hit the streets. Lots of interesting spots to look at. We walked down on the riverfront. Since its late in the season lots of the shops were closed. When we got down to the riverfront we noticed the huge bridge opening up. It has a swing span. We were just talking about how high the bridge was but aparently not high enough for a battleship. We watched as the bridge opened and the boat made its way out to sea. Glad we got to see that. We got back in the car and back on the Colonial Parkway to make our way over to Jamestown. Again we went to the visitors center, It was huge and packed with people. We couldnt believe how big and how busy. It was gonna be a 3 hour thing so we decided we'd skip it.

Yorktown Victory Monument
George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge
Jamestown Visitor Center  

Saturday November 8- Today was a stay at home day. I just stayed in and worked on a quilt, Jeff went to another movie, Interstellar. He said it was different. We called our next campground to make sure there was availability. Then we planned the route to make sure I knew where we were heading.... Kitty Hawk here we come.