Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Extended Stay in Brandon Mississippi

Monday November 2- Its moving day.....Heading to Brandon Mississippi. We called Timberlake campground to make sure they had spots available. I have to say this is the friendliest place. The weather was cloudy but it never did rain. We traveled on I-55, which is a real good road to take. Its not real busy and doesn't really go through too many big cities. We arrived at the park and got mixed up finding our spot. We took the scenic route, our site had 50 amp service, sewer, and water hook up. They have internet but its super slow. The campground is good sized with full time residents, monthly guests and those that are just passing through. The have laundry, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a boat ramp. It right on the Barnett Reservoir. Directly outside the park is a real nice paved bike path. If you need groceries you can walk across the street to a real nice Kroger. We had a few issues getting into our site. The good news is the pads are concrete. The bad news is they have had a lot of rain around here. The ground is really saturated. After we got set up Jeff tried  his new satellite dish. After calling to activate it and downloading it was up and running. Its been a long day.

Tuesday November 3- Happy Birthday Jeff, well it wasn't all that happy. Jeff brought in the satellite and so when he put it out it wasn't working so he had to mess with that. Then our air conditioner in the bedroom quit again. Its very aggravating we have had it worked on a couple times. We haven't even used it all that much. Its our second air conditioner. It always seems to break as we are heading south. That's why we haven't used it that much. Its a gray day with the threat of rain.

Wednesday November 4- Another gray day. Jeff  called Fort Pickens near Pensacola, and its a good thing the road is closed to get to the park. We will be staying an extra day here. I'm glad he checked that would have been a big problem to arrive and have no place to go. We both walked around the campground, its pretty big so if you weave through all the roads you can get a pretty good walk in. We walked over to the grocery store and finally good news...I found my crème brulee mix I can't ever find it so I was really happy. Since it was gray out I talked Jeff into taking me to Hobby Lobby, I needed to get fabric to bind the quilt I finished. We also stopped at a sport store called Academy. We both really liked this place Jeff found some bargains and so did I.

Thursday November 5- Finally saw some sunshine today but it didn't last very long.  I took advantage of the laundry facilities. Then we decided to go out for lunch. Jeff had talked to a neighbor and he said if you like catfish you should go eat at Cock Of The Walk. So we did. It was fairly easy to pick what you wanted to eat they had fish or chicken. You also get frys, hush puppies, corn bread, green beans, and cole slaw. I really liked the fish, the rest was ok. I thought the dishes they used was cool.

Friday November 6- Oh boy what a day. We got up early to take off. They were calling for rain in the afternoon and we wanted to miss that. Well guess what the weatherman was wrong again. It rained early morning and just wouldn't stop. We had a fairly long trip and wanted to start early so we went ahead and packed up during the rain. That always makes everyone really happy. We finally got all packed up and stuff put away. Jeff did the pull test and then we got in and was all ready to head to Fort Pickens. Jeff went to take off and the truck wouldn't go. We both looked at each other and the truck and rig was rolling back. I went back and put the chalks back down. Jeff turned the truck off and tried starting it again. This time it went forward but we both knew something was really wrong. So we set back up and went in to look for a Chevy Dealership. We found one that was only 12 miles away and they told us we could come on over but we would have to be worked in. Well we set everything back up, went up and paid for another night and headed over to the dealership. It was only 12 miles but it seemed a lot longer. The truck was only running in one gear which was 3rd or 4th gear. We drove about 40 mph all the way. On our drive over the lights on the dash went crazy. We didn't have any indicator lights and some came on that shouldn't have been on, like brake lights. We parked the truck and went in to find who we needed to talk to. After Jeff parked he saw it was really crooked so he tried to move it but the truck wouldn't go into reverse. The good news is they gave us a car to drive at no cost while they had ours. Both of us were surprised by that. They called later to say the problem was the transmission control module and the repair would be around $1400.00. The truck is 5 years old and is not covered under the bumper to bumper, but in the warranty book there is a section with parts covered beyond the 5 yr /50000 miles. TCM is listed as one of those items. It says 7yrs/ 70000 miles. Jeff called the GM company to double check, he wanted to get it straight from them. Well the first person he talked to didn't know anything. She referred him to another and she told us yes it would be covered. Well to say we were happy is an understatement. We went to bed feeling a lot better about the break down. On a happier note Ashton played his first game in his first tournament and they one 7-0...yeah!!

Saturday November 7- Jeff got up early, he couldn't sleep. Now he feels like he's getting a cold. It rained all night long on and off. We left early to get over to the dealership and give them the news on the warranty. We told him that the people from GM will be calling to confirm. He still doesn't see it on the computer so he is questioning it. We told him it has to be fixed regardless of who pays. We left there and went to The Waffle House and had a super delicious breakfast. We got home and decided to cancel the rest of our Fort Pickins reservations. We wouldn't be able to leave until Tuesday at the earliest. The good news is they gave us all of our money back. We weren't sure how much they would keep but to our surprise they gave it all back. We paid for more nights here. Oh did I tell you we have had ants that have found there way in to our home. Its not fit outside with all the rain even the ants are running for cover. Ashton called and they got beat in there 2nd game, he was really upset.  They have 2 more games tomorrow.

Sunday November 8- We had planned to go do some sight seeing today but Jeff doesn't feel very good. Its rainy again today anyway. I've been working on my Christmas ornaments so at least I have something to keep me busy. I also made some homemade noodles. Its cooled off and Jeff said that sounded good. Ashton had 2 games today one was a tie and the other they got beat. I'm still super proud of him.

Monday November 9-Oh boy what a day. We went over to see if the truck was ready. They still haven't heard from GM. Jeff went and got the warranty book and showed them where it showed it was covered. but said they have to go by what it says on the computer. They was going to keep trying to get a hold of GM. We left and did some errands because they still needed to test drive the truck before giving it back to us. We went and got lunch. Went to the pizza hut, they have a lunch buffet so we get that. It was horrible..... everything was cold and gross. We made one more stop at Walmart before heading back to get the truck. While in there GM calls me. She proceeds to tell Jeff that she's really sorry but its not covered after all. We couldn't figure out how they could put a book in your vehicle that says something's covered but then not pay for the repair. We went and paid for the repair and picked up the truck. They will be hearing from us. We are going to try and get reimbursed for the repair. Came home and had a really nice supper that made up for that horrible lunch. I also finished up my Christmas ornaments. Tomorrow we hope we will be in Florida.