Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, October 4, 2013

Year ONE Living in our RV

Its hard to believe that on Oct 10th we will begin year two of our life in an RV. I would say after one full year of living and traveling in a 5th Wheel we have figured out quite a bit about this lifestyle.

First of all we have no regrets about choosing this way of life. It does present its challenges, but the flexibility and freedom far out weigh any hassles. We feel we chose the right truck and 5th wheel and are very comfortable in the Cameo as it has become our home.

The truck has performed well and pulls and stops the Cameo with ease. The true test was when in April after leaving Hot Springs, Arkansas I decided to take Scenic route 7 to Branson, MO. I have driven on many mountain roads across this country and this one was at the top of the list as far as inclines, descents and switchbacks. The truck was totally impressive on this terrain and did its job well, although I don't recommend to take this route while towing. Next time I will definitely take the long way around.

We towed the Cameo a total of 4810 miles and put 10,650 miles combined towing and driving on the truck. We averaged 12.47 miles per gallon combined. The truck gets around 19 to 20 on the highway when not towing driving at 60 to 65mph.

We visited 12 states and camped in 8 of them in 31 different campgrounds. We spent the Winter in Florida, a little over 4 months traveling as far south as Curry Hammock State Park in the middle of the Keys. We made our way back up the west coast and along the panhandle spending 2 weeks in each State Park until exiting Florida on April 1. On the trek back north we spent time in Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and landed in Cedar Rapids, IA to spend the Summer months with the Family.

We have really enjoyed our time here in the Cedar Rapids area for the last five months. We have been able to spend lots of time with the Kids and Grandkids.  We met some new friends here who are Full Timers as well and have learned a lot by reading there blog: and visiting with them as they are just starting there 4th year.
Florida Keys Dec. 2012

Lake Manatee, FL  Feb. 2013

Stephen Foster State Park, FL  Nov.2012

Florida Skyway  Feb. 2013

Dade City Wild Things  Feb. 2013

Rainbow Springs, FL  2-2013

Rainbow Springs, FL Feb. 2013

St Joe Peninsula, FL Mar. 2013

St George Island, FL 3-2013

St Joe, FL 3-2013

Lake Bistineau State Park, LA  4-2013

Lake Ouachita Arkansas  4-2013

Pleasant Creek State Park, IA 6-2013

Cherry Hill Pool Cedar Rapids, IA  8-2013

We will be beginning our journey south here in a couple of weeks. Our planned route will take us through the smokies over to the Carolinas with planned stops around Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga. Also plan on a stop at the Cumberland Island area before making our way back to Florida. This year we have 6 weeks in the Keys with 2 wks at Bahia Honda, 2wks at Curry Hammock and 2wks at Pennecamp before making our way back up the west coast as we did last year.

Some may wonder why Florida again this year? We just loved it so much last winter we just had to do it again!

Stay tuned for the winter of 2014/2015 as we change direction and head for the great southwest.