Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lake Wash' i taw

We took off on Wednesday April 10th for Hot Springs Arkansas area. The weather was pretty threatening...we waited and watched until we thought we had a break. It cleared and away we went. The roads again were hilly and curvy but we made it...welcome to Lake Ouachita State Park.

We had to check in at the visitor center and our site was #11. The drive to our loop and site... WOW. We had a huge hill to go up and our wheels even started to spin and I got a bit nervous. Our spot was awesome and the views were too. This is one of the prettiest lakes we've ever seen. We got everything set up and took a walk around the loop. When we got back the weather started to turn, it got dark, windy with lots of warnings and watches. We lost power and did walk up to the shower house to see if anyone knew more. We went back and just watched the weather the rest of the night.

On Thursday it was cool but the sun came out and we decided to run to town for grocery's and prescriptions. We took the scenic route on the way back through Hot Springs and can't wait to go back there. When we got back to the campground we got our bikes out and rode to 3 Sisters Springs and oh my those hills are something. I have an electric assist bike and still couldn't make it up to the top of one.  I was toting a passenger ( my wiener dog Soffee) so I had to be extra careful.

Friday was a beauty of a day, we started it off with a campfire and had planned to go into Hot Springs to do some investigating. We found a place to park and walked up bathhouse row. We thought the town was very unique and historic. A lot of the buildings were very old. We stopped at a few shops to partake of some of there goods. Went to a cupcake shop called Fat Bottom Girls featured on the Food Channel and the cupcakes were extremely yummy. We had the Crème Brulee and Red Velvet. Then we saw this neat building called The Ohio Club Bar and went in to take a peek. It had the coolest bar that was built by a ship builder. The wood was dark and had a figure head on each end  like they put on the front of old sailing ships. . This place had a lot of the history of this bar, which even I thought was cool.(I'm not much on history ) It seems that gangsters and famous people would frequent this bar.

It was really a beauty of a day, the sky was so blue the sun was shining and the temperature was even great. Oh yeah, and we did walk up to the hot springs too. I really enjoyed the whole day and all this little town had to offer.. On the way home we stopped at Outback for supper, who doesn't like steak?

Saturday we got a surprise invite to go out on the lake by our neighbors, Bob & Julie. Not only a nice boat ride but it was a nice tour of the lake. One of the most interesting things was that they had some ties to President Clinton. Julie knew him as a boy in Hot Springs.. They told us a few funny stories that included him. Boy you never know who you will meet and who they know.

On Sunday we packed up the HOW and headed further north. We knew we had a way to go and some sketchy roads, but we were up for the challenge.

I really loved this park, the lake was unbelievable, so clear and such a pretty color. The sites were spacious and had lots of tall fir trees. It was located were you could go into town and it wasn't that far away. We would love to make a return trip here.