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Mark Twain

Monday, February 11, 2019

Winter Arrived in Florida

Before I start with my next 2 weeks of fun, I thought I would share some of my pictures of this awesome moon. I usually don't stay up that late but I just happen to be up when it was suppose to get started. I would go out and take some pictures then back in to warm up. I used my camera instead of my usual picture taker, my phone. I was happy with some of the pictures. It was a good thing I took lots, that way I had some good ones to share.

Monday January 21- It was really cold this morning. Our thermometer said compared to what they are getting up north, not that bad. We aren't up north, we are in south Florida and that it cold. I usually get my cleaning and laundry done on Monday's. Today was no different. I did that and more. I cut fabric for my binding on my newest quilt. Jeff didn't want to stay in all day so we went out to a movie. We went and saw Stan & Ollie. I really liked it, Jeff thought it was interesting but slow. I never realized how there career actually went. I used to watch them when I was little with my grandma Dodie. Now I know the rest of the story.

Tuesday January 22- Back to work and it was a chilly morning. It did warm up some so that helped. Work went smooth. I got a hold of the bank today and they cleared it so I could deposit our check. It even went smooth. Usually we have to jump through hoops or argue to get things done...not this. It was nice to have a problem solved without a big hassle. We are having a volunteer potluck tomorrow so I went a head and made my soup and brownies.

Wednesday January 23- It's hump day. Before we could get started at work, we had a meeting with the other hosts, the volunteer coordinator and Ranger Jane. We already have our training on cleaning but the others had not. Now everyone is on the same page. That kind of got us off our schedule a bit. We still got done in a timely matter. We ran to the grocery store after work. Our volunteer soup and chili cook off was to start at 5:30. Went up a bit early to help set up. We had a really good turn out. It was a super windy day but the wind did calm some for our dinner. Everyone was asked to bring soup or chili and a dessert. Then we brought muffin tins and put little plastic cups in them to try all the different soups. There were lots of different flavors for sure. It was a nice evening.

Thursday January 24-It was a warm one today. We have rain on the way. We got the first 2 shower houses cleaned and went around to see if anyone left early....nope. So back to refill our coffee. When we went back out that's when it started...rain, rain, and more rain. It wouldn't stop the rest of the day. Well it did stop after we were done working. Needless to say we got soaked. We cleaned up and went out for supper. Jeff had got online to look up where Jodi Gaines would be playing and he came up with this place. He looked up the menu and he was really excited about going. All the reviews were excellent, that doesn't happen very often. The restaurant is called Leftovers. We got there early because they are always busy. We sat at the bar seating that faced the kitchen. I loved it there because we got to watch the chef's at work. It was really interesting. Let me tell you the place was clean, the service was friendly, and the food was great. We will come back. I talked to our waiter and next time I know what we are going to try. He was very helpful. Here are a few pictures of the place, the beverages, and the food.

This place is unique and not very big. When we arrived it wasn't that busy but when we left they were in line to get in.

Friday January 25- Off today so I made breakfast. It was really windy outside but I went ahead and laid out my quilt to pin together. I really want to get started on quilting it. I used all the dive weights I could find to hold it in place. I got it done. We had company coming for dinner but those plans changed. Our friends that just arrived have to leave for a family emergency. We did have time to visit a bit and have a quick happy hour.

Saturday January 26- Suppose to be a rainy day today. Jeff didn't want to stay here all day again. We decided to drive to Port St. Lucie. We went to La Mesa RV. We just wanted to look at 5th wheels. You need to know what is available in case something happens to yours. Then we looked at C-class units too. If we ever land in a home again we both know that we don't want to be in Iowa for the winters. It was fun looking and seeing what is out there.

We did leave without a new we were hungry so we stopped at Outback for lunch. We haven't been to this one and it was a good one. Our food was perfect.

When we got home we stayed in cause the weatherman was right. It was rainy and gray.
Hailey has a meet at 6 so we waited to hear from them on how she did. They sent me videos on each apparatus. She did really good. She got 4th on beam, 4th on the vault, tied for 3rd on floor and placed 4th overall. She just keeps getting better, yeah Sis!!

Sunday January 27- It started raining last night and I mean raining. When we got up it was pouring. We waited as long as we could to take out the dogs. It wouldn't quit. We ended up going to the second service at church. Still raining. We came home and stayed in all day long. It just rained and rained and rained. It was a super long day. It felt like winter so we had a winter meal. I made homemade chicken noodles. They tasted really good.

Monday January 28- We are filling in for Steve today so it is a work day for us. After all the gray and rain I actually saw the sun peek through this morning. We only had to do half the park so after cleaning our 2 shower houses I went back and made a cake. It's Mary's birthday and we are having burgers and hot dogs at Ken and Mary's with a side of cake. It was a chilly day. Went down to Ken and Mary's about 5, they had a fire going. Ken made burgers on the grill, I got my weinie stick our and did some cooking over the fire. Boy those hot dogs were good. It was a fun evening.....Happy Birthday Mary!

Tuesday January 29- Another day at work. It was cool again but the sun felt warm when it came out. The wind was really cool. After work I got to sit outside in my chair and enjoy the nicer weather. We just stayed in and had supper. When I took Miss Ruby outside tonight to go potty I heard the weirdest noises in the grass behind our rig. It was weird enough that I kept her far away from the grass.....definitely creepy

Wednesday January 30- Jeff had to try and make a reservation today for Jonathan Dickinson. We have a couple days in between a reservation and when we start volunteering here. Well it didn't go good. Maybe we can get on our volunteer site early????? Went to work and it looks to be a busy one. We have had it so good. Not only do we have more sites, but we have more campers shuffling around from site to site. When we finished work the clouds rolled in and the temperatures dropped. Oh the weird noises were loud again tonight.

Thursday January 31- Last day of the month. That's one month down. We are working again today, 4th day in a row for us. Its not the work but this cool, grey, wet weather making it long. It is a little warmer today with a slight chance of rain. Well we got 2 shower houses done before the slight chance of rain turned into a down pour that wouldn't stop. It made it very difficult to get everything done. After we finally finished we just stayed in and dried off the rest of the night.

Friday February 1- A brand new month and it looks like the rain is not going away. Jeff and I went out for breakfast at First Watch. It was just ok. Then we did some of our errands. Had to go to Walmart. Then I went to the quilt store to lift my spirits. Jeff dropped me off and ran to Home Depot. I found this fabric that I couldn't quit thinking about. I decided I needed to purchase it. I found a pattern and so now to purchase it. The lady was very helpful. I don't need to have any leftover fabric. So I left with this fabric and full of excitement. Ready to finish what I'm working on and get started on the next one.

We got a movie to watch before heading back. It rained hard most of the day. We decided to head up to Harry and the Natives for a bite of supper. They had music tonight, Jodi Gaines. I told Jeff these girls are going to think we are stalking them. Our food was ok at best. The music on the other had was really good. We ran into some campers there that we had met a previous year. They said hi and we visited with them a bit.

Ashton, our grandson is in Minnesota at a hockey tournament. His first game is tonight...10:30 our time....Let's go Blizzard!!!!

Saturday February 2- Well there game last night ended in a 1-1 tie. Katie said the boys seemed tired. Well after going to school during the day, a 3 hour car ride and a 9:30 game time, I get that. Today for me I started it off with laundry, and well a beauty of a sunrise. My best friend called too. Then Jeff went to make breakfast. When he was getting the pan he needed he noticed a weird smell. Then he heard a weird noise. Well under that cabinet is the hot water heater. He did some investigating, we have a problem. It looks like it is either a fitting that has come loose or we have a crack or pin hole in the water heater. Well it has been leaking for a while. So all the insulation under the rig is all wet. We just replaced the insulation up front from another leak. Jeff did a lot of researching to see what he needs to do next. More to come on that. The sun did come out today which was a great thing. I was sitting outside and noticed my turtle neighbors came out. I grabbed my camera and got some pictures. There were 2 of them. These critters look prehistoric. I love them.

Now back to the hockey update. Ashton had 2 games today. The first one was at 11:30. They won that one 4-2. Then they played again at 5:30. This one they took  4-3. Boy I wish I could watch them play. They will be playing for the championship tomorrow at 12:30.....Go Blizzard!!!

Sunday February 3-We greet at church this morning so we had to get there earlier than usual. It was warmer today. We were suppose to go to our small group lunch today but since our hot water heater is causing us such problems. Jeff wanted to get home and get that thing out and see if its got a leak or if it just in the fitting. Well lets just say that thing didn't just slide out. It was a very tight fit with wires and a gas line to deal with. Well as Jeff was working we were joined by some of the neighbors. They are also the volunteers here. It turned in to quite an event.

Well first he got the thing out of there. Then we had to make sure we had pictures so we will know how to put it back in. So we got the thing set up so he could test it to see if there was a crack or a pin hole in the tank. It would have been a lot cheaper if it was the fittings but it wasn't. It has a little hole in one of the welds. So now Jeff will have to get a new one ordered tomorrow. Now we will not have any hot water for a few days. We don't have the propane either. Jeff had to shut it off until he can get a plug for the gas line to the hot water heater.  So I guess we will be roughing it until we can everything fixed up. Sure am happy this park has wonderful shower houses. I sure hope we have as much help when we go to put it back together. Hopefully it will be a smooth process. Until next time....

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