Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wyaconda - Mark Twain Lake, MO

Friday April 19th we had reservations for Wyaconda State Park but since there has been so much rain and flooding we were very nervous about going there. We called to see what the conditions were and we both decided that we didn't want to risk it. We know what happens when those Levy's breech. So we called to explain the situation and see if we could cancel with minimum cost. They were gonna check with the person in charge. So we decided to hook up and head that way.

Next we had a bit of a problem with the brake controller. We, Jeff messed with it and got it working. We had a fairly long trip planned for today, but thought we could do it since we were familiar with the roads. The roads weren't a problem at all. The traffic was light and the roads were good. The problem was getting someone to call us back on the reservation thing. Usually we wouldn't make reservations but it was the weekend and we would be pulling in later than usual. Finally we decided to forget Wyaconda and head to Mark Twain instead. There's a lake there instead of a river. The lake was high but no danger in it flooding us.

 When we finally got a hold of them again at the reservation place they weren't cutting us any break at all. We ended up getting charged for 2 nights plus a $7.50 fee and a $5.00 fee as well. What do you do? Learn from it. Kind a ridiculous we thought. It wasn't like we were canceling for no reason. Actually part of the park was closed from flooding but not the loop we had reservations at. Didn't expect to get a full refund but thought they would consider the situation a bit but nope! Both of us were a bit miffed about that but felt our decision was the best one.

Got us a good spot at Ray Behrens which is located at Mark Twain Lake. We go there often and they have a nice section of 1st come 1st serve. This is a nice park but we had picked Wyaconda because its closer to our hometown of Keokuk Iowa and we had business we needed to take care of. With the high water the road was closed to get over to Iowa so we had to take the long way. So we had to plan our trips. With the road closures it was a 2 hour trip one way.

On Saturday we hung around the campground and did some laundry and cleaned. We are going to Keokuk tomorrow for church and then we are heading to Jeff's brothers for pizza and conversation. On the way home we had a bite at steak and shake.

Monday we stayed at the campground and Jeff changed the oil in the truck. I put together a quilt to start quilting. We were heading back to town tomorrow.

Tuesday Jeff had a meeting at the city offices, then we had to get our taxes prepared. (we had an extension) Next we had to meet up with my best girlfriend for lunch. Our old neighbor was in the hospital so we stopped to see him. I dropped by to say hi to my sister also. We went to the grocery store and ran into Jeff's sister and her husband so had to catch up with them. We really felt like this was a successful trip. On the way back to the campground we decided to go the Illinois way. There was a reason a brand new Texas Roadhouse had opened in Quincy Illinois and we stopped to have supper. You talk about good....everything was. It was a long day of running but it was a good day. Our next move to Cedar Rapids...the kids and grand kids, can't wait!!!!