Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grand Kids Here We Come!!!!!

Got stuff loaded and headed to Cedar Rapids around 10am. Both of us really excited to see the kids and grand kids. Definitely know these roads have taken this path many many times. When we arrived at Morgan Creek Park there were probably only 3 campers set up. The hosts hadn't even showed up yet. The water at the sites were just turned on but the dump station hasn't opened yet. The good news it's suppose to be a nice weekend. Not any problems really setting up, I was just in a hurry cause we had a very important meeting scheduled. We had set up to surprise the kids with picking them up at daycare.

So we made our way in town parked at Seth & Katie's and walked to the daycare. When we got there Mary had Ashton and Hailey come out. Ashton ran to us with hugs and kisses, he is such a loving boy. Sissy was a bit surprised she came to me but she noticed Papa had a beef (Beaird) she told him right away that she didn't like it and told him to shave it off. We gathered them up and walked to there house. It was fun giving them the little things we brought back from our travels. Ashton was especially happy with the alligator head.

 It was a big night for Ashton cause he was starting hockey tonight so we got to go and watch. So we drove over with our son Seth and our other son Justin showed up to watch. So nice to see my boys we really missed them too. After we headed to Justin's house for pizza. So nice to be around the family again.

The next day we hung around the campground and Jeff got his work done on the computer. I quilted and we both went to grocery shop.

On Friday we decided to go to a movie "42" really good. Then we met up with the family at Pancheros for supper. Went to Justin's to watch a movie but just visited instead.

Saturday morning I made homemade cinnamon rolls took them to Seth's. Katie and I went to get paint for there house. I'm gonna do some painting for them. Jeff and Seth went to get some hockey pads for Ashton. We came back to the campground with an extra body. Hailey is staying over night. We had supper, painted her toenails like Grammys and had a campfire with marshmallows. I don't think she liked the marshmallows they were sticky she said.

Had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. Then Jeff went to hit golf balls with Justin. I had to bake some cupcakes for a family fish fry tonight . Jeff went skating with Seth & Ashton. We had a wonderful dinner at Seth & Katie's. We even had an Easter egg hunt since we were gone then, the kids loved that.

The start of next week, I started painting Seth's basement and hallway. The weather turned cooler, actually cold. Then on Friday we had to be the daycare for the day. Ashton went to school, so it was us with Sissy. It was cold and rainy so I decided to start on painting there bedroom. Sissy was good all day and a joy to be around. Than we went to Riverside Casino to hear an Eagles tribute band. They were excellent.

Another weekend with lots to do. Went to Coralville with the kids and then they came home for supper. Hailey went home Ashton stayed over. So needless to say we had a busy evening . Jeff & I were tired from our late night on Friday so I asked Ashton if he was tired he said Nope not one bit....yikes!

After breakfast on Sunday Jeff  & Ashton were outside playing trackball and with the new bug assalt gun. Ashton thought the gun was the funniest thing ever. KT came and got me and we went to the farmers  market. I got cupcakes, so good. For supper to Justin's. I think they missed us. A new week and its a bit warmer that's nice. We worked on some cleaning cause we had a tree at this spot that keeps dropping sticky stuff kinda messy. We are getting ready to move across town on Wednesday. We did talk to some full time RVers who has a Blog that Jeff has been following. Looking forward to getting to visit with them some more.