Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summers winding down.....

Monday August 18, My best friend Judy received a call from her mothers assisted living saying she fell. We packed up Judy to get her on the road..disappointed she had to leave early, but happy her mom was ok. My son Seth nominated us for the ice bucket challenge for ALS, so we knew we wouldn't wimp out on a challenge. We did the challenge and donated online. Jeff went to movie " The Giver" while I ran some errands.

Tuesday & Wednesday it was gloomy and cloudy.....perfect weather to quilt , I finished Ashton's birthday gift which was a big load off my mind. I did have a week to spare. Jeff got in touch with Janie & John trying to get together once more before they take off back on the road. Set up to meet them tomorrow.

Thursday, There is hardly anybody at the campground, so makes for a quiet week. We headed into town to meet our friends for dinner at White Star. They enjoyed happy hour and had dinner. I had crispy chicken with the cheesy potatoes. I loved it, I had that before and couldn't wait to enjoy it again. After we finished eating we decided to move our party to another spot. We walked to a bar called Rocks. Since the flood this city has really worked on the downtown area. It's really nice now. For Thursday night the place was hopping. One of the draws is the mechanical bull. We didn't partake but there were plenty who did....Ones that had been partying harder and longer then us. It was really fun. We said our goodbyes and wished them happy trails.

Our weekend consisted of grocery shopping, a trip to Lowes and Hobby Lobby. Jeff has been helping our younger son work on his basement. So some of that shopping was to help him get everything he needed. The weather for the weekend went from smoking hot to humid and rain. We went back to church Sunday at the Cedar Rapids Family church, we like the church and the welcoming feel they show. 

Monday we were surprised to get a call from Ashton, this is his last day of summer vacation. Seth took the day off to spend the day with him. They invited us to go to a movie, so guess what, we went to a movie..."Into the Storm". It was pretty good,I knew there was a good reason I don't like storms.

Tuesday August 26, Woke up to the camper shaking because of the wind. Jeff had already looked at the radar, he told me we have weather coming. I grabbed my stuff and my dog and headed to the shower house. It looked really bad, we got lucky though mostly just rain and some wind. After seeing that movie yesterday I wasn't taking any chances.
We went to town to have our eye appointments. We made them with a new eye Doctor.  He's from our hometown Keokuk Iowa, and went to school with our boys. He did an excellent job and we will definitely go back. Well that's one more thing off our to do list.

Wednesday Jeff got a call that our new 17.5 wheels and tires are here. He ordered them a couple of days ago from Trailer Tire and Wheel and had them shipped to the Fed Ex Distribution center in Urbana.  It saved us some money on shipping. It was only about 10 miles away and so easy to pick up. They even used there forklift to put in the back of our truck. Another  job I did today was defrost the freezer. It had gotten really frosted up. The ice maker wasn't making ice it was so bad. I got it all defrosted and the ice maker worked, so happy about that. Then we put on our new tires. I was really surprised that it went so smooth, no issues. Another task crossed off the list.

Thursday August 28, It was a rainy day and I was kinda bored so I decided to cut my hair. I've done this before but I couldn't remember which comb to use, well I grabbed the wrong one so needless to say its shorter than normal... Good news is it will grow back...
Jeff decided he wants to do a bit more remodeling. Wants to add a light to the ceiling fan. Something that should be so easy right.... Well the wiring that's up there for the light isn't hooked up so it didn't work. Gonna have to do a bit of research before we can get that put up. It was so gloomy and cool that Jeff decided to make some homemade chicken noodle soup. It was yummy, I guess I'm ready for some cooler temps for a bit. 

Friday, it's suppose to be clear today til after supper so I thought I better get the laundry done. We don't have a dryer on board so it all depends on the weather. Also it was Jeff's turn for a haircut, so I took care of that. We purchased a new rug for outside, our other one was just falling apart. We put it down, love it it's super big. My last task to do today was to get my grandsons birthday cake made and put in the freezer for frosting later. I make there cakes every year and I always put a lot if pressure on myself but in the end it always turns out.

Saturday August 30......It's opening day for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Kick off was at 11:01. We were invited to Seth & Katie's for breakfast. I made some homemade cinnamon rolls to take..we enjoyed breakfast burritos and some had bloody Mary's. They say Katie makes really good ones. The Hawkeyes won, closer than we thought but a win. While I was over there and had help, we put up the pictures and shelves in Ashton's room. It's part of his birthday present. I painted one wall and got some Blackhawk pics to put up. It looks good. We headed home to see how everything was going at the campground. It is a holiday weekend, but with that being said it sure is a quiet bunch.....that's great.

Sunday August 31, I made cupcakes today for the party tomorrow. It's a really nice day so Katie and the kids came out. Us girls went to the beach. Jeff & Ashton put together a new balsa wood plane. They didn't get to fly it much cause it was so windy. Glad that we got one more beach day in.

Monday Labor Day...and that means one thing PARTY!  Ashton was born on Labor Day so it's not technically his birthday but usually have his party on this day. The first thing to do was get his cake frosted. He wanted a Stanley Cup Cake this year do that's what I did. After that was finished I frosted those cupcakes too. The party started at 1, so we headed over around 12:30. It was a wonderful day weather wise. Everyone had a great time. He got lots of great gifts and the cake was good. A good time was had by all. Came back home and relaxed, the park had cleared out and party & cake number one done. I can relax til October and Haileys cake and party.