Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, January 26, 2015

Myakka River State Park Part 2

Sunday January 18-We got up early and got ready to attend a church that was just up the road. The service started at 9:00 a.m. but we got there early, really early because we needed to make reservations for next year. Our internet at the park is not that good. The closer we got toward town the better the service. Anyhow we just parked in the parking lot and tried to get some reservations. We didn't have any luck. So at 9 we went into the church (Suncoast) and boy what a surprise. To start they were super friendly. The worship was loud but we loved it. The preacher came up to us before we headed into the auditorium and explained the service. He said the first part is like a concert followed by the message. The worship was like a concert with all the musicians...sounding like professional musicians. The message was excellent. When we left both of us were excited to still be in the area for next weeks service. We got home and made brunch. Since Jeff's bike is fixed we decided to ride across to the other side of the park. It was a great day for that and again we saw lots of critters.

Monday January 19- Boy it started out really cold this morning, Jeff said 38...that's cold. It took awhile to warm up. We had planned to put the kayaks in today but it just wasn't gonna get warm enough for me. I did some things around home. Jeff decided to try some fishing. I stayed back and did some scrapbooking. He gave me a call to come and see this neat bird that was hanging around him so I did.

I got on my bird app found out its a Black Crowned Night Heron. Both of us were very interested in him and he with us. He didn't ever get really close but watched us from a safe distance. I'm loving this bird.

Tuesday January 20- It wasn't as cool this morning and it looked like rain. We did get our walks in this morning. Both of us had a hankering for a steak so we went in for lunch at Outback. It was really good and hit the spot. After lunch we went to the movie. Jeff dropped me off to get in line for tickets. We were running late and the line was long. I got tickets and here comes Jeff so we went in to find a seat, the place was packed and we had to sit closer to the front then we like. The movie ( American Sniper) was really good. Some of it was hard to watch. Sure makes you appreciate what our servicemen and women do. We headed home and the traffic was a bit crazy. With our bellies full of popcorn we had leftovers for supper.

Wednesday January 21- Here at the park they have a camper coffee on Wednesday morning. I made some cinnamon rolls to bring. It takes place at the log cabin from 9a.m. to 10 a.m. We were surprised by how many were there. We sat and visited with some and compared notes and places traveled. It was a really pretty day so Jeff and I loaded up our stuff and headed to the river to fish. We went to a spot behind the log cabins.

Well we found a place with a little sunshine and sat down. Jeff was fishing I was watching the wildlife. There were birds, fish and gators. One gator in particular came swimming down river. He turned and headed right toward me. He stopped around 3 feet from the shore. By that time I was moving back. He just set there and watched me. It was really creepy. I didn't know how I was gonna get my chair or phone that was sitting on the chair.  I moved down river some and the gator moved to so I grabbed my chair. I think someone has been feeding that gator.

Our day at the river was a beauty of a day, we got to watch the wildlife fly, swim and eat the day away.... I keep saying I've become my grandma because she loved animals and nature so.

To finish off the day we decided to take a bike ride. Stopped on the bridge like we always do and noticed all the people fishing and when I say fishing I mean catching. Jeff went back and got his poles to join in on the fun, and fun is what he had. He got some nice tilapia and brought them home to clean and eat later.

While Jeff was fishing or should I say catching and bringing in a fish this alligator came swimming real fast to try to steal that fish. He was moving. Jeff was quicker.

What an exciting day of fishing. The good news was we even brought some home.

Thursday January 22- Today we made a trip to Acadia to take care of some business and stopped at a Walmart on the way home. Unloaded our stuff and got the dogs out for a walk. Remember those fish from yesterday.....that was our supper tonight. Yes they were very tastey. Ended the day with a movie from redbox.

Friday January 23- We had so much fun last week at the dog races we wanted to go back. We got there and the place was really busy. It was also very windy today.

We went down where they weigh them before racing and get a real close look at the dogs. Jeff likes to look at there eyes. One tried to jump up and greet Jeff. What beautiful animals. We didn't come home with our pockets full of money but more in love with those greyhound dogs....... Stopped for supper before heading home.

Saturday January 24- Our last full day at this park. It rained all night so everything was wet. We started putting things away but had to wait for stuff to dry. Since it was a really cool day I put together some soup for supper. We walked the dogs, I put Soffee's coat on her, she gets cold easy. We decided to ride the bikes to the bridge and try one more time to fish. It was kinda busy because its the weekend. A group of scouts were trying to fish. The trip wa'n't a waste though because there was a group of Rosette Spoonbill by the rivers edge, so pretty. Not too far from the birds a giant gator. Isn't nature wonderful.

After leaving the bridge area Jeff went back to the spot behind the log cabin to try once more. Me again looking for critters. I spotted something up in the tree, I thought it maybe a owl or hawk. It was a red shouldered hawk. Quite a find.

Well all good things must come to an end and our time here is just about done. What a wonderful couple of weeks we enjoyed. Next stop Lake Manatee.