Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Myakka River Part 2

Tuesday January 28, Another pretty day. Jeff took his walk this morning, I've been doing this squat/push up routine, today I'm doing 45 squats and 25 push ups. That doesn't sound to bad, but you have to do 3 sets. The squats aren't so bad but the push ups...yikes. I even do girl push ups. I also did some laundry, it's nice to have a full hookup. Jeff found a movie theater in Sarasota that has a special on Tuesdays. It's $6.00 seats all day. We even had a Fandango card to get our tickets with. A Christmas gifts from the kids. We saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks. We both thought it was ok. We came home and gave the dogs a bit of attention, took them for a walk. Jeff made some veggie soup for supper. Didn't need much with all that popcorn we put away.

Wednesday January 29, It was cloudy and sprinkling this morning. We planned to drive over to Peace River Shores and check out our lot over there. We thought we would put it up for sale. When we bought that lot about 10 years ago we had plans to maybe build on it. When our grand kids arrived that idea really didn't appeal to us any more. The real estate office that was right on the highway has closed. It doesn't look like much is going on in the area, so I think selling it probably won't happen anytime soon. We left and headed over to the Alligator RV Park. We were going to meet up with Ron & Mary Meyer, Gary & Nancy McCarty. Some friends from our hometown. They come down here to spend the winter. We visited for awhile, then headed over to Fishermans Village for lunch. We went to Village Fishmarket for lunch. We had the dogs with us and they have outside dining. The food was really good. The onion rings there are sooo yum!!! The place was hopping. I think this cool rainy weather has brought everybody in. We had a great time catching up. We even ran into more people we knew from Keokuk. The weather was getting cooler. We headed home and made a stop at Walmart, I'm trying to get some fabric to finish up this quilt top. Success, got everything I needed to finish up this quilt. It rained the rest of the day and temperatures kept dropping.

Thursday January 30, It rained again today. Jeff had ordered a part for his kayak and they called to say it was in. He also finally got his prescription filled. So today we would be running to pick those up. While we were out Jeff wanted to get lunch. We had a gift card for PF Changs and there just happens to be one close to the kayak store. Our lunch was good, but our desserts were better. Another Christmas gift from the kids. Nice to go for a lunch and not have to pay...On the way home we stopped at a Winn Dixie. Right next door was a Petland so we got to go look at the puppies. Every time we go in those stores I just want a puppy. When we got home tried a new recipe for chicken pot pies. Only have 4 ingredients  baked inside biscuits and they turned out so yummy. I'm not even that fond of chicken pot pies...but I have to admit these are really good. Gonna add those to our menu list.

Friday January 31, The weather man is wrong's raining again. I did finish up my squat/push up routine today.  50 squats,30  push ups...3 sets, man that was hard. Jeff worked on cleaning the tanks, he back washed them. I finished up my quilt top, next I have to put it together so I can get to quilting. I can't believe it's almost time to move. The time here has really passed so fast.

Saturday February 1, Again the weather man said today would be nice but guess what, it's cloudy, humid and rainy. We did get the dogs out for a small walk before the rain. I also  gave Jeff a haircut. When it was rainy I made some snicker doodle cookies. We had homemade pizza for supper. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice.

Sunday February 2, Got up to foggy weather. We headed back to church at Bayside. Again the message was spot on. Today being Super Bowl Sunday everyone had there mind on football and the preacher managed to use football in the message. Really love this church, always feel better when I walk out..blessed. Came home and walked up to say goodbye to Tom & Jane, they are pulling out today. We didn't get to do much with them because of the weather. We came home and I made us brunch. Took a bike ride and on the way back a black snake slithered across the road....yikes!!!! We decided to load up the bikes and kayaks today, just a couple things we won't have to do tomorrow. We finished up this night with the Super Bowl which was anything but super. We didn't care about the teams but ugly is ugly. Tomorrow we will head to Lake Manatee. These 2 weeks here have flown by....we'll be back for sure.