Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, April 17, 2015

Heading North / short stops

Sunday April 5-Happy Easter to everyone. It was a cool morning with plenty of sunshine. Most of our stuff had already been loaded but still had to finish up before heading out. We are traveling to Montgomery Alabama. The highway we took, 331 was a lot of 2 lane so a bit slow to start. We also ran into some road construction too. One blessing we found was a real nice rest area on the highway. It was like those on the interstates and a welcome sight. We pulled into Woods RV park around 1:30. We got a pull through spot. It has 50 amp, water, internet and cable. We have stayed here before so it was familiar. Its really close to the interstate which is handy. You don't want to stray to far from the park its a bit sketchy.

Monday April 6-Our dog Belle woke up early so did everyone else. We started planning our route to Nashville Tennessee. We also called to see if they had a spot because we didn't make reservations. Also called Rend Lake in Illinois to get reservations since we would be there for the weekend. Went for a walk around the campground. We mostly stayed home, I finished the quilting part of the quilt I've been working on. I also had time to bake some cookies. Tomorrow moving day....

Tuesday April 7-We had quite a bit of rain last night so it was pretty wet and foggy out. We left around 8:30 with our directions in hand. We ran into road construction and 3 traffic jams. Also drove through 3 big cities, Montgomery, Birmingham and Nashville. After about 300 miles we pulled into Jelly Stone Campground. That's a long day for us. We like to keep our days to around 200 miles. It couldn't be helped this time. Our site was a pull through with 50 amp service, internet and cable.
We set up, its easier when you only stay a couple days cause you don't set everything up. I was hungry so we went out to eat. Jeff noticed the front tires on the truck, it seems the rubber is coming apart. Well that changed our relaxing plans for the evening. Went to camping world and looked around, got some prices on tires there. Jeff went back and did some research on line. There was a Goodyear not far from the park and Jeff made a appointment for tomorrow. Once Jeff saw those tires he knew we wouldn't be running down the road on them.

Wednesday April 8- Jeff got up early and headed to Goodyear. They said it would be a 2 to 3 hour job. He made all the arrangements on line. He wasn't gone to long, it seems the tires are at there warehouse. The tires can be there tomorrow. Well we had planned on leaving tomorrow so Jeff had to add a night. After he got home we went to the Opry Land Mall, wanted to get lunch out. First we looked around, love this mall. So many different stores and lots of restaurants. We walked over and looked at the Grand Ole Opry then went to lunch.

We both decided Mexican sounded good. We went to Chuys that was at the mall. Jeff checked the reviews and all good. When we got there and they brought chips and salsa, it was good right from the start. They make all the salsas and sauces by hand daily. The atmosphere was wonderful, our server was very helpful and fun. Our food was scrumptious. The servings was very large. We were very happy with the lunch choice.

After eating we decided to walk some of that lunch off at the mall. The bad part about that is we found a chocolate store so we had to get a piece of chocolate covered toffee. So good. After we got back we took the dogs for a walk around the campground, they needed there exercise too.

As we walked around the park we stopped for a few shots with Yogi. Tomorrow new tires for the truck.

Thursday April 9-Jeff left around 8 oclock to get the tires put on. I stayed back. He got back around noon with new meats on the truck. Jeff decided we should go back to the mall and try another restaurant. They have an Aquarium restaurant there. It has a huge fish tank in the center of the place. The tank holds 200 thousand gallons of water. Its full of all kinds of neat critters. Like diving without getting wet. Jeff got shrimp tacos, me I don't like seafood so I had a burger which was extremely
 yummy. Jeff liked his lunch too but wasn't impressed with the shells. What was inside was really good though. We even splurged for dessert....crème brulee my favorite. It was awesome. Again we both were really full so we walked some of it off. Well this time while walking we couldn't resist the cashews they were making. We are gonna be watching the weather tonight...storms are coming this way.

Friday April 10-Well we lucked out with the weather, only rain with a bit of wind but nothing like they started out predicting we would get. It had cooled off some. The last few days its been in the 80's. It was a really nice day to travel. Left around 9:30 heading to Rend Lake in Illinois. Traffic wasn't bad. We arrived at Gun Creek Campground, one we've used before. Its right on the lake which is really nice. We had to fill up with water because the sites aren't set up with a spigot. Pulled into site #50, we have actually stayed right here before. Since we had stayed an extra day in Nashville we had to do some switching here as well. I wanted Jeff to take me to Walmart to get fabric so I could bind the quilt and finish it. We happened to see a Pizza Hut and it sounded great so we stopped. Boy was that a good decision. It was the best bread sticks and pizza we've had in a long time. Our waitress was very good too. After we got back I started cutting the binding and getting on the quilt. Jeff got his poles rigged up to fish. He caught a real nice catfish.

Saturday April 11-It started off really cool so Jeff waited awhile before heading out in his kayak to fish. I stayed back and finished that quilt. This one is for my son Seth....hope he likes it. Jeff caught another fish this time it was a white bass. We took a walk around the park. Its really a nice quiet park.

Sunday April 12- Today it was really cloudy, but turned into a beautiful day. I made some potato salad for our fish supper. The fish turned out extra good. Most of the campers have pulled out so the park was really quiet today. Tomorrow we move again, this time St. Louis here we come.