Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, March 23, 2015

St Andrews week 2

Sunday March 15- It was suppose to be clear today but they were wrong. It was cloudy most of the day. We had some new neighbors pull in today and we gave them a hand putting up a screened tent. I took a short bike ride. We mostly just hung around and watched everyone else play. This park is way busier on the weekends. You can definitely tell when the weekend is here. We have another week here so we will play during the week.

Monday March 16-It was a beauty of a day. After running to town we decided to take our bikes to the beach.  Jeff brought his fishing stuff and he went out on the jetties to fish. There were lots of people trying to catch fish but the fish weren't having it. We did spot some dolphins.

After a couple hours of fishing Jeff joined me on the beach. There was plenty to watch. The sand is so white and very soft. The water is aqua and the slapping of the waves just never gets old.

The beach was a good way to spend the day. While here at St Andrews you often have free entertainment. The jets are always flying by......again with spring break they also have planes flying by with advertisement.

Tuesday March 17-Its another really nice day. After my walk Jeff and I got our bikes out. We drove around the park then out of the park to a local restaurant/market, Captain Andersons.  It wasn't open yet so we'll have to come back. When we stayed at this park before, we got a steak there that was really great. Then we stopped at a local seafood store to pick up some shrimp to take home to the family. Jeff also tried some red shrimp. They are suppose to taste more like lobster.

After lunch I rode my bike to the beach for a couple of hours, Jeff decided to stay back.   I sat on the baby beach and its surrounded by jetties so its very calm.

Oh for all you Irish folk.......Happy St Patrick's Day.

Wednesday March 18- Both of us got our walks in. Me first and I decided to do the loop around the whole park. It goes from the campground to the front gate around by the beach. I think its about 2 miles. Really a nice walk. Jeff went on his walk to sandy point again, he really likes that walk. While Jeff was walking I enjoyed my second cup of coffee by the water with my pup.

 Later on in the day we rode our bikes back to Captain Andersons to get our filet. You get to pick which one you want. It looked so good. We made our way back home to get started on this yummy supper. I made twice baked potatoes, Jeff fixed his shrimp and the steak on the grill. It was the best supper we've had in a long time. Better than going out. After we took the dogs out for a walk and called it a night.

Thursday March 19-We have both really been good about getting our walks in. Its easy to want to walk when the scenery is so beautiful. I also loaded up Soffee and took her for a bike ride today around the park. She really is happy as long as she is with you. Since we haven't been out for a meal we decided to go tonight. Some of our neighbors recommended J Michaels. They told us the food was good with reasonable prices. We even knew where it was located. So away we went. They were right our food was really good and you got a lot for your money. Jeff had some fish and I had a burger, both were tasty.  Ended this day with a doggy walk around the park. I guess the bike ride today tired out Soffee cause I ended up carrying her for most of the walk. The deer here in this park are very used to people. We always see them in the evening at this one camp spot.

Friday March 20-Really foggy to start the day off. I went out to watch the sun come up but too foggy for that. I did watch a great blue heron fish for breakfast though.

After the fog had lifted I decided to join Jeff on this awesome walk he's been telling me about. It was very scenic indeed. First we walked out of the campground to the park area. We happened to see a turtle crossing the road. Then we started on the path. You got to go through the trees on to the beach by the bay. You walked around the point and followed the beach to the baby beach area by the jetties. Then we took the road back. It was a really nice walk, I should have done it sooner.

After we made it back and had our lunch I wanted to get another day at the beach before we had to leave. So Jeff came with me. It was the strangest thing. When we got there the fog started to roll in. I mean it was thick. You could feel the cool mist as it carried in to the beach. Then it would clear some but not for long it would return. I took pictures but they don't really give you the full effect.

Well we really enjoyed the park today. Its a great place and I'm glad we got to come back this year.

Saturday March 21-Another foggy morning. Our door latch is cracked so Jeff decided to make a trip to camping world to see if they had another....nope. While out decided to get breakfast at the Waffle House. Also filled up the truck to travel tomorrow. We hung out at our site today and watched the boat  traffic. We loaded up some of the stuff that we weren't going  use. After we made another trip into town on our bikes to get us another steak to put in the freezer. Jeff got more red shrimp to take home to the kids. Then we made one last very important stop to get a hermit crab. Of course we got a home for him as well. Now if we can keep him alive to get him home to our grandson. Its been a great 2 weeks here and this park was as wonderful as I remember. Tomorrow a short trip to a brand new park. Good bye St Andrews....