Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, September 29, 2014

Almost Fall

Tuesday September 2, Today we cleaned up around our campsite. Tomorrow we will be pulling our home to Ketlesons to get our wheel bearing repacked. It just makes it real that we will be packing up and hitting the road soon. Thats a completely different kind of a routine. I think I'm ready, I love being here to see the kids and be a part of there lives but it's hard to stay put for so long. Now I will have to get my check list out to make sure there aren't any silly mistakes before taking off.

Wednesday Sept 3, We got started early because our appointment is at 8:30. We unhooked the water and sewer lines. We hooked up on the first try and headed out. We made it to Ketlesons with only one glitch.... one of the tire sensor alarms went off. This was the first time we actually rode on our new tires. Jeff found a spot to pull over and check it out. It was a false alarm so that was good. We decided to just wait there while the work was being done, it took a little longer then they told us but the quoted price was the same. After pulling out of there we went to a truck scale to weigh the rig. Jeff wanted to get an accurate rear axle weight and the pin weight. Then we headed back to the campground and set back up. It went pretty smooth.

Friday September 5, A special day indeed, It's our grandson 9th birthday so I had to sing to him. It was a rainy day most of the day. Our son Justin had his wisdom teeth out today....that is not fun. He's probably gonna be sore for awhile.

Saturday September 6, We went into town to mail off our old wooden refrigerator panels, Jeff sold them on eBay. We didn't plan on using them again and our kids weren't thrilled about storing  them either. It worked out well all the way around. We stayed and watched the Iowa Hawkeyes play but left at halftime cause it was painful to watch. The good news is they came alive in the last four minutes of the game and won. We brought Hailey home with us to spend the night. So our Saturday night was action packed. 

Sunday September 7, We met Katie & Ashton at Bloomsbury Farm. We had promised Ashton we would take him on the zip line. When we arrived we were the only ones there, we did some exploring and feeding of the goats, llamas and mules. Needless to say that was great fun. Hailey wasn't big enough to zip line so first Jeff and Ashton went. Ashton got a little scared but loved it after the first initial leap. Then it was Katie and my turn... It was a blast. The kids played around on all they had to offer. It was a great way to spend grandparents day....

Monday Sept. 8, It was a nice day and a busy day for me. It's a big cleaning day for me, the shower house and after that I usually continue with the cleaning here at home. I also did the laundry, gave Belle (our schnauzer) a haircut, and helped Jeff install a light on the ceiling fan. My day ended on a sad note, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. It looks like they caught it early so that's a plus.

Tuesday Sept 9, It rained a lot last night and it looks like rain is in the forecast for the next few days. We decided to take in a movie,"When The Game Stands Tall", I liked it, Jeff thought it was a bit slow. They have a special on Tuesdays here, $2.00 drinks and popcorn, now that's a deal at the theater. 

Wednesday Sept 10, We both woke up not feeling good, we have sore throats, probably a cold coming on....yuck. We stayed in and didn't do much, Jeff made some yummy turkey and rice soup that tasted really good.

Thursday Sept 11, We hung around home most of the day. We had plans to go watch the Roughriders scrimmage tonight at the ice rink. We met Seth and the kids. First stopped at Justin's to help get his plane tickets bought to come to the Keys this winter for a visit. Then we all watched the game, the Roughriders didn't look to good. They lost. It was still fun to watch.

Friday Sept 12, Still didn't feel to good so hung around here. We had plenty of entertainment though cause the hummingbirds are just going crazy . I'm having to fill the feeders twice a day. We have counted up to 7 or 8 at the window feeder at a time. There's only 2 places to drink from. So it's a battlefield out there. Jeff has been bragging about his meatloaf to Justin and Molly so they came out tonight for supper. They enjoyed the dinner but didn't stay long.

Saturday Sept 13, We still both didn't feel that good, we didn't do much of anything but watch a TV. We couldn't get the Hawkeyes game so I just waited for updates from the kids... We lost. It's really cool outside, way below normal temps.

Sunday Sept 14, I couldn't stay in again today so I took the truck and went to town for some retail therapy. I must be loosing my touch cause I don't seem to get the same joy out of that. When I got back I think Jeff was ready to get out so we went in to see the kids, we hadn't seen them for awhile because we didn't want to give them our colds. Then Justin invited us over for supper so if course we said yes. Who passes up a free dinner?  As we pulled into the park we noticed they had the new sign up....finally. It looks really good, we both had the same thought... Put the sign up just about the time it time to close shop. Oh well it sure looks nice.