Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, March 20, 2014

St George Island/part 2

Monday March 10, I went to the beach and watched the sun come up. It was very pretty. The ocean water was so flat it was hard to believe it was the ocean. I was looking for sand dollars and it was successful, I think I found 14. While I was hunting I heard a noise and looked up...dolphins. They were really close to shore. Easy to see them and where they were going cause you could see the water move. It was like they were pushing it.The water was that flat. I followed them down the beach awhile but I couldn't keep up. I decided to head back and I spotted a big stingray in the water. Boy what a wonderful morning at the beach. When I got back we talked and decided to ride our bikes into town on the bike path. As we were getting ready to go Jeff talked to our neighbor, he said fish were being caught in the water off the boat ramp. We parked the bikes and got stuff together for kayaking. We got the boats in the water and as soon as I got out into the water I spotted dolphins. Jeff said that's good they're hunting for fish. We both were excited to get fishing. I caught a trout, well kinda as I was trying to get my fish grippers on the fish and he leaped off the hook... Bummer. Jeff caught a trout too but he got his in the boat to measure, just short. He did get a really nice Spanish mackerel, that one was a keeper. We watched the dolphins exit the bay and I think the fish went with them. It was a nice day on the water.

Tuesday March 11, Jeff wanted to make a phone call to check on our power management box. Looks like it's fixed and on its way back to us. Went back to the beach to walk, such a peaceful way to start your day. It was pretty cloudy today then the sun would shine. We thought we'd do something, then it would cloud up again. Decided to fix that fish for supper that Jeff caught yesterday. We went to town to get a few groceries. We had a yummy fish supper, fish and shrimp. Everything was yummy.

Wednesday March 12, Another weird weather day, there was sun,clouds,windy makes it kinda hard to plan things. I got to the beach early to see the sun rise. Well thanks to the low clouds I made it for the sunrise. It was worth the trip. With the wind the ocean was wild. We were considering taking the boats out but with all the clouds decided against that. After lunch we took the bikes for a ride to East Point. The wind was picking up, we got to our destination and the wind was so bad that the sand was blasting us. We didn't stay long and headed back. Well the trip here wasn't bad but going back, into the wind even with our electric assist bikes was tough. We made it back and had worked up an appetite for supper.

Thursday March 13, Today was kinda a lazy day. I went to the beach but no luck with shells or sand dollars. Jeff took his walk, he likes to take the trails and this time he took Belle with him. He walked the trail the to the primitive campground and I think he was surprised how far it was, about six miles round trip I worked on the blog, but we couldn't post cause of the internet here. It was nice outside so I sat out and read a book. I decided to give Belle a haircut, I'm no groomer but I'm getting better. I thought after that long walk she'd  be tired and willing to sit still. We had leftovers for supper. Not to exciting but still a good day, in a beautiful spot.

 Friday March 14,Today it was colder yet, still better than the weather back home. It's suppose to warm up. I went back to the beach bundled up except I wore flip flops when I got back my feet were froze. I warmed up and it did outside too. Jeff said he was going back to the boat ramp to fish. I got ready and went with. It had warmed up quite a bit but the wind was cool. I'm glad I brought a sweatshirt, and Jeff was happy he had a fleece. We got in and started fishing. I was having a good day catching fish, the first 5 I caught were just short. Finally I caught one that was a keeper. The good news it gave me a chance to figure out how to use my fish grippers. I even got them off the hook. Jeff on the other hand wasn't having such a good day. We were out there quite awhile. I was cold and came in. Jeff wasn't far behind me. Got home in time to start supper. Finished our evening with a walk around the campground, and watching the sun set over the bay. It was a beautiful sunset but the bugs were horrible. It was a wonderful way to end our stay... The sunset not the bugs.