Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week 2/ Better Everything

Sunday March 1- Well this week is so much better from the weather to our health. We both were so ready to do some activities. Started off by heading back over to the head springs. They offer a free tram ride thru the park. It was very informative and just really nice. Our mode of transportation was a tram pulled by a jeep.

We had a park ranger on board telling us about the area and pointing out points of interest.

She pointed out a gopher tortoise that had popped out of its nest to sun himself. We stopped and walked into a dock area to have a peek at the river. It was very jungle like. Our tour lasted about an hour and was worth the time. It was nice to get out and do some looking. We walked the doggys and made plans for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we will get on the river.

Monday March 2- The day started off really foggy. I was kind of concerned about our river trip. I told myself today was the day I was going to get myself back on a walking schedule. After my walk we headed over to the head springs to launch. Since we are camping at the park there was no charge to get in or to launch. Its $8.00 to get in the head springs and $4.00 to launch for each boat. Since there is no fishing on the river it didn't take us long to unload....less stuff. We brought some beverages and snacks. By the time we headed out on the water it had cleared and was a beautiful day. We were excited to see all the critters. It was just so pretty. The water was very clear and the critters came out to see us.

We took the path to the head spring and then floated down the river. We saw fish and turtles swimming under our kayaks. We spotted alligators up on the banks or among the green muck. The turtles were in in abundance as well sunning there selves. The birds were in the trees, in the air, and along the banks. So much to see.

We floated down the river about 2 1/2 miles. Then the fun......paddling back up the river. We both were glad we have our drive systems so we could use our legs instead of our arms. It wasn't a bad trip back up. Still so much to see. We ran back into some more monkeys and couldn't help ourselves from stopping to watch. Instead of going back the same way we took the Fort King Paddling Trail. It was neat with even more to see.

We had such a great day. The weather was so nice, the animals were so excited to see us, didn't want to leave, but our backs needed a rest. We made our way back and loaded up our boats to head back. We both were so happy we decided to go out for supper to celebrate our great day.

Tuesday March 3- It was another foggy day to start but its clears up quick. Took my walk. Jeff decided he couldn't stand looking at his dirty truck. So today we made it a cleaning day. He worked on the outside with the truck. I worked on the inside getting laundry and cleaning done. It cant' all be fun and games. It was very warm today in the 80's....nice. We took a walk around the park and spotted some gopher tortoise nests. We even saw one out walking by its nest.

Wednesday March 4-Back to the river today. Was excited to get back out there. It was a warm day  and sunny. While we were getting our kayaks set up I spotted a new I didn't particually care to see.

We knew where we were going this time and was excited to find us some neat animals. So back out to float down the river.

This time we didn't see as many monkeys. We also floated down the river a bit farther.  We had some really great finds in the gator department.

On our way back up the river we pulled into a dock area. We got to get out and stretch a bit. It felt good to move around a bit. There were some people there resting up too. I spotted a critter poking his head out from under the dock. After getting a closer look and a few pictures someone told us it was some kind of a snapping turtle. All you could see was the top of its head poking up for air. If you looked closely you could see just how big this critter was. I just happen to have a pic.

We got back in the kayaks and headed up river. We ran into some monkeys. Both of us were excited because today we hadn't seen as many. Just as we pulled into do some watching along comes as air boat that scared all the critters away. Both of us were bummed but still a great day.

We made our way back and packed up our kayaks and headed back home. We both were tired after the day. What another wonderful day. So much to see and enjoy.

Thursday March 5- After my walk Jeff and I got our bikes down and decided to take the bike trail before it gets too hot. It was about 5 miles long. The tricky part was it was rather rugged. You went into the jungle. We rode over tree roots, thru mud and the path was wide in some parts but pretty narrow in others. I decided to take Soffee with me, but that was before I knew what the trail was like. During some of the ride we had to get off the bikes and push through the mud. I wasn't very prepared I was wearing flip flops. So walking through the mud was a bit gross.

Well we made it back and had to clean up the bikes. It really warmed up this afternoon, upper 80's. Jeff called and found out that Pet Smart got more of the prescription food we needed for Belle. Road trip to pick that up. While we were out figured we might as well get some supper. Five Guys here we come. We got home and got the dogs out to walk around the loop. We have really come to love this park. Its so quiet here, all the time. Finished our evening with a movie.

Friday March 6- I had myself talked into going back down the river for one more look at those monkeys, but the weather dictated another plan. When we got up it was cloudy, cooler and a bit wet.  So instead of spending the day outside we went in to fill up the truck for traveling on Sunday. While out we got breakfast and supplies. After we got everything put away I downloaded my pictures from our adventures and worked on the blog. I love taking pictures of all the critters. I wish I had a more powerful camera sometimes. I'm afraid if I get something too fancy I won't be able to use it. After supper we played Skipbo....I won....again.

Saturday March 7- Sometimes you just have to get campy. So we started our weekend off with a campfire. Nothing quite as nice as coffee in the morning by the fire. It warmed up a bit and the sun came out too. As usual we started loading up our stuff for travel tomorrow. After lunch we decided to take the dogs and go for a walk down by the river. It was a nice walk with the pups.


One last thing after we had made it down to the river and the dock area, guess who we saw? Our friend the giant snapping turtle. People were feeding him bread and again neat to watch

Well that's all from Silver Springs State Park, we had a wonderful time and wish we could have stayed longer, but time to move on up the road. Next stop St. Andrews State Park in Panama City.