Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, April 27, 2015

Quick Stop in Keokuk

Sunday April 19- Both of us woke up pretty early. Wasn't sure that we would be able to go because Jeff didn't want me to drive in the rain. He got on line and looked at the radar, we had a window of good weather so we thought it better to get out of here early. I was pretty nervous to drive. The camp hosts here told us a good way to go to avoid a blind turn. I had a lot to do and not sure how to do it. Its just different because we usually each have our own jobs to do. I was doing Jeff's and mine. We didn't want to be careless and forget something. We got it hooked up and Jeff drove it to the dump station and showed me how to do all the dumping....never done that. Then he drove out of the camp loop and to the main road. We traded drivers there and away I went. It was really easier than I thought. I couldn't hardly tell I was pulling anything. The traffic was very light..(.answered prayers) we had already gone through most of the traffic. Another thing that was in our favor was it was familiar roads, so no surprises. We timed it just right and we only had a few sprinkles to deal with. When we arrived in Keokuk, Jeff switched positions with me. He drove it into the park. We had a site already because we had called. Jeff helped me get her unhitched and set up. I know now I can do it if I have to. I prefer Jeff doing it but until he's better I guess I'm it. After we set up Jeffs brother came over to visit. He just lives across the street from the campground. He brought his youngest daughter and her husband. It was nice to talk with family and get caught up. Mike and Sue Maerz stopped by he was a firefighter with Jeff. Then Teri and Matt stopped by, Mike & Sue's daughter and I worked with her for years. So good to see good people. It was a nice evening of visiting but both Jeff and I were tired, neither of us slept that good last night I was nervous about driving and Jeff was nervous about me driving.

Monday April 20- We woke up and it was really cold out there. We got dressed because Jeff had a doctors appointment. His doctor is moving away so Jeff wanted to get his prescriptions refilled. He needed to check in with his own doctor after his stroke too. They told him to. He already had this appointment set up from last year. That's one of the reasons we stop here on our way to Cedar Rapids. His doctor couldn't believe he had a stroke, we explained what happened and the meds they put him on. He was able to explain things a bit better to us. After we left here we went to get our taxes done. This is where I worked the last 10 years. So again did some visiting. Good news, didn't owe anything to the government. Jeff seems to be feeling better. He still gets tired and has some dizziness but feels so blessed to be doing all he can. Stopped at the store before heading home. I got some quarters to get the laundry caught up. Its been awhile since I've done that. Jeff got a call from a friend and talked with him. We had more company, Judy and Jeff's brother Fritz and wife Shawn came over. We have been receiving a lot of love. I waited awhile before putting anything out there. Now we are hearing from a lot of people.

Tuesday April 21- Another chilly day but at least the sun was shining. Today we did a lot of running. Went to Walmart and the Farm store, we drove by and saw my bosses were in today so we went back to see them. Then we had to go pick up Jeff's prescriptions. Next went to the firehouse to see Jeff's other brother Rick. We headed back home to get some lunch and a rest before heading back out for more visiting. Went to see Bill and Sue Abegglen. We went on a mission trip with them and they are just really special folk. We had a wonderful visit with them. Across the street from them is a park that is the new home of a rocket slide that Jeff and I both played on as kids. This slide was featured on American Restorations. They restored  the whole thing to look brand new. They didn't put it back in the same park, but it brought back good memories for us both.

Wednesday April 22- Today was doctor day.....We both had appointments set up that was going to take up most of the morning. One was cancelled so we got done earlier then we thought. We stopped by to see my sister Dru and her husband Jay. Had a nice visit with them. Time sure slips away fast when you are with people you love. We came home and had more folks stop by. I had made some soup cause the weather called for it.....brrrr. Jeff had a couple more friends call to check on him too. He's really doing well. He doesn't take as many meds and doesn't get as tired. His vision is clearing up and the dizziness is subsiding too. Now the hard part is the diet thing....making some changes. It very confusing to us, but we are learning. Tomorrow we are heading up to Cedar Rapids Iowa our final destination for a few months. Can't wait to see the kids and grandkids...........