Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rainbow Springs Part 2

Monday February 24, It's cloudy again this morning but I braved the weather and took my walk. When I got back Jeff and I said good bye to our neighbors. Jeff decided since we have yucky weather that maybe we could get our fingerprinting done. We have taken a camp hosting position and they sent us some paperwork to get filled out and send back. He called the law enforcement office to see when and where and how much. Jeff said they fingerprint between 11-2, and it's $20.00 each. We went to the office and they printed us, electronically. It was really kinda interesting. I thought it was funny all the jobs Jeff and I have had and never been fingerprinted. Now I'm volunteering and I have to be printed, kinda funny. After we finished we went to the post office to mail them off. Then we thought we would go to a restaurant for lunch. When we pulled in we saw it was closed on Mondays....drats...The good news we stopped at a Sweetbay grocery store and I found my mix for Creme Brûlée.... So yummy.

Tuesday February 25, This weather is something, hard to plan things. We thought we would get back out on the water. Jeff loaded up his bike in the truck. Gonna drive down to The Blue Run Park, leave the truck and ride his bike back to the campground. Then we would get in our boats and float down the river. Our truck would be waiting for us and the boats to bring us back to the campground.  Well as Jeff was driving toward the park he noticed these big black clouds rolling in. He decided to come back. We waited til after lunch, then the weather looked better. Decided to put in here at the park, float down some then paddle up to the head springs and float back to the park. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We saw lots of different critters, we even spotted a alligator swimming along the grass. It was a nice day and the river was not busy at all.

Wednesday February 26, Rain,rain,rain. We knew it was coming so we had expected to spend the day inside. I decided to clean out closets and the medicine cabinet. We also watched a movie. Then we decided to go back to the restaurant we tried on Monday, The Front Porch. This time it was open cause the parking lot was full. We didn't have to wait though, we got a table. We have heard lots of good things about this place. It's definitely a mom & pop place. Jeff was told to try the bean soup and Cuban sandwich so he did. He loved the soup and he said the sandwich was OK. I had a hamburger, but it tasted like the ones I used to get at the old Woolworths restaurant when I was younger. The best part of this meal was the dessert, we decided to split a piece of chocolate cream pie. It was so good. The crust was so flaky. . I even got a piece of coconut  to take home. Jeff loves that but I would never make it cause of the coconut. When we left there it was pouring down rain. When we got back, still pouring so we waited a bit then ran for the camper. I decided to make up some chocolate chip cookie dough. Then I sat down to quilt. Before I knew it the rain had stopped and someone was at our door. What a surprise....Lee & Katie were here. We met them at Ortonna. We sat outside and visited for awhile. They had already made it home to Texas and were out again. We invited them for supper, we had sat out some soup from the freezer. It was a great night. The good news they will be back here on Sunday so we are planning to go out for dinner next time.

Thursday February 27, Kinda chilly this morning... In the 40's. Our youngest son texted me and said his truck blew up. Oh no not a good way to start the day. It doesn't matter how old they get I still worry about them. The good news it wasn't his truck that blew up just his water pump. Our oldest son is leaving for Colorado with his family today. Out to Copper Mountain where we have been skiing for years. That's the only way I like my snow now, on the mountain. It did clear up today but the air stayed cool.

Friday February 28, Brrrrrr, it feels like winter this morning for sure. Our thermometer said 35, that's cold. The sky was so blue this morning, those eagles sure look pretty with that blue background. We didn't have anything planned today. We walked , and I took Soffee for a bike ride. I even got to sit outside and quilt....I love that. We don't always do much on the weekends, sometimes it's busier so we stay in. That's one thing about this life style, you get to pick the perfect day for the activity. When you are on vacation you are limited on time. Some of our best times are spent just enjoying the outdoors, the weather and the beauty around us. Sunshine is my best friend, especially when at home they are experiencing a polar vortex. What is that?

Saturday March 1, Another very foggy day. We thought today was suppose to be so perfect. Jeff had got done firewood yesterday so he made a campfire. Good thing cause it was cold outside. Had to get a blanket for my weinie dog. We waited and waited for the fog to lift. I decided to get all the laundry caught up. We have a full hookup here and the next 2 spots we don't. I think it was about 11 o'clock before the fog moved out. We decided to go out for lunch in Ocala. They have an Outback and we both wanted a steak. On our way over we spotted lots of restaurants and shops we didn't know were there. Good to know for our next visit. On our way back I found a quilt store, that's always a bonus. We made our way back to camping world and purchased a new chair. Then we came home to finish the day with a walk. Sometimes simple things are the best. 

Sunday March 2, Foggy, foggy again today. It didn't last as long as yesterday. Almost had a fire but it warmed up so fast. I went outside to start wiping things down before loading them up. Since we didn't really have anything planned thought I should make breakfast. Then I spotted our friends pulling in (Lee&Katie) we knew they were headed back here but didn't know they'd make it so early. They even came with gifts... They brought us some strawberries. We talked with them and decided on dinner at 5 tonight. Then we walked around the campground and saw John & Joan sitting outside so we stopped in to talk to them. We got back to our spot and saw a familiar camper pulling in... I was waving cause I recognized naughty Norty. We had met them last year as well. Lynda & Norty, we 1st met them last year at Lake Louise, then again here at Rainbow Springs. That's another thing that's so great....meeting people from all over the country. You might only meet them for a short time but somehow it's a special friendship. We started putting things away and loading up the bikes and kayaks. Lee & Katie came by at 5 and she brought me a doilie, she makes them, how nice was that. We left to go to The Blue Gator, it was busy but we were lucky to get a table. Good thing we weren't starved cause it took awhile to get our food. It was good but the company was great. We headed back to our home sweet home. Tomorrow we move down the road again. It's just crazy how fast time goes by....on to another crazy adventure.