Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moving to Missouri

We got ready to head out on Sunday, April 14th. We knew we had a long trip ahead and figured the drive would be interesting to say the least. Well interesting isn't the word I would use to describe that road.....Extremely ridiculous would be closer. We took Scenic Byway 7. That road would have been scary in a car let alone in a ton Dooley towing 40 feet of train. It was like something out of a movie. Just when we thought we drove out of it another mountain to climb which meant you had to go down as well which meant turns and switchbacks. My hands were numb from holding on to the door handle. Jeff was totally stressed too. We couldn't wait to arrive at our destination.

After driving for what seemed like forever we finally arrived...Mill Creek Campground. It was located on Table Rock Lake. Jeff took the bike off and went to pick out a spot. He found a good one it was surrounded by water,  #42 was to be the spot. So we drove to the site. It was kinda confusing getting around this park but we got there. Next to back her in. We have been doing so good, but this time we had a bit of trouble. We blamed it on us both being tired and stressed after that drive.

After a good nights rest we both felt better. It started off kinda cloudy, but cleared up. We got to work and did some cleaning, Jeff got the bugs washed off the vehicles and I worked on the camper. I even got the freezer defrosted. The sun came out in the afternoon so Jeff took his kayak out to try some fishing. He didn't catch anything. We also checked out the rest of the campground. The people at the booth were extra friendly and gave us some ideas on what to see in town.

On Tuesday we decided to head into Branson and look around. We haven't been here for almost 30 years, so things have changed a bit. We also are here at a good time not busy at all. We saw a Krispy Kreme doughnut store had to stop there ...yum!!! We parked the truck and hit the streets. First I saw a candy store and had to stop there. So cool it had every kind of candy and it was displayed in old fashioned candy jars.....loved it ! Then we went to the 5 & 10 store oh my loved it too. It had everything the old dime stores had, so many memories. It was really nice to just stroll through the downtown area . We had lunch at Famous Dave's , it was barbecue. We got the special and it was brought to us on a trash can lid. That was unusual. Then we walked around down by the river and ran into some people that used to attend our old church. That was neat to visit with them, hadn't seen them in years.

We had so much fun in town we decided to go back in on Wednesday. We ate lunch at Mel's Hardluck Diner, where the food is delivered by singing waitress's. We had a yummy chocolate malt. Then we walked to the train station to catch the Branson Scenic Railroad. We found a spot in the car with a dome so we could see everything. It was a nice little ride. We visited with some nice folks on the train.

When we got home I talked to another person that had gone to our church but had moved to Branson. I had put a picture on facebook so they messaged me there number.We were gonna try and get together but it just wasn't gonna happen this time. We decided to pick up some stuff outside cause we are expecting some storms. The storms didn't arrive until about 4a.m. Then it rained like crazy til about mid morning. The temps went from the 80's to the 40's brrrrr.

We had one more day in the area and since the weathers horrible we decided to head into town one last time. Jeff's brother had emailed us a coupon for a restaurant called McFarlands. It was a twenty dollar coupon so we couldn't resist that. We had lunch there and our food was so good. It's good home cooking, the best thing was the dessert, blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream delicious !
The rest of the day we just got stuff ready to take off in the morning. The closer we get to the family the more excited I get about moving on down the road.
Both of us really liked Branson, it wasn't anything like we remembered. Definitely want to come back and next time we will stay longer.