Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, November 1, 2014

On The Road Again

Tuesday October 14, We are getting this adventure underway today. It was suppose to be yesterday but with so much rain we put if off one day. When Jeff woke up and saw it wasn't raining he took advantage of that, got on the roof and swept off all the leaves. Also got the sewer line and water hose put away before it started raining again. Came back in waiting for the rain to stop. Had a knock on the door and a friend Al Moander stopped by to catch up a bit. It was nice to hear about there adventures. It just wasn't gonna quick raining so as soon as it slowed up we hooked up and pulled out. We got on the road about 11:00 and we drove in and out of the rain all the way to Springfield, Illinois. We pulled into Sangchris State Park, Deer Run Campground and found our site # 40A. It was the same site we had last year. We liked it because it was the last site on the loop. We pulled into the loop and backed right in to our spot, instead of going all the way around the loop, dodging tree branches and pot holes. We like this park but it needs some tending to. This loop is really quiet and private. Our spot has 30amp service, no water hook up or sewer.  One thing we didn't like was the dump station for our loop was closed because it was full so we had to go to the next loop which was 1 1/2 miles away. On a positive note our phone, internet and  antenna TV was good.

Wednesday October 15, Its rainy and gloomy outside again. Since the weather was so yucky we decided to head into town for lunch and a movie. We also went to Smash Burger, it was so good. We came last year and it was one of the things I was looking forward to this year. Then we went to a movie at AMC Showplace. They had a special, Monday-Thursday, all tickets were $4.99. The movie we saw was The Judge. We both agreed it was a great pick. Not only was it a good movie but the popcorn was great as well. The weather was cold and rainy all day but it was a great day for a movie.

Thursday October 16, Another rainy, chilly day. We didn't have anything planned. When it quit raining we went for a walk. Then we got in the truck and went for a drive to the second loop to see where the dump station was located, and if there were any good sites up there we might want to use.  Jeff checked the tires and the sensors because we are having some issues with one. Then we decided to call our next destination to see if they had availabilities....nope none there. We were surprised because of the time of year. It seems they have a Halloween thing going on. So now Jeff  has something to keep him busy. It looks like we'll have to make some changes. I also worked on the blog using Jeff's computer. I usually do it on my phone...I know that sounds crazy but I know how it works and can do it anytime, anyplace. I'm nervous about messing with his computer but he showed me how to use it and it went well.

Friday October 17, We are staying over here a few extra days to make our plans work. The weather was better today so I took Belle for a walk. Jeff got busy trying to fix our steps. We had a bolt break and the metal is tearing. We just want them to last til spring...we'll see. Jeff has figured out our route and we will leave here on Monday. Jeff took me in to the little town Rochester, they have an awesome quilt store there. I loved it, I didn't buy a bunch of fabric but I had a great time looking. We had some neighbors pull in, Denny and Dawn. They invited us over to enjoy there campfire.

Saturday October 18, Stayed here all day. It was chilly to start but it warmed up a bit. I'm not sure where the day went. I worked on the blog adding pictures, again Jeff had to show me how. We took the dogs for a walk. I quilted a lot today, I had to take a break because my fingers were hurting. We had such a good time enjoying the neighbors fire we had one of our own. It was a nice day.

Sunday October 19, It was still cool out and we decided to go out for breakfast. We went to a Bob Evans. Haven't been there in a long time. It was a good choice, everything was good with excellent service. Next Jeff wanted to take me to Lincolns Tomb. He went last year without me. We both had made the trip there for our 5th grade field trip. It was really nice and uncrowded. We couldn't go inside cause it was closed but I was ok with that. On the way out spotted a gift shop....had to stop there. I just happened to find me a smashed penny machine....Jackpot....I collect them. That gift shop had been there forever....I found the fake confederate money I got when I was in 5th grade. I
think they sell a lot of the same stuff that was there all those years ago. We came home and again joined our neighbors and there blazing fire. Another fine day.

Monday October 20-We are moving on today....Since the dump station was closed in our loop we had to travel to the dump station at Hickory Point.  It was really tight quarters to turn and head out. We kinda crunched our waste water tote but its not ruined, so that's good. We got on the road around 9a.m. Had about 260 miles to our campground. It was a good day to drive, the weather was nice. Our trip was fairly easy, drove right to our next destination. Our stop was at Cornerstone Retreat Family Campground, located in New Castle IN. We got in a pull through but it was short so had to park the truck in the spot next to us. The site number was 23. This park offers water, sewer, 30/50 amp service, laundry, restaurant and if you are here in the warm weather there are pools too. Our site didn't have sewer but we are only here for 2 days so it didn't matter. We did have one little problem, one of the light bulbs from our ceiling fan fell out and shattered while traveling, it was kinda a mess.  We got everything settled in and it was a longer trip than usual. Just when we had settled in to watch TV, I'm seeing red tail lights heading toward the back of our rig.....that's when we felt a pretty good bump. Jeff jumped up, I said they just hit our rig....he went to check it out. Luckily there bumper hit our bike rack. Couldn't really see if there was any damage because it was dark out. So we would check it out in the morning.

Tuesday October 21- We got up and went out to check out our bike rack. Jeff and I took the bikes down to make sure they were ok. No damage to our rig, no damage to our bike rack and no damage to our bikes. Her bumper wasn't quite as lucky. I used there laundry facilities and then headed into town. We needed to fill up the truck and get some light bulbs to replace our broken one. Now we check those bulbs before leaving. It was really cool out there so made some soup. Jeff has a new favorite soup...chicken tortilla soup. We just stayed in and got ready for another move tomorrow.

Wednesday October 22-Today we headed straight east. Drove to Zanesville Ohio, Dillon State Park Campground, about 200 miles. We had some pretty views on the way. We made it to the park and Jeff went to check in. They let him get on his bike to look for a spot before pulling in. This park was really hopping because they have a BIG Halloween thing happening this weekend. Good for us that we are only here til Friday. We drove to our site #97, after filling up with water. The site has 50 amp service but no water or sewer. Again not a big deal for us because only here 2 days. The attenna TV wasn't that good, had to make do. The rest of the park was really nice and friendly people.

Thursday October 23- Its a chilly morning, we went in town for breakfast. We ended stopping at a few shops and filled the tank for tomorrow. When we got back to the campground it was pretty nice out so we took the dogs for a long walk. Everyone here is getting into the Halloween spirit and decorating there campsites. We talked to a few people and its really something, they say they have around 400 trick or treaters. The night they trick or treat they actually close the park so no cars can come in. They also have lots of other activities going on.  I'm glad we are gonna miss that. Our dogs don't  like Halloween or trick or treaters.  Tomorrow we move on.

Friday October 24- We got up and wanted to be on the road by 9. Well it was super foggy and so we weren't going to start off in that. We waited a bit, it looked like it was about to burn off so we drove to the dump station. By the time we were finished there, the fog had lifted. On the road about 9:30, after the fog lifted it was really a pretty day. Today we had about 185 miles to go. We had some nice fall views, in some spots the colors were gone but in others really pretty. The roads weren't to bad but we did run into some road construction but it didn't really make that much difference in our time. We went on the PA turnpike so had to pay some fees. When we exited the interstate and was driving through town it was a bit tricky. Had to watch because there was some turns you wouldn't expect. To add to that it was hilly in town and had stoplights on top of those hills. I think we had to stop at all of those. After driving through town it was easy to get in the park, Hickory Hollow Campground. Its located in Rockwood PA. Got a pull through site #90. We have 50 amp service, water, sewer and cable. It has lots to offer, a dog park, and when the weathers good a pool. We got set up and then watched the rest of the campground fill up. Across the street there is a big haunted house and we could hear people screaming when we went outside.  Its a big thing over there this is like the 18th year for it. You could just watch the cars pulling in and out. We skipped that.

Saturday October 25-Today we got up and took off to go to the Memorial for Flight 93. It was about 25 miles away. The drive there was kinda hilly. The views were nice, still some fall in the air. We arrived and it was more than we expected. It wasn't very busy and the memorial was very nice. They are still working on the visitor center. They have done a great job in honoring those heros. On our way back we stopped at a shop that sold the good old apple cider, you know like you used to get. It was super yummy,.....good purchase. Jeff stopped and washed the truck and filled it up for our next move. Oh yeah Jeff got some Yuengling Beer, someone got him started on it while we were in the Keys. Its been awhile since hes had any so, a good purchase for him. Can't get this beer in Iowa. Tomorrow on to the DC area.