Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. George Island,FL

Monday March 3, It was a pretty day, a great day to travel. We had hoped to be on the road by 9a.m. but it was closer to 10a.m. when we hit the road. We started off the trip by turning too soon. It was ok though I pulled out the truckers map and saw that it wasn't a big deal. No need to turn around just change our route a bit. It was a nice trip, the traffic was light and everything else was good too. We had about 225 miles to go and with the roads we took there was no rest areas. Found a nice truckers gas station that was easy to get into and easy to get back on the road.After about a 5 hour drive we checked in then drove to Sugar Hills Campground. Our site is #34, we checked out the area before backing in. It was a bit tricky, seems there was a tree in our line of backing. We took our time and it was a success. This time before unhooking we checked the power....again our power management system is showing low voltage. Jeff checked the voltage in the pedestal and it's good. It's very aggravating to keep having the same problems over and over. So we called the company and again we have to mail it in. We continued getting everything set up. The park is very nice, we love it, but our internet is roaming and very intermittent. The TV is horrible too, don't plan on watching anything unless you have a dish.  It was kinda a long day, thank goodness for leftovers.

Tuesday March 4, It's cool & cloudy today so we decided to head over to Apalachicola to mail back our power management box. We had to unload our kayaks and bikes first. As we were doing that who pulls in but Katie & Lee. We knew they were coming but boy are they early. We made plans to get together for supper. Then Jeff & I left to go to town. First to the post office then we looked around the town a bit. Lots of neat and unique  shops. After we returned  Katie & Lee came over to our place with all the food! A big pan of stir fry that was delicious and ice cream for desert. We ended the evening by visiting the night away. Good company good food, a great night. It's amazing how you run into a lot of the same people.

Wednesday March. 5, Rainy, cloudy and cool again. I started cleaning out the pantry which lead to the kitchen drawers, etc. Jeff wanted to get out for awhile so we drove into town. Thought we could find something  for our grandson. We stopped at the Island Outfitters store, and talk about helpful people, they know about the fishing and what to use and where to go. Just all around nice folk. Then like last year Jeff saw the guy selling seafood out of the white trailer so he stopped to get some shrimp. Went back home and we walked the dogs around the campground. We are ready for some nicer weather. Both of us want to get outside and enjoy this beautiful area.

Thursday March 6, Again with this rainy weather...enough already. Didn't want to stay inside all day so back to Apalachicola this time Jeff was gonna look around at the shops. Our plan was to have lunch here. Wanted to try a different place, so we did and wish we would have gone back to Up The Creek Raw Bar. We ate there last year and it was very good. Jeff & I both were very disappointed with our sandwiches at Tamara's Cafe. We have talked with people and everyone said its good, we didn't agree. Went home and I worked on my quilt. It was a long day. We watched movies cause the tv wasn't working at all. We need sunshine! They said tomorrow the sun will come out....

Friday March 7, Well the weather man was wrong's still really cool and windy. Jeff and I both got a walk in. I had on my gloves,sweats,and a hoodie with the hood up. I wanted to get to the beach. It was empty but pretty. Can't wait for the sun to shine on the water....makes everything so much prettier. It was colder today than the others so most of the day was spent inside. Watch out when I get bored... Out comes the clippers and I cut my hair. It turned out good. I haven't had to shave it all off yet. Then spent some extra time on supper. Since we found fresh asparagus at the store tried a new recipe with that. It was yummy. We needed a pick me up so we face timed with our grand daughter. The phone worked kinda so at least we got to see her for a little bit. That was a good way to end a long day. Technology is really great sometimes.....:)

Saturday March 8, Yipeeee...we got sunshine!!! Still a little cool but the sunshine is wonderful. I made cinnamon rolls to take to the campers coffee. The ranger talked about St George Island, giving us some history and also telling about the animals that live here. It was very informing. We got back to the camper and decided to take the bikes for a ride. Jeff wanted to take the trail. I wasn't to excited about that cause I know there's sand on those trails. I put Soffee in my basket and off we went. It was a nice trail but I think I would have preferred to walk it. We ended up walking the bikes a lot anyway. We came out of the trail and took the road home. When we got back to the campground it was a different place. It came to life. When the weather was bad it was like a ghost town but after the sun came out people were walking around, riding bikes, visiting, a complete turn around. We decided to grab our chairs and head over to the beach. It was still a bit cool but the sun and the surf was beautiful. So happy the sun came out and it warmed up.

Sunday March 9, It was another nice day. I went to the beach first thing and found 14 sand dollars, I love them! Came back home and Pops gave us a fishing report. We loaded up the kayaks on the carriers and rolled them to the Bay Area. I have never seen the water so flat. It was very quiet and serene. I think we saw one other kayaker but in the distance. It was a perfect day to fish but someone should have told the fish. We didn't have one bite. Think it been a little cold for those fish. Soffee came out with me and I think she had fun too. Just as we were coming in it started to cloud up a bit. It felt really good to be outside and to be on the water. Who needs TV when the weathers good. Been here a week and just now getting to see and enjoy all it's beauty.