Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, April 6, 2015

Last Week in Florida

Sunday March 29-It started off kind of chilly, but it was still sunny. Sunshine makes all the difference in my book. It just makes you feel better. We stayed in and watched a sermon over the internet. We also watched a lot of campers pulling out. It was cool enough out, I sat outside and quilted. That's a good day. Outside in the sunshine and quilting. We had rode our bikes down the road and checked out this bar, planning to go back and listen to some live music. Today was that day. Usually they have live music nightly at 7 p.m. On Sunday the music is at 3, that's more our style. We got on our bikes and headed that way. The bar was called Shorty's....very friendly, service was great and the music was happy. The band was playing a progressive bluegrass, we liked it. Jeff tried there Grayton beer they had  on tap. He said it was good. I even partaked in a couple drinks....I usually don't drink.

We rode our bikes home and enjoyed the rest of the evening in.

Monday March 30- This day started off horrible and early. Belle woke us up around 4:30 a.m. she had another seizure. It has been almost a year and a half since her first one. This is something you can't get used to. It really gave us a scare. It seemed like it took longer for her to settle down. That modified our plans for the day. We didn't really want to leave her alone. I went on my walk and so did Jeff.

Since we stayed in I thought I would get some cleaning and laundry done. The good news is Belle seems to be back to normal.

Tuesday March 31-We got up earlier than usual so my walk was earlier too. It looked pretty cloudy on the walk to the beach but that didn't hang around long. The wind had calmed way down so we decided to bike on 30A going east this time. Heading this way you go thru Watercolor, Seaside and Seagrove. It was way more crowded this direction. We did make one stop at a little doughnut place. I stood in line  for a couple doughnuts. I was excited because of all the people, they must be great. I wasn't that impressed with the doughnuts, but everyone else seemed to be. We continued on our ride, went about 8 miles before turning around to ride back. We did ride out of the congestion and on the way back it seemed less busy. I guess everyone got to where they were going. It was so pretty that when we got back we decided to go to the beach. Jeff wanted to try to fish, I just wanted to enjoy the view.

Jeff didn't have any luck fishing, but I had plenty of luck enjoying. We went home and had supper. It was a real nice night so we made one more trip to the beach to see the sun go down. Well worth the trip.

A bonus this trip, it seems someone was really busy at the beach today....It was quite a castle.

Wednesday April 1-Up early again....can't wait to start the day. Today's the day we are going to put the kayaks in West Lake and try to catch some fish. Well we managed to get the kayaks in the lake, but catching the fish....nope. I guess they fooled us. (April Fools)  We still had a wonderful day. We went under some bridges to find new places to explore. We saw some ducks that were unique. Saw some flowers and it was a great way to spend a morning.

After we got back and put stuff  away we decided to run to the store. Jeff made a purchase of a tomato plant. He's been telling me how he going to grow his own tomatoes this year after paying for them last year. It was even on sale half price from the last time we were at the store...he's glad he waited.

Thursday April 2-Went for my walk early and noticed how calm the ocean was today. I told Jeff about the water so he loaded up his fishing stuff and headed to the beach. I went with. We got down there around 9:30 and it was very quiet with only fisherman there.

Jeff didn't have much luck but we met a guy fishing next to us that was.  He had better luck, catching a couple pompano. The good news he couldn't keep them so he gave them to us. Jeff wasn't about to give up that easy so I went home to get some lunch for us and we continued the hunt. At least today people were bringing some fish in. We ended up staying most of the day. I cant remember Jeff ever staying at he beach that long. I actually left before he did.

Looks like the sand castle on the beach is growing...Its good to see that everyone is enjoying it instead of tearing it down.

Friday April 3-Jeff got up early and went to the beach to try his luck on fishing again. I stayed back. I did go check on him when I went for my walk. When he got home I got started on the laundry to catch up before we take off. It's calling for rain tomorrow. We headed toward town to get lunch and go to Bass Pro shop. On our way we got a warning light on the truck. It said the DEF was of low quality. This happened one time before but it went out after adding more fluid. What's bad is after so many miles it limits your speed if the problem isn't corrected. That kind of put a damper on the day so we skipped Bass Pro and headed back. We stopped to get Ashton a second hermit crab. Then we stopped to fill up the truck and get some DEF fluid.

When we got home Jeff got on the computer doing research on this truck thing. He added some fluid which it really didn't need. The DEF light went out but the service engine soon light is still on. We are going to watch it and try to make it home to get it looked at.

Saturday April 4- Our last full day in Florida. It looks very cloudy and rainy. Jeff decided to head over to the Bass Pro Shop today. Thought maybe running the truck would help. We left early which was good because the traffic over wasn't bad. A nice surprise was by the Bass Pro Shop was other stores, ones I liked. I got a little shopping in. The drive back was a little busier. When we got home Jeff got the truck washed and we loaded most of the stuff up before the rain arrived. We celebrated our last night here by having a special dinner, filet and the fish from the other day. It was yummy. Ended the day quilting, getting really close to finishing. My doggy Soffee is my constant companion when I quilt.

Well tomorrow we hit the road heading north towards Iowa. It's bittersweet leaving this beautiful park but we our heading towards those grandkids which is super exciting. Can't wait to see them. The trip back will be slow because once we head that way I get anxious to get back. Bye Bye Florida til next year.