Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hometown visit/Keokuk,Iowa

Friday April 11, Keokuk here we come...this is where we lived most of our lives. Had never camped here so that's gonna be a new experience for us. The campground is called Hickory Havens and we were pleasantly surprised, it's real nice. We have a full hookup with 50 amp, water, sewer, internet and even nice laundry facilities. We had great weather to travel and set up in. We picked site # 1 because when they turned the water on this year it seems they have a break. They are gonna work on it but sight 1 is good with no water problem here. We got everything set up and my best friend popped out to say hi. It was really nice to see her. She had to go back to work. We didn't really have much planned but knew of people we needed to see and things we needed to take care of. Decided we would go out for supper. Went to an old favorite..Meyers Courtyard all the catfish/chicken plus buffet for $7.50 and it was really good ! Then as we were heading back to our site went by the fire station. Jeff recognized a truck so we stopped there for a visit. Then we needed to get back cause my friend from work and her husband were stopping by. Again another great visit. Well that was a good day.

Saturday April 12, Got up and made our way to the bowling alley to see my older sister Dru and her grand kids. Had some more catching up to do. After we left the bowling alley stopped by Fritz & Shawn's house. That's Jeff's younger brother. His oldest daughter was there so we got to see how big her kids are getting. Came home started the laundry. My best friend Judy came and got me to go to the park and watch all the kids dressed for prom. She was taking pictures of her grand kids. We finished the evening by dining out again. This time we went to The Cellar known for there burgers and onion rings. It wasn't as good as I remember but the company was great. We were there with my best friend Judy and her husband Don. Jeepers another full day.

Sunday April 13, We got up and went to church. It's a new church in town. There were lots of people there we hadn't seen in a long time. We made our way to the sanctuary and a real nice service. After church we came home and made breakfast. Judy came out for awhile. It's raining today. Took the rest of the day off. Before bed we made sure we had our stuff ready for taxes tomorrow.

Monday April 14, We had to set the alarm because Jeff had a Dr. appointment at 7a.m. (Blood work) Out for breakfast, then we took the truck by to see how much to get it fixed. We got a nice surprise there, and they'll do it tomorrow. Our next stop...taxes. Good news there too, a little refund. Back to see my sister. Then it started snowing, that's crazy it was just in the 70's on Saturday. It's so cold out. I went from flip flops to Ugg boots. I called my old neighbor to see when we could get together, also set up a time tomorrow to meet some people here in town that are getting ready to start full time Rving.

Tuesday April 15, Had to get up early again today to take the truck in for repair. While waiting for our truck Jeff decided to make breakfast at my sisters house for her and her husband Jay. We came home to meet our new friends, they want to ask us some questions about full time Rving. It was good to pass on some helpful information. They seem really excited about there knew adventure. It felt nice to share tips with them. Again we went out for supper, the Pizza Hut this time. We have a good one. Stopped again at Jeff's brothers house before heading home.

Wednesday April 16, This day was a busy Dr. Day. We drove to Ft. Madison and got the day started. It felt good to get that taken care of. We felt like celebrating by lunch out...Mexican today and it was so yummy. On our way home we stopped at the nursing home in Montrose to visit our old neighbor. He used to camp a lot and was really excited about us doing this Rving thing. He was happy to see us and it was good to see him too. While in Montrose we stopped at the meat market and picked up some supplies. We are on a roll with this visiting thing. We drove by our old house and stopped to visit another neighbor. Nice to see them. Well only one more stop to make. We joined our old small group for a bible study. It felt good to join these fine folk. Really miss these people. How's that for a action packed day....I'm exhausted.

Thursday April 17, This is our last day in town. Jeff had one more doctor appointment. It wasn't until noon so we slept in. His appointment went well. He got all his prescriptions filled. We are checking all our to dos off the list. We loaded up the boats and the rest of our stuff. We finished this day with a dinner over at my friends. We brought some fish and shrimp. Jeff prepared that and I did the sides. It was a delicious dinner and a nice way to end this visit, at my best friends house. Tomorrow we head north to see the excited!!!!!