Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, November 22, 2015

St George Island

Thursday November 12- It's moving day and we love where we are going. We left around 8:30. The weather was great and it was really easy to get to the interstate. We were doing good until we got to highway 331, it has lots of construction going on. It was a long 16 miles. The construction was nonstop and made the two lane roads even a tighter fit for the rig. Then 98 going through Panama City was busy like always which made it slow going, with lots of traffic congestion. It took awhile to get through there. We also lost an hour. So our fall back didn't last very long. We arrived about 1:30 and Jeff got us a real good spot. We had site #54, its big and not as sandy as the other ones we've stayed at. The bad thing is the mosquitos. When we were setting up they were killer. We had lunch then walked around the campground and across the road to check out the beach. No bugs over there. Ahhh love the beach. We also saw 3 bald eagles when we pulled in. Wildlife all around.

This park is very remote. Before the satellite TV was scarce. Our phone service was spotty too. The internet worked best in the morning. To finish the evening Jeff received a call from GM saying they are submitting a request for a reimbursement for our truck repair. Hoping for good news on that.

Friday November 13- Both of us got up early and walked down to watch the sun come up. It was a beauty this morning. There were some clouds but very nice. Pictures never show the complete beauty. We planned on taking the kayaks out. Jeff rigged up the poles and we drove to the bay boat launch area,but it was way to rough. Came back and decided to go to the beach after lunch. The wind died down so it turned out to be great. The water wasn't that rough on the ocean side either.

There was another guy fishing and he brought in this stingray. He caught another one too and a bonnet shark. The real cool thing was when he put the stingray back in the water it was bleeding and attracted quite a big shark. We think it was a bull shark and it looked to be around 6 feet long. It hung around quite awhile and very close to shore. It was really something to watch. Here you can see the stingrays tail coming out of the water. He was really hungry and really fast.

It was a great day at the beach. Jeff caught a couple small ones, and I found a few sand dollars. The fresh warm sunshine felt really good.

Saturday November 14- I walked to the beach alone this morning. It was so windy I felt like I was walking on the moon. The sand was blowing, felt like the ground was moving.

When I got back I made a coffee cake to take to campers coffee. They had a presentation on sea shells. I wasn't sure how interesting that would be but Melody the ranger had all kinds of information I never knew. It was a wonderful presentation. We met a couple there Steve and Brenda. We compared our adventures and had a nice visit. Again the winds are crazy so we decided to go to Appalachacola. When we arrived we noticed it was way busier than usual. Come to find out the have a car show going on. We went and took a look. We also looked in some of the many unusual shops they have.

Jeff was excited because in town at St George the shrimp vender was there. When we arrived he wasn't there. Come to find out he's there every day but Thursday. Jeff got some shrimp there, the large was $7.00 a pound and the jumbo were $10.00. He also got a couple crab cakes to try. When we got back I visited the beach. We also walked to the bay area to watch the sunset but it was a bust.

Sunday November 15- Back to the beach this morning but really cloudy so not as pretty. We decided to take a hike through the wilderness. We made sure to spray us down with bugs spray before we left.

We took the east slough trail and couldn't believe all the butterfly's we saw. Of course there were lots of birds too. We got a look at the bay and thought it looked like maybe we could go out fishing. We headed back. I think the hike was about 3 miles total. Just about right our bug spray was wearing off. Since kayaking today was out I got busy cutting fabric for a quilt for my daughter-in-law to be. I took a break and walked over to the beach. When I got back Jeff was sitting out talking to Steve and Brenda, the couple we met at the camper coffee. They had mentioned stopping by but we figured they wouldn't come because they are staying over in Carrabelle. What a great surprise. They have been full time rving for about a year and we both had plenty of stories to share. I love meeting new people that are easy to talk to. We have one more day to fish so hoping the wind is calmer tomorrow.

Monday November 16- Happy Birthday to our youngest son Justin a big 35 today. He has a big year coming up because he's getting married. Of course I started the day by a beach visit, another beautiful sunrise. I just think its a great way to start out your day. Its never the same and never disappoints.

After I got back from the beach we drove down to the boat launch to see if we could put in... We are going to give it a shot. So back to load up everything and off to fish.

It was a little rough but we had a great time. We each caught something but nothing was kept. It felt good to get those boats wet and do some fishing. The scenery wasn't bad either.

When we got back we had to clean everything up and load it back up. Its time to move tomorrow and we wanted to get as much put away today. Again these mosquitos are crazy hungry. They drive you crazy.