Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bull Shoals White River State Park

Sunday October 25- Both Jeff and I woke up early this morning. We are ready to move on to our next spot. After the sun came up we got busy hooking up and packing up. We were concerned about getting out of this spot but it wasn't a problem at all. We hit the road around 8:45. We decided to take a way that was a bit longer. We hoped it would be easier driving with less hills and turns. We had about 216 miles to our next destination. We have visited this park before about 10 years ago but never stayed here. We arrived with no problems and found our way to our site #27. We are in the first loop but not on the water. We have a full hook up with 50 amp service. A shower house was located right behind us and they really take good care of them. They are spotless. After lunch we walked around the campgrounds and checked out all they have to offer. The first thing I noticed right away was all the Carriage 5th Wheels. I have never seen that many at a campground. I think there was 7. We also stopped in the bait store and got information about getting our fishing licenses and bait. Just walking around I'm loving this place already.

Monday October 26- We got up early got on our bikes and went to the bait shop to purchase our 3 day fishing license and trout stamps. The guy in there was very helpful, giving us pointers and tricks on what to do and not to do. We did some fishing by Big Spring first. The river was really running so Jeff had to rig the poles for that. Didn't do too good here so we moved up by the bait shop.

Jeff caught a couple up not so much. We stayed until the rain moved in and then we went back to the rig.

Tuesday October 27-It rained all night and hasn't stopped yet. We decided to go take a look at the dam and the visitors center. Last time we were here they were building it. The visitor center overlooked the dam. Wish it was better weather out there for viewing but still pretty amazing.

Went in to Mountain Home and got fuel. Then on our way back we stopped at Gaston's which is a trout fishing resort. We went in the restaurant looking to get a late breakfast but breakfast was over. So we got coffee and blackberry cobbler with ice cream which was so good. The restaurant had a view of the river and the d├ęcor was very unique. They had old bicycles and scooters hanging from the ceiling, lots of cool stuff on the walls too.

After getting back and when the rain stopped we headed back to the river. Jeff caught 3 more, me.....nothing. This is beginning to annoy me. It's me, I'm not a very good fisher woman.  We had the trout Jeff caught yesterday for supper. It was really good. I have one more day to get me a fish.

Wednesday October 28- It rained again last night but just cloudy this morning. We headed to our spot to throw in our lines. I didn't have any luck this morning. We went back for lunch and I believe I see some blue sky's. We went back down to give it one more try.

I did it!!!! I finally caught a trout. It's the smallest trout I've ever seen but a trout non the less. Jeff caught a few more. We came back and had supper. Jeff cleaned the fish and we started loading up our stuff. We are leaving tomorrow. We both really like this park. The facilities are very well taken care of. The river is so pretty, and there is a lot of wildlife too. I've never seen so many squirrels in one place. One evening when we were walking we counted 9 deer in the clearing across the road from us. The roads to get here are a bit hilly and curvy but definitely doable. We will come back here for sure but next time maybe stay a little longer. We found our favorite sites so maybe next time we can get one of those. They say this park is one of the most popular in Arkansas. We see why. Good bye for now Bull Shoals White River....see ya next time.