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Mark Twain

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Settling Into Our Schedule Here

Monday January 7- I love our site, when I get up and take the dogs out you never know what you are greeted by. It is a view that is always different and never gets old. We walked the pup, trying to keep her and myself in shape. Then we decided to load up some stuff and make our way to the inter coastal. We took Miss Ruby with us. We found a spot and unloaded. It was still shady which I don't prefer. It was also a beautiful view. There are trees around you and to get some sun early you have to be in the water.

Jeff liked the shade. He also loves to fish so he brought his pole. He waded out and gave it a go.

He didn't catch anything but sometimes the fun is in the process. Miss Ruby was really good. Then Jeff took her out in the water. First he was carrying her. Then he let her see if she wanted to get in. She wasn't sure she wanted to walk in so then we took her out and set her down in the water. We wanted to see about her swimming skills. She had a life jacket on of course.

We hung around there for a few hours and decided we both liked the scenery and what you could bring with ya. Jeff wants to put his kayak in there and I'm going to get to use my floating bean bag chair. We will be back. Then on the way back I tried to pick up my meds at Walgreens. Had a bit of an insurance issue. They needed to update information. I didn't have a new card so of course I had to get a hold of the insurance company. Yep it was a hassle as usual but after it was resolved I was relieved.

Tuesday January 8- Back to work today. This will be our first full week. We have noticed how quiet the park seems this year. Everything seems to be in good order too. We had a good day today and we managed to finish at 1. Everyone checked out early or on time. After we cleaned the shower houses, then we just watch for the sites to open up so we can clean and check on things. We took Ruby with us to check on sites and she was loving it. She likes to have the wind in her hair.

After work I had to run down to the Kimball Center to get our set of keys from Korey. Then home. Our neighbors Ken and Sandy are inviting the volunteers to there site for a happy hour. They had quite a few come. We met the new ones and now we just need to try and remember there names. I forgot to take any pictures.

Wednesday January 9- Another work day that went really well. We didn't experience any problems and everyone left in a timely manner. The rest of the day we just hung around here. I worked on the blog a bit. Jeff went down to Ken's to have a beer. A nice day.

Thursday January 10- This is our last day of work this week. I started to walk down to the shop in shorts and flip flops....brrrrr. It is way to cold for this. So back to put on some pants and socks. It got down in the 40's last night. It is really cold when you are driving in an open cart. It was another good day at work.

Friday January 11- I made my way down to the laundry facilities early. I needed to wash sheets and bedspread. Then I made a trip to Walgreens. This time I was making enlargements of pictures of the kids. I wanted to change them out with some updated pics. When I got home I did some sewing together of rows for my newest quilt project. I also figured out I will have to come up with some more fabric because this is going to come out way to small. I guess that's why most people use patterns....not me. Then we left around 4:30ish to meet some people at Blue Point. Jeff wanted to hear who is playing at 7:00 tonight. When we arrived there was quite a group of guys there. I think they had been there awhile. We enjoyed the scenery and this time we ordered some dinner. Jeff and I shared the chicken tenders and fries. The chicken tenders were really good. Jeff even liked them and he is normally not a fan.The music started at 7 and it was a couple girls that were super good. The name of the singer was Jodi Gaines.

Saturday January 12- Another nice day but both Jeff and I were slow to get started today. We went out and took Ruby for a walk. We saw some campers we have met here before, Rita and Frank. This year they have a new camper so we went in and looked. It was nice to see them. Then we headed back home. Before long Jeffrey and Maren stopped by and we sat down to discuss our dinner plans for later today. We managed to agree on a spot and time. The day just kind of disappeared. We went to pick up Jeffrey and Maren at 3:30. Then we went to Port Salerno. We walked into Manatee Island and got us a table. It wasn't too busy either. We sat and visited for a bit. Then checked out the menus. They have happy hour from 3-6. During this time they had some items on the menu for 1/2 price. We all ordered and loved our meal. We even got some dessert. It was a wonderful choice and the company was wonderful as well.

Sunday January 13- Church day!....After church we went to Walmart before it got to busy. I couldn't put up my new pictures without command strips. We got in and out in record time. Then we went to breakfast at First Watch. We had a short wait and then got to our table. We ordered blueberry pancakes and some potatoes and split it. It was really good. We came home, changed clothes and put our stuff away. Then we grabbed our chairs, a cooler, Miss Ruby and made our way to Stuart's Riverwalk. They have live music every Sunday afternoon. It was a really good one this time. We even scored a perfect parking spot. We found a spot in the shade to put our chairs and got comfy. It was a nice afternoon, with good weather, good music and awesome kettle corn. I think Ruby had fun too.

While we were up listening to the music our son Seth was keeping us up with Aston's hockey game score. They are in Wisconsin this weekend. Yesterday they won both games and today they are playing in the championship game. It was very close the whole game. They ended in a 1-1 tie in regulation. So they had to play overtime. Again they ended in a tie. So they went to a shootout. They ended this in a loss. It is only there 2nd loss of the season. Ashton called me on the way home and said that his team just didn't play very good today. He said the other team had a really good goal tender or they would have probably won. Oh well have to get them next time.

Monday January 14-Did a little cleaning this morning. Then we knew we had to go get Belle some dog food. She is completely out. She has prescription dog food and it just keeps going up and up. The bag gets smaller and the price gets higher. Then I wanted to go to the beach to look for shells. Our grand daughter Hailey wants to do a craft project and we need shells. It was a beauty of a day. It was a bit chilly on the beach today. The wind was a bit crazy too.

Before heading home we stopped at Papichulo for lunch. Never been here before. I thought it was ok, Jeff didn't care for it. Oh well, win some loose some. The good thing we didn't order much so it was a inexpensive miss.

Then we headed back to take it easy the rest of the day. We go back to work tomorrow....

Tuesday January 15- Back on the job this morning. It was a little chilly, people think we are crazy complaining about these temps, but when you ride in a open cart it can be down right cold. Our day was going along pretty uneventful when one of the rangers showed up to give us some training on the new chemicals and how to use them. We both thought it was a good idea because lots of people don't read the instructions on how to dilute them. We got all trained and continued on with finishing up for the day. We just stayed at home after work...its a nice place to hang.

Wednesday January 16- After our training yesterday we made sure we had all the chemicals we needed and that they were labeled correctly. We also got rid of some things. We had a couple campers that didn't want to leave. I guess they don't think the check out time is for them.

Thursday January 17- Last day to work this week. Did I say how good everything is going this year down here? It is, we have some wonderful volunteers at this park. It makes your job so easier when everyone does there job. After work we ran in to the grocery store. I had a list that just kept getting bigger. Then we ran in to a lot of sales...score.....the things on our list, they were on sale. I love it when a plan comes together. Well, when we left we had way more than we planned to get. When I got home I ironed all the rows that I had added to my newest quilt. Funny I think Miss Ruby really loves this one. Every time I put it down on the floor she lays on it.

Friday January 18- We had planned to drive to Stuart this morning to check out 5 Star Design Homes. Jeff is always thinking a head if we ever get off the road. Looking for options for us. When we arrived first thing we noticed was they didn't have many models to look at. We went in to the office and boy were they not helpful. It almost came across as rude. We said OK, thank you and left. We didn't even want to look at a model. What a bust. Well we stopped at Aldi's before heading back. We like to get our produce there and they have a very nice one. We found every thing we needed and more and headed home. We got a pizza there and had it for lunch. It was so big I couldn't get it in the oven. Cut it in half and it just wasn't cooking good. Jeff took it outside and put it on the grill. Boy that is the way to cook your pizza. The crust gets really crisp. We had marked on our calendar to go to Blue Point tonight to watch a band. The band is KillBillies. We saw them the first year we were down here and loved them. Well we got there a bit early to have a drink during happy hour. We waited and Jeff kept watching for the band to show up and instead of them a single guy got up to play. There was no announcement or anything. When we arrived they were on the board that they were preforming. When we left they had erased them. Something happened but we don't know what. We will catch them some place else.

Saturday January 19- Up early to do laundry. Then I waited for the quilt store to open up. I needed to get some fabric to add to my quilt. It needs to be a bit bigger. It is close to being finished so while I was out I got batting and the backing for it. Planning a head. I also had to stop at the store again. We are going to a brunch and Jeff wants homemade cinnamon rolls. I have looked at 2 Walmarts and they didn't have it. I have to admit I was starting to panic. Well when I arrived at Publix and looked in the frozen section I was extremely happy...score!!!

Then we looked online to see if our mail had been delivered to the park. It was so we rode our bikes up to get it. I have been waiting for my new insurance card and I had a check from Prudential. So excited that everything showed when it was suppose to. Then we got in our car and drove to the concession area of the park. A bunch of the volunteers were meeting there for happy hour. Come to find out it is Ken's birthday. We had a fun time visiting with everyone.

Miss Ruby even had a fun time. We went home and fixed us a nice supper.

Sunday January 20- Woke up this morning to something different....rain. It poured and the wind was just as crazy. We went to church early to greet. It was a chilly one. After church we hung around to see Diane Bunce. We met her and her husband our first year here and were in a small group with them. Last year Norman, her husband passed away. We were happy to see her again. She was only here for a few weeks. Her schedule has changed. She used to spend all winter here, but not now. So happy that we got to see her. I came home then and started making cinnamon rolls. The first batch was for the birthday boy, Ken and the other camp hosts Ken and Mary...and we had to try them too. The second batch was to take to our new small group at church. We will be meeting the first and third Sunday's of the month. We get together and eat, Jeff thought that sounded good. This time we all brought brunch stuff. We went to the hosts house, Lori and Todd. We met lots of new people, but I'm not sure how many of there names I will remember. It was a nice way to meet different people from the church. There are 3 services and we don't see a lot of these people ever.   When we got home I kept waiting to hear from our daughter in-law, Katie. Hailey and her are in Des Moines for another gymnastics meet. She kept us informed of her scores. I wish we could go to some of these meets but they always happen in the winter. So happy that they keep us up with pictures and videos.

The afternoon was spent watching the football games. I must say both games were super exciting, we don't even love football. I know my son was happy the Rams won, and I'm sure Patriot fans were pleased as well.

I will close this post with a picture of this wonderful sunset we witnessed post will share pictures from the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. It will be happening tonight.

Til next travels....

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