Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lake Manatee Week 2

Monday February 10, It's a beautiful day today. It started off a little chilly so we turned on the fireplace. It turns on but only runs for little while then shuts off. Jeff got out the manual to see about trouble shooting, nothing really to do. He got on the internet to see if anybody had ideas, the general concensus is it's the thermostat. He called the company they said if it's the thermostat you should take out the fireplace to remove it. They also said might pull it out and clean it, so that's what we did. Put it back in and it's working good so far. Hopefully that will take care of it. Since it was so sunny out I decided to get my walk in before the day gets away from me. While I was out Jeff emptied the grey tank so I could do laundry. It didn't take long for our clothes to dry with all that sunshine. We also sat outside to enjoy the sunshine. We took the dogs for a walk and noted other campsites we might want to use next time. We are excited that the Winter Olympics are on both of us like them. It's a good way to experience winter.

Tuesday February 11, Really a nice morning. We have been watching the weather so we could make a trip over to Desoto. This was the pick day, but before we took off we had to make some reservations for next year.  With that done we took off to Desoto. It was a little farther away than other launches but instead of driving thru downtown we jumped on the interstate. Much less traffic. The ride was really nice and the view of the bridge, Sunshine Skyway Bridge was awesome. There was a charge to cross it, I think $1.25. We were heading toward Fort Desoto and before we got to the park I noticed a launch on the right side. I saw some others putting in there kayaks. I told Jeff and he turned around the truck to check it out. It was called Shell Key Preserve. He thought it looked perfect and now no charge to get in the park, win win. We unloaded everything and got in the water. The weather was perfect for me. It's warm, sunny, and no wind so the waters flat. The bad part was when we put in and headed out the water was very shallow. We kept thinking it would deepen up but nope. The bay was really shallow. We kept going and it got so shallow that Jeff got out and pulled his boat. Not me I saw those little jelly fish and I didn't want to walk thru them. I took the long way around. I just figured all the paddleing was my upper body workout.  We finally found our way out to the ocean. It was beautiful, the water was so pretty the sand was white. That's the reason we keep coming back to these areas. We pulled onto the beach to look around and stretch our legs. I was just asking Jeff if there were dolphins around  when I spotted 2 out there. I got in my kayak and headed back out. I had my camera in hand and watched and listened to see if I could capture them in pictures. Jeff had brought his fishing stuff and I was content with just taking in the sights. The dolphins were around keeping me on my toes. All the sudden Jeff catches a pretty good sized jack. He hollers at me so I head over to get a picture. Just as Jeff goes to grab the fish a dolphin swims over and takes Jeff's fish. He couldn't believe it. Then the dolphin takes off swimming pulling out Jeff's line. He reacted pretty quick and cut the line. Just as he did that the dolphin jumps out of the water with that fish in his mouth. Then he spits the fish into the air.....we couldn't believe what we were seeing. I felt like I was in national geographic or something. Wow what an exciting thing to witness. We hung around in that area for awhile before heading back in. We took a different route back. We found a way with water this time, so we could peddle most of the way. It was a great day out on the water. What a wonderful place to kayak and there was so much more to explore there. We can't wait to come back. This place is gonna be hard to top.

Wednesday February 12, After skipping my walk yesterday I made sure I got her done today. It's pretty nice this morning but it wasn't to long til the clouds rolled in. We had rented a movie All is Lost with Robert Redford in it, only a couple words in the whole movie. We liked it. We had plans to go to the movie theater tonight and watch The Monument Men, it was very disappointing we thought. Well the weather man was right, it's was pouring rain when we left the theater. When we arrived back at the campsite you could tell just how much rain we got, our rug was almost floating. Good thing we had made homemade chicken noodle soup before we left.

Thursday February 13, When we woke up it was kinda messy outside, we had a lot of rain. It cooled off some but not as much as we expected. That came later in the day along with some wind. We went to The Cracker Barrel for lunch. Hadn't been there for awhile and it was really good. I even got to do a little shopping in there gift shop. I found edible Easter grass, I thought that was cool for the grand kids. Looks like we 'll be back home for Easter. We came home and I told Jeff they was having some live music at the pavilion, so we decided to go. Remember when I said the cooler weather came, well it came while we were at the pavilion. Brrrr that wind got cold. We watched some but we left early. It wasn't really our cup of tea. We came back home to get warmed up and watch the Winter Olympics. We got to watch the USA sweep the metals in the new event Slope Style Ski, it was really exciting especially with those results. Go USA!!!

Friday February 14, Happy Valentines Day!!  It was a really a beauty of a day. I wanted to make it back over to the Red Barn and get some more fruit and produce, so we left around 10:30.  That place was hopping again. We went right to the produce and got what we needed. Jeff found out there was a Red Lobster close so we went there for lunch. We had a gift card to use. It was busy and the food was great. We had planned to go to the dog races but it was 2:00 o'clock after lunch so I figured it was to late, we'll go next time. Came home and walked the dogs. It was a nice day. Not to busy, not to boring, but just right.

Saturday February 15, It's another pretty day. I wanted to get up early cause USA men's hockey team was playing Russia. We just get the TV that's free. They (NBC) didn't even put it on, instead they went over what I watched last night. I had my son keep me informed. It was exciting for me and all I got was some texts to keep me up on what was going on. We won not at the end of the game, not at the end of OT, but after the 8th shot in the shoot out. I made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were delicious. Our weinie dog seems to be under the weather, she hasn't wanted to eat much. I'll have to keep my eye on her.  She is getting older, I know her habits and she just isn't acting herself. It worries me.  We didn't do to much the rest of the day. I did decide to give our schnauzer Belle a haircut. Again tonight watched the Olympics. 

Sunday February 16, We went back to Bayside Community Church. We both love this church. The message was delivered by a different preacher. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw that, but after the message I was not disappointed at all. I felt blessed. Came back home and had brunch. It was so nice out we took the dogs out for a walk on the paths. I figured I would have to carry Soffee but she surprised us and had some spunk. She still isn't eating very good so I'm still concerned. We enjoyed the nice weather. We also started picking up stuff for our move. Really like the feel of this park. It's a beautiful place, close to town if you want to do those kinds of things, but far enough away so it's very peaceful. They don't offer full hookups here. Our over the air TV was good, the internet via hotspot was also good and I didn't have any problems with our cell phone reception. We both really like this park, it's not just one thing but a combination of lots of things. We 'll be back....