Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kitty Hawk/ Kill Devil Hills

Sunday November 9-We got on the road around 9:30. We had lots of pretty fall colors, I thought most of it was gonna be gone but we were pleasantly surprised. We went under a tunnel and over a bridge to Kitty Hawk we go. When we arrived Jeff was surprised by all the commercialism. So there was much more to offer. We pulled into OBX campground and our site #18. We had 50 amp service, water hook up, sewer, internet and digital cable. That made Jeff really happy. After we got set up, which was super easy. We went to the visitors center to see what we must see. The people that manned the center was super friendly and helpful in showing us what this area has to offer.

Monday November 10-It was really a nice day today, It was sunny with a blue sky. We decided to head to Jockey Ridge State Park. Its known for there sand dunes and constant breeze. Jeff had researched this area and one of his things to do was to hang glide off the sand dunes. We checked in at the hang gliding school. They had a couple in the class and so we wanted to hang around to see what kinda gliding you get to do.  While we were waiting we walked to the dunes and hiked on up. It was quite the trek up them giant hills. The pictures don't do them justice. There were lots of kite flying and the view was incredible. It wasn't too long before the hang gliders showed up. We sat and watched them awhile and we both decided it wasn't for us. They really keep you on a short leash, Jeff had a grander idea of what his hang gliding would be. The cost was $109.00 which included your training and 5 glides. While we were there we ate alot of sand and figured out with wind that sand goes everywhere.

Tuesday November 11- Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served to protect our country. It was a bit cloudy today so we started off the day with breakfast out. Everyone had put excellent reviews on this breakfast restaurant. The name of this place....Stack'em High. Really kinda different you grabbed a tray and went through a buffet style, you could pick up your beverages, fruit and dry cereal. Then at the end you places your order and they brought you your food. There was a really friendly atmosphere here. Our food was great and the place was interesting to say the lease. After this we drove to the Wright Brothers Memorial. To honor the veterans they had free admission today. I think the normal fee is $4.00 a piece. First we went through the visitor center and got caught up on just what 2 accomplished. It was really interesting even to me. They even had full scale reproductions of the 1902 glider and 1903 flying machine. The pavilion has films, education programs and exhibits. It was very interesting. We also visited the gift shop...really a good one. Then we headed outside to walk up to the memorial. Thats when the rain started. We looked at the flight markers and the reconstructed Hangar and Quarters workshop. We got back in the truck and drove up to the actual memorial. Its located on the hill that they took the glider off for the first time. The rain was coming down pretty good so I was happy to have an umbrella. A wonderful day inspite of the weather.

Wednesday November 12-Well today was suppose to be the pick day, but that weather man was completely wrong. It was super foggy. It was suppose to lift by noon....wrong again. We got tired of waiting for the weather to change so we set out. First stop Duck Doughnuts...they customize your cake doughnut order. So you order then, they make your doughnuts...they were amazing. Then we headed down to check out Bodie Island Lighthouse. Its located on NC 12 a few miles south of the entrance to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. It was closed so we could only enjoy it from the outside, but we both thought it was worth the trip. On the way home we stopped for lunch at a little bar/restaurant called Fish Heads. It was right on the ocean but since it was still super foggy we couldn't see the water but we could hear it. As we were pulling into the campground the fog started to lift and the sun came out for about 20 minutes then clouded back up. I have never seen fog linger for so long.

Thursday November 13-Today was a stay at home day. We have been so busy being tourists that I decided I needed to get some cleaning done. I started on the refrigerator. Jeff was outside when a lady walked by and stopped to visit. We ended up talking to her for quite awhile. It was kinda nice just hanging around here today.

Friday November 14-Brrrrrr its really cold and windy today but we weren't gonna let that stop us. We got in the truck and made our way up NC 12 to Currituck Beach Lighthouse. This one was open and you could walk up the steps. The admission was $8.00. We stopped at  the visitor center to see about driving on the beach and seeing the wild horses. The conditions weren't favorable for this today so maybe next time. We were both glad that we went to the lighthouse, the inside of it was really neat. The views from the top were breathtaking. It was a little breezy up there but we stayed long enough to get pictures and memories.When we got home our refrigerator was beeping. Our surge protector was showing high voltage. After a bit that was fixed.

Saturday November 15-Today all we had planned to do was go out for lunch. Both Jeff and I felt like a steak so we saw that they have an Outback close so that is where we went.  We filled up the truck for a travel day tomorrow. Remember that lady I said we met, well we made plans to get together for a drink and visit. They, Cynthia and Ronnie came to our place first then we went to look at there motorhome. We had a great time visiting and learning about places they have enjoyed. We also plan to get together in February when we will both be in Florida. Next stop we have to make is to see a special old/young friend. Four Oaks here we come.