Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last stop in Iowa....MC

On Tuesday October 8th we headed back in to Morgan Creek. Jeff had a little problem with the tire sensors. When we arrived at MC it was almost empty, I guess the camping season is winding down. We pulled into the same spot we used last time #22. It's really pretty with the fall colors. One thing that's horrible is these little black bugs...they bite and are so annoying. They are so thick. They are everywhere. Jeff got an invite to meet up with Justin to play tennis I stayed back. Jeff was the winner again.

Wednesday was kinda special it was our anniversary....our first year fulltime in our HOW. Boy that went quick. I had a full day planned, I went in to paint our granddaughters bedroom. While I was there I took advantage of there laundry facilities. Did have a minor mishap I spilled some paint, good thing she has hardwood floors. I don't know how I didn't spill the whole can. It's Wednesday so that means hockey practice for Ashton, we can't miss that because we won't get to see many more this year.  On our way home we stopped to see how sissy likes her new room. She told me that everything looks beautiful!

Thursday we hit the grocery store and picking up some things we can't get where we are going. Jeff went back to the HOW, I went to Seth's house to start my organizing. I told them I would help them but I'm running out of time. I got a closet and laundry room done today.

Friday Katie took the day off to help me with the final project the basement closet. Jeff came over to put together Hailey's new big girl bed. Then to finish off the night we met Judy at the rest area to stay the weekend. Our last get together before we head south.

Saturday we had a busy day planned, 1st I had to get my last Christmas present purchased at Toys r Us. Then to the movie  Captain  Phillips. It was really good and so was the popcorn. Came home for chicken stir fry for supper. Then we headed to the stable to watch the rough riders play.(hockey) It was going good then in the middle of the 2nd period there was a fight not that big of a deal but one of the guys went down and started seizing which was a big deal. It took awhile to get him transported and then forever to figure out what to do.  They ended up suspending the game, bummer . We left there disappointed and headed across town to cocktails, a bar were our son was playing. We had a great time there. We stayed out way later than were used to but it was really fun. We did have a little problem to deal with when we got home from the movie, our toilet has ran over and we had a mess to clean up. It could have been way worse.

Sunday after that late party night we just hung around home. Watched a movie, enjoyed a campfire and visited. I got Judy on her way home. Went to Justin's for supper.

Monday started getting things cleaned and organized for traveling. Paid up our mail forwarding service. The funniest thing today.... I carved my pumpkin with Jeff's power drill. That was awesome. Supper at Seth's (chili).

Tuesday ran some more errands. When we got home our toilet had overflowed again. This time it was worse... Trying to figure out an answer to that problem.

Wednesday I made homemade noodles for our family dinner on Sunday. I did laundry, all those wet towels for our toilet mess. We went to Ashton's hockey the last one for awhile.

Thursday, made some sugar cookie dough for later. Then Jeff and I filled out a couple applications for campground hosting next year, not sure if that's for us now but just gonna see what happens. To end this night we had a very yummy supper. Then I get a call from Seth, he needs meds because he  has a terrible toothache. Always a mother I ran over with meds in hand. Turns out he needs a root canal...yikes!!

Friday I baked those sugar cookies cause we have a date with a very special cookie froster. Hailey came out after daycare. She helped me make pizza for supper and frost those Halloween cookies. She was really into the frosting and decorating. We watched her movie TWICE and called it a night.

Saturday morning had breakfast and a campfire. It was really chilly out and windy. Hailey went home before lunch. We were suppose to go trunk or treating but that didn't happen.

Sunday we planned a family dinner, one last hurrah before we take off. I made a big batch of chicken noodles that really hit the spot. I had pumpkin dump cake for dessert. The kids had there pumpkins ready to carve so that was our next project. They turned out pretty good. It was hard leaving there house tonight. Ashton was giving extra kisses to last us awhile.