Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, April 4, 2014

Top Sail Hill State Park/Santa Rosa Beach

Site 158
Saturday March 29, Woke up to raindrops and those raindrops turned into a steady rain. The good news is we don't have to travel very far. We got our break early but we didn't hesitate to get hooked up and out of there. Like I said we didn't have far to go, but the roads to get to Top Sail were slow going. They went right through cities with lots if cars, people and stoplights. We knew what to expect so it didn't seem that bad. We arrived at the park around noon, our site #158 was available so we drove to it. A funny thing, when I got out to be Jeff's eyes our neighbor was standing there looking at me kinda funny. I looked at him and he looked familiar, then he said do I know you? I remembered him from Myakka. You just never know who you'll run into, or run back into. The sites have concrete pads which are great especially after all that sand. What wasn't so good, the pads are very narrow but we got backed in without too much trouble. Jeff went to check the power, surprise our power management system not working AGAIN. That's the 4th time since last summer but who's counting.....ME. Jeff checked the pedestal to make sure the power was ok. Finished setting up and talked with the neighbors. We planned to make a grocery store run, so we headed in. There was a Walmart  just up the road. We wanted to stay close cause this is one busy place. Got what we needed and headed back. Jeff got the cable hooked up and the TV programmed. That's one thing that's good, free cable. Also have 50 amp, sewer, swimming pool, trams to the beach and shuffle board. Lots of trails and many places to ride your bikes. The park itself is very nice, it's well taken care of. It's just a bit too busy for us. It is good seeing people using the parks. I finished off the day with a bike ride to the beach... Yep it's pretty.

Sunday March 30, I got up early to make a trip to The Donut Hole, everyone said you better get there early or you'll wait in line. I left around 7:30 and it was just right up the road. I still had to wait in line but not that long. They had a lot to choose from. Not only did they have doughnuts they also had muffins and pastries. I made my picks and paid, a little cashy I thought. Then after trying the doughnuts I definitely thought a little cashy. They were good but not that good.  Since all Jeff could think about was the power box we decided to head across town to purchase a different one. The one we have is definitely not dependable . We also had to go to a bigger Walmart with an-automotive center. Jeff needed to bring back our old battery for a core exchange. Got that done and we walked out of that Walmart without buying any thing. Talk about weird feeling, how often do you walk out of there without a purchase?  It took forever to go across town in all this traffic. We made it to Camping World, made our purchase and headed back. We spotted a Five Guys restaurant so we stopped for a late lunch. When we got back Jeff and I both went for a bike ride to the beach, along with Soffee. We talked to the people across from us from Missouri. Found out there parents are camp hosts at Ed Babler in St. Louis and we've actually met them. Again its a small, small world.

Monday March 31, Since the traffic is pretty crazy around here Jeff got up early to make one more trip out. This time it was to fill up the truck, get Yingling beer, and some fresh shrimp to take home. We tried to get beer on Sunday but it was to early, you can't but beer til after 1 on Sunday. When he got back I took my walk, they have a real nice paved path to the beach and it's about a mile or so. Perfect for me. Jeff decided to wash the truck because we noticed a lot of people were cleaning there vehicles and rigs. I went to the beach and it was a beautiful day, the wind had laid down and the temperatures were on the rise. It was so pretty, with aqua water. I stayed a couple hours and right before heading back I noticed a group of dolphins swimming by a great way to end the beach day. We were gonna take a bike ride because there is a bike path right outside the park but the day just got away from us. We did get the dogs a walk in. This park is definitely friendly. It has a lot to offer and plenty of folks are taking advantage of that. We loaded up a lot of our stuff before calling it a night. That's it folks for Florida, tomorrow we start heading north.

Bike path and tramway to beach