Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lake Manatee/Bradenton Florida

Monday February 3, Another moving day....the good news it's sunny with blue sky's. We had most of our stuff already packed up so not a lot to do and our next site is a very short trip. Again lake Manatee is a repeat so we know what to expect. What was really funny as we were hooking up with those pretty blue sky's it starts sprinkling...what's up with that? We left around 11:45 and the traffic was kinda heavy. I guess everyone was going out to lunch. We only had to travel a little over 30 miles. We checked in and headed to site  #38. It's on the outside of the loop. It's very big and private. If you look really close you can see the lake. When were getting ready to back in our neighbor across the road offered to move his car. That was really helpful for us. That's one thing we remember about this park, it's fairly friendly. As we were setting stuff up people stopped to ask about our kayak rack. Never had so much interest in that before. We continued to set up, I went inside to finish getting stuff out in there. I hear the dogs start barking and look who's here....John & Joan, we met them here last year. We visited a bit with them. They had just come in off the water. So they needed to unload there stuff. We walked the dogs around the loop to have a look see, yep it's as nice as I remember.

Tuesday February 4, It's a beautiful day. I've decided this is were I'm going to get back into my walking. I got my walk in and when I got back Jeff was talking  to John & Joan. He's loading stuff up to go out on the water. I gathered up what I needed and we headed across town to Robinson Preserve. We went there last year with John & Joan. It's really a nice park. It's got a nice launch site and a place to hose off your kayaks when your done. . They also have walking/ bike riding paths. What's really good people are using  them. Jeff had looked on a map to see how you could get out to Tampa bay. We tried that this time. Had a little trouble cause we had to go under some walkway bridges and Jeff's fishing gear was to tall. Then there was current to get out there so that just added to the trouble. When we got out there, more trouble..... No water. Well it was an adventure. We could see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. That was cool. We headed back and went another way, still no fish but plenty of people. We made it back, loaded back up and headed towards home. Then I saw a 5 Guys Burger joint...hmmm let's get an early supper. It's hard to pass those up when it close to a meal time. We got home safe. We unloaded the boats and cleaned up. That was a full day.

Wednesday February 5, It's really humid today, while I was walking my glasses kept steaming up. This is a really nice park to walk. I just walk the road, Jeff does the paths through the brush. The scenery is nice and it's so quiet. When I got back I got started with some cleaning. Doing woodwork, windows it's a never ending job. I get started on one thing and even before I finish that I think of something else I need to do. We headed out to the grocery store. We stopped at O'Briens farms to get some strawberries. So now I needed to get an angel food cake mix. Managed to fill our cart, getting all we needed and more. When I got home I made the cake and fixed up the berries. I love strawberries!! I finished the day with a bike ride.

Thursday February 6, Cloudy day today, not as humid. I wasn't sure if I would get wet on my walk but I didn't. We decided to go to the movie today. We sat outside for a little but then it did start sprinkling. When that stopped we took the dogs for a walk to the day use area to see if John & Joan were still there. They are leaving today, but we'll meet up with them at Rainbow Springs. We left a little early to head to the movie theater. Jeff wanted to get some stuff to replace our toilet. He's going to order the stool but needed to get the hardware. We've been having some issues there. It's leaking behind the foot pump. Tired of worrying about that. Jeffs been on the internet and it's seems to be a problem for a lot of people. Well we found our theater and got our early bird seats.($5.50) We also purchased our annual popcorn bucket. We use that when we go back to Iowa. The movie was Labor Day and we both liked it. It wasn't what Jeff expected though. We drove home in the dark so we got to use the gate code. It was successful home again. 

Friday February 7, Cloudy and cool this morning. It was sprinkling at first but it stopped so I could walk. When I got back I tried to put together my quilt top so I can get started on the hand quilting . First I tried to lay it out inside. Well that didn't work no room. I took it outside on our rug and that seemed to be ok. I got it all pinned together now I can start the quilting part...( my favorite)  We decided to go over to the Red Barn. It's a giant flea market/farmers market. When we got there that place was hopping. We found us a parking spot and headed in. We were mostly interested in the produce. Can't get too much else to put in the camper unless I'm ready to part with something. Jeff says if I bring something in something needs to go out. Funny I don't usually see much I can't live without. Got some chocolate and some produce. Lots of strawberries and boy are they good. Successful trip for sure. When we got back I fixed up more berries. It was cloudy all day. Tonight is the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I love watching them, so excited about that. I prefer to watch the sport part of it not all the stuff they think they need to add.

Saturday February 8, Cloudy again today and kinda chilly. We headed up to site #1 for campers coffee. I made some mini blueberry muffins to share. It's always a good time. Quite a few people show up. It's good to meet new folks. They have everyone tell there names and where they're from. We talked to a number of nice people. Came back to the rig and just sat outside. It started to warm up a bit. After making those muffins I guess it put me in the cooking mood. I made some caramel corn. Then for supper chicken stir fry. Everything turned out good. We usually don't plan a lot on the weekends. We did try and get the dogs out for a walk but we got a bit wet it started misting. So we went back and settled inside for the rest of the evening. Watched some Olympics.

Sunday February 9, We got up early for church, this week we got to attend the home church of Bayside. We weren't disappointed  the worship was awesome and the message was too. The church always makes you feel welcome. After we got back and made brunch. Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries. Then since the weather was so wonderful we decided to take the kayaks out on the lake here. We have never gone out on this lake. Since getting our new kayaks we haven't tried sailing them. Jeff had put all our rigging back on, so we thought we would give it a try. It was a bit tricky putting it all together. We don't sail them that much, but we got it done and in the water. It seems to me that the wind had picked up a bit. I'm not that good of a sailor, I'm kinda wimpy. Not very comfortable with it. I get all worked up until I figure out what I'm doing. After a while I felt a bit better. Jeff doesn't have any problems just me. Sailed around a bit then the wind picked up so I rolled up my sail. We headed back into the dock and it seemed everyone had the same idea. We  took everything apart loaded up and headed home. It was a really pretty day out there. When we got back we unloaded and cleaned up. Supper then we watched the Olympics/Beatle Tribute.... I think we saw the best of both.